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Medieval Adventures / Mortem et Gloriam in the USA
« Last post by jimmyjimjam on Today at 11:01:39 PM »
Could someone direct me to an online retailer in the USA that is selling and has in stock Plastic Soldier Company's Mortem et Gloriam line?  Thanks.
Medieval Adventures / Re: The slippery slope of WOTR
« Last post by RR on Today at 11:00:45 PM »
Great work. I love the idea of swapping commander's in that way. What rules are you going to use?
Maybe not, but a couple of MG42 with lots of hard cover will be a bitch to dislodge!
Great looking army..I have always had disdain for these Yodel-Maxes,but...everytime I have used them in combat ,the gods have smiled upon them,so now I love them. so in celebration of bavarianuary,I am currently having a plate of Rouladen w/ red cabbage and black forest cake for dessert..so Happy days ahead.
Ooo that sounds good... But please, no sucking weisswurst...
You'll never hide a Tiger tank in that building  lol
Really brings those old plastics up to the minute, very good indeed.
Medieval Adventures / Re: The Saxon Problem
« Last post by Blackwolf on Today at 10:33:17 PM »
My perception is no;  but then I barely watch television or films,and much rather read. Just thinking about this makes me think of how many words we use that have an Old German root,our thought processes given light because of how we think,partially constructed by our use of these forms. However this is a huge digression...And I am biased Harold,Hereward et cetera have always been heroes of mine rather than the perfidy of the Normans lol
Nice painting (as always).

I wonder how they compare size wise with other figure ranges...
Very nice painting.
Fantasy Adventures / Re: Tap's (infrequent) Fantasy Painting
« Last post by Ultravanillasmurf on Today at 10:22:21 PM »
Very nice work.

Interesting Gnolls.
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