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I'm looking for a couple of sample figures from the Star Trek Heroclix game.

I don't need a lot just a couple of away team figures (not even characters) for a diorama I am working on.

Can anyone help.

I'm based in the UK and most EBAY sales are from America with huge post and packaging.

General Wargames and Hobby Discussion / Re: Help with Monster/Alien Heads
« Last post by GDonk on Today at 07:52:06 PM »
Possibly, but I doubt I could source them separately!
There are quite often people on E-Bay selling separate Genestealer heads, if that's of interest to you . .
Absolutely stunning! AB´s are still my favourites! :-*
Agreed, how is it that AB can make such wonderful figures in 20mm with faces that paint up so well and look so naturally human, and yet Warlord and other 'heroic' size manufacturers in 28mm treat us to figures with horrible gargoylish gurning caricatures?
Absolutely stunning! AB´s are still my favourites! :-*
Fantasy Adventures / Re: Second game of Erehwon
« Last post by Mark M Down on Today at 07:18:41 PM »
Yes, our game was a similar size, although we were mainly playing a story so the points were very loose. The magic is not overly powerful, certainly not when taking level one wizards. However, cavalry being able to sprint means that they can go up to 24”. This with the fact that the knights take lances with a +3 on the charge makes them hard hitters and then with resistance of 9 makes them hard to kill. However, a couple of bad throws with 10’s can really change the game, as you cannot re-roll a 10. I must say that I have not put characters in chariots. But chariots can be fairly fickle in my limited experience. Bows can also be good for giving units pins. However, a really nice game that does seem reasonably balanced.
SuperHero Adventures / Re: The Angry Piper's Heroclix Repaints
« Last post by The Angry Piper on Today at 07:17:41 PM »
Thanks, guys. Here are some more Batman villains...

The Ventriloquist and Scarface

 Poison Ivy (and friends)

Mr. Freeze (and his wife, Nora)

Thank-you for the nice words, although at almost 2 months' work for those 10, I'm not sure I can lay any claim to fast painting...

think you said you take your pics on a phone - there are free photo apps likely to have an auto 'improve' function which may work well.
got one on my phone which is quite well featured and no ads, will check which one it is.

* Aviary is the one I have- Android app.

Thank-you for the pointer, I'll investigate.

I just hope my daughter doesn’t see these, otherwise there will be no end to the pester power

 lol lol
This is 1 of a set of 6 sculpts for a kick starter.

More to follow.


For Sale/Trade / Re: For Sale Books & Figures
« Last post by marco55 on Today at 07:02:31 PM »
Drop in price to $90 with shipping included in lower 48.
Your quote:
...Je leur redonne vie comme tout bon Ré-Animator !
You really give them a new life!!! Like a good Re-Animator!
Many congratulations again for the originality of your job!
Keep them coming! Cheers!
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