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July 20, 2018, 05:15:59 PM

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the painting of the monsters and terrain is exquisite.
Fantasy Adventures / Re: Some Fantasy minis by Ajax
« Last post by Bloggard on Today at 05:05:30 PM »
wow, fancy painting on the converted aos dude.
General Wargames and Hobby Discussion / Joy of Six 2018
« Last post by Rollaone on Today at 05:03:06 PM »
Another little report from Joy of Six that is less ego-centric and reflective than the previous one that was all about the game we put on. Hope this is of some interest. More here http://rollaone.com/2018/07/20/the-roll-of-a-six-that-is-joy-of-six/
That looks superb, thefigures especialy. Must have a look at Sharply Buffed.
Age of Myths, Gods and Empires / Re: GB's plastic SAGA Roman army
« Last post by madaxeman on Today at 04:59:12 PM »
I see you've fallen for the 'image of Mary' statement from the Historia Brittonum. At the time of the fall of the Roman Empire in the West/Age of Arthur, the cult of Mary was hardly up and running as a kickstarter with Christians in the Eastern Mediterranean.
Nice figures.

I suspect the OP has actually fallen for the "unavoidable compulsion to get maximum value from any given Little Big Man Studios transfer set" ...  ;)
Future Wars / Re: Strontium Dog from Warlord Games
« Last post by JollyBob on Today at 04:50:45 PM »
Some interesting new sets up for pre-order, Darkuss's Howlers and second string SD agents, plus a build-a-mutie box:


I'm slowly coming round to this a bit more, but as I will never play the game itself, I wish the figures were available separately.

Oh, well. That's what eBay was invented for I guess...

Back of Beyond / Re: What should be added to the Copplestone range?
« Last post by Metternich on Today at 04:49:40 PM »
Perhaps some of the Freikorps and their allies who faced off against the Bolsheviks in 1919 - 1920 ?  Tsuba's are really only applicable to the fighting inside Germany itself in 1919 - 1919, and most WW 1 figures are too heavily equipped.  Could just be some of the personalities and more Freikorps specific units (like Baltic Landwehr cavalry).
Age of the Big Battalions / Re: Club Video - Antietam
« Last post by Pizzagrenadier on Today at 04:45:52 PM »
I met Keith last Saturday at Historicon, and visited Antietam on Sunday! Excellent video.

It was a pleasure to meet and chat with you Nick! I enjoyed talking about some of the interesting differences in the hobby between the US and the UK. And thanks for playing in a demo of Disposable Heroes II!
Quite enjoyed your blogpost.  Wonderful figures !
Pulp / Re: Figure holder
« Last post by whomever1 on Today at 04:41:50 PM »
  I have a genuine Privateer Press Formula P3 pair of clippers, which I purchased off a shelf of Games Workshop accessories. It works pretty good, though I also use a scissors style pair of nail clippers. But just yesterday I was trying to paint up a coyote (dog model, but I thought I had the coloring right), but wound up with the legs seeming too short. It's hard when the model is on a pitcher's mound style base.
  I have fond memories of the dog/coyote hybrid who joined us for my college geology field trips.
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