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VSF Adventures / Re: Steam powered stargate
« Last post by Colonel O Truth on Today at 05:23:50 AM »
Thank you, sir!
Pikes, Muskets and Flouncy Shirts / Williamite Warfare
« Last post by Unlucky General on Today at 05:20:36 AM »

For anyone interested and for the fewer who follow my Williamite Warfare blog please find the above link. I have today repopulated my core rules supplement, Dutch army list, French army list, a Dutch basing convention guide and a Dutch OOB for Seneffe. All documents are now PDF accessible and downloadable. The rules are an extension supplement for WAB English Civil, War rules.

This has been a relatively inactive blog and very much a niche subject but I have not abandoned it. I am currently developing  the Seneffe township for my concept of the game.

I have since the time of drafting these rules become a convert to Black Powder and will most likely develop an alternate Williamite Warfare model in the future.

Anyway, if anyone finds this useful or even plays with it - please report back.
Workbench / Re: (AP 2019) Completing/Progressing on Various Projects
« Last post by syrinx0 on Today at 05:10:30 AM »
it is good to have goals that motivate.   Good luck.  :)
Age of Myths, Gods and Empires / Re: Men Of Bronze
« Last post by Easy E on Today at 04:31:59 AM »
That is mighty impressive.  You are my new superhero!
Great colors on the witchdoctor! I like the village too, I'd get it but I have more than enough huts at this point. :)
As is the case with the previous legation compounds posted here, I scratch-built one set of walls for the pre-siege Russian legation and will use the Blue Moon walls for the siege version.  Iíll be posting the US and British legation compounds soon. IMG_2328 by Richard Garretson, on FlickrIMG_2327 by Richard Garretson, on Flickr
The Second World War / Vickers Lights
« Last post by Fitz on Today at 04:10:24 AM »

The latest model off my 3d printer is this Vickers Light Tank Mk.VI AA, mounting 4 7.92mm BESA machine-guns on a high-angle anti-aircraft mounting. Its necessity was made plain by events in France in 1940, and it made its first appearance in action in the Western desert in 1941.

It needs some more markings, but exactly what I'm not yet sure. I've seen photographs of Mk.VI tanks with large cartouches on their turret rear, containing the vehicle name. However, I don't think the AA versions carried those sorts of markings, and I'll probably just end up giving it some very generic tactical signs.

The model is based on one by m_bergman or TigerAce1945 on Thingiverse. I've fiddled with it a bit, adding the gunner and replacing the guns so that they'll print reliably, and I added track pins as well to break up the smoothness of the edges of the tracks.

The latest addition to my growing 15mm 1940 BEF force are two troops of Vickers Mk.VIb light tanks, useless though they may be.

And thanks to the magic of printing-a-second-set-of-turrets, it's also two troops of Vickers Mk.VIc light tanks. Or one troop of each. Or any combination thereof.

F Tank (far left) has been given slightly different markings to all the rest, because I accidentally got its turret magnets' polarity reversed compared with all the others, so unlike all the others, its turrets aren't interchangeable between all the other hulls.

Age of Myths, Gods and Empires / Numidian Armies- What Do We Know?
« Last post by Easy E on Today at 03:45:36 AM »
So, I have been doing some work on Carthage and the area surrounding their empire. 

It is clear from what we know of the Punic Wars that the Numidians were a military might of their own, but it is not clear to me what a Numidian Army would look like.  Is there any sources I can turn to that are around the either pre-Punic Wars, during the Punic Wars, but pre- Jugarthine Wars to look for reference? 

Strange Aeons / Re: First of my Dagonites
« Last post by abu iskander on Today at 03:01:02 AM »
A belated thanks to you all.  In between larger projects, another Dagonite emerges.

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