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Medieval Adventures / Re: This is for Ray
« Last post by NurgleHH on Today at 08:31:23 AM »
Nice to see your work again, Tellus. In this strange times we don't meet at Conventions and talk. Great work, show us more here of your wonderful work.
The Second World War / Re: Warlord Games/Artizan Ardennes US infantry
« Last post by Jeff965 on Today at 08:25:17 AM »
Thanks guys much appreciated  :)
Future Wars / What Happened to the Alphaforge Star Mogul Range?
« Last post by spacecowsmith on Today at 08:13:57 AM »

I'm pottering around with Star Mogul at the moment and was wondering what happened to the miniature range that accompanied it.

I know that Alphaforge went to Megaminiatures and some went on to Armorcast but I can't seem to find out what happened to the likes of the Asteroid Miners, Hydrissians and Demo Bots as it was a nice little range.

Does anyone know if any of them are still available anywhere?
Medieval Adventures / Re: This is for Ray
« Last post by Mad Doc Morris on Today at 08:13:32 AM »
I'm not Ray, but I've taken a peep and might as well leave a comment. ;)
Nicely done, mate, really like the paintjobs. It's also kind of encouraging to see a cavalry-based army of 12 horses (so far). Heck, even I could handle that!  lol
The Second World War / Re: US Infantry for 1945...
« Last post by Swordisdrawn on Today at 08:09:50 AM »
Excellent. All AB or a mix of makes? :o
Stunning work, speed and quality!
And this is useful:
Never seen them before but I think my Christmas just got sorted out :)
Thanks chaps  ;)
Workbench / Re: Rebasing help
« Last post by levied troop on Today at 08:04:05 AM »
I used the water method Codsticker describes above although I only stood them in water halfway up the MDF base ie about 2mm. After a few hours they peeled off very easily, no damage.
Post-Apocalyptic Tales / To the Lake (Nextflix)... opinions?
« Last post by Rick W. on Today at 07:55:38 AM »
I stumbled onto this series and was pleasantly surprised. I am sure it will not be to everyone‘s taste but I enjoyed it. It had a bit of a Metro vibe, and I can help wondering if that is a reflection of Russia culture or if Metro influenced this book/tv series.


Anyone else have any opinions on it?

The twist at the end makes it particularly good for wargaming I think.
Adventures in the Far East / Re: Feudal (Japan) Patrol
« Last post by Rick W. on Today at 07:37:57 AM »
Brilliant work!
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