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Age of the Big Battalions / Re: Franco-Prussian War in 10mm (Pendraken)
« Last post by vodkafan on Today at 08:47:24 AM »
Looks fantastic  :o
I Like those :-* :-* :-*
Can you tell us mor about the conversions?

The next project in my Pax Bochemannic themed month was this blister pack of two resin soldiers and a Scorpio.

For more information, see the Blog.

Gothic Horror / Re: Dracula's America,some minis.15/05/20
« Last post by Romark on Today at 08:31:36 AM »
Very nice job on those figures.

Malamute... wouldn't want to "cross" them, hee hee. 

Thanks for commenting  :)
Maybe Paul at Empress can have a chat with Crooked Dice and sell their one with Paul Hicks sculpted riders (I think Crooked Dice have a vespa without a rider)..

Negotiated and agreed that 18 months ago but never pursued it as we got into other things and it would be cheaper and better to do our own thing. Just a matter of time. ;)
Meanwhile, don’t expect Law and Order to hang on to Swiss Tony for long. All over The Smoke, balaclavas are being washed and ironed, pick-axe handles are being lovingly soaked in linseed oil and Jags, Capris and Transits are being tweaked and tuned before Hell is unleashed on the Plod and Tony is restored to the arms of his loving families.

If a sequel arrives, it will be the scenario from Geezers, where the villains attempt to free their boss whilst he is prison-bound in a police convoy. Lots of jam jars doing unecessary wheel-spins!

Doug, mikedemana and syrinx0, many thanks for your very kind comments.

Last word from 'Swiss' Tony, "'ave some of that, my son!"
Medieval Adventures / Re: WIP Aventine Early Byzantines- Update Page 2
« Last post by Atheling on Today at 08:19:25 AM »
You are too humble, Darrel.  We've all heard how they call you "Little Kev" down at the club  :).

"Little Kev"   lol I wonder what they mean by that  lol

Your latest work is really terrific.  That yellow cloak is fab.  I remember Jacques Pepin talking about how he interviewed potential chefs and he had them make an omelette for him.  I think for painting miniatures, painting yellow is the omelette test.  But the whole set of figures is terrific!

Thanks again for the very kind words. The unit is nearly finished- I've just got to complete the back rank of archers and paint the banner!  o_o

Here's a quick pic of some of the Early Byzzies at approximate scale:
Fantasy Adventures / Re: Warhammer: Old School Nouveau style
« Last post by Nicklas P on Today at 08:16:57 AM »
Thanks guys!

Touched up the paintwork on the brazier wielding Chaos sorcerer to make the flames more intense.

Gothic Horror / Re: Dracula's America,some minis.15/05/20
« Last post by Malamute on Today at 08:11:21 AM »
Very nice job on those figures.

Malamute... wouldn't want to "cross" them, hee hee. 


Medieval Adventures / Re: War of the Roses - Our first game
« Last post by AKULA on Today at 08:02:36 AM »

Love this photo...I think it’s time we had another thread showcasing people’s games rooms because that looks bloody excellent

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