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The Second World War / Re: Getting better at painting these
« Last post by carlos marighela on Today at 10:39:43 AM »
”What's a good dry brush color for german field gray?

Try Vallejo Field Grey and or the Valkejo Panzer Colours field grey(s) and highlight with green grey.

For my money the nicest German minis are the Crusader ones for early war and Artizan for late war. They mix well as the weapons are the same.

I recently bought the WG Germans in greatcoat, mostly to produce enough machine gun crew, sans rifles*. They are some of the best WG figures I’ve seen and they mix reasonably well with my Crusader figures.

* Pet peeve, nobody produces German machine gun teams with the right equipment.
Future Wars / Re: (KS) The Court of Baron Posenhosen is now 'live'....
« Last post by Mason on Today at 10:39:21 AM »
Not backed, but good luck all the same :D

Thank you, Sir.
Much appreciated.

Future Wars / Re: Yet another Star wars thread
« Last post by Mason on Today at 10:38:09 AM »
I like where this going and that is some ingenious use of 'bits'.
 8) 8)

Age of the Big Battalions / Rise & Fight Again - New AWI Rules
« Last post by carojon on Today at 10:37:14 AM »
Following the recent release of Rise & Fight Again from Stand to Games we put together a play test game to see how the new set play and compare and contrast them with the previous Over the Hills set for Napoleonics.

If you would like to know more then just follow the link to JJ's


Jonathan (JJ)
BTW The Wargames Illustrated articles were from a couple of demo games we took around the shows during the 90s - Lobositz and Kolin.
The Second World War / Re: Getting better at painting these
« Last post by Ultravanillasmurf on Today at 10:23:30 AM »
Citadel Nurgling Green is a good choice for highlighting Field Grey.
Gothic Horror / Re: The Hunt for Mary Scroggins Continues
« Last post by Vampifan on Today at 10:19:56 AM »
No spoilers from me, but the story just gets better the longer it goes on.  :D
I feel like this may open a whole can of worms but here goes....

Apple, pretty much exclusivley manufacture in China, last time I checked that is an American company with the board very much seated in the US. Thats just one example but it proves a point.

I believe that you assertions are slightly wrong, If you want to be listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange then the rule may well be that you have to be based in China with a Chinese charter etc, but how is that different to wanting to be listed on the London stock exchange or New York?

Not to mention CMON which is based in Singapore and has been for a long time is a bit of cherry picking there. Pretty much every gaming company doing huge Kickstarters is using PVC minis which are all produced in China. Are you saying that Monolith Board Games and Steamforged are Chinese companies now, because I'll be very surprised... What about Reaper miniatures who produce their Bones minis in China are they suddenly a Chinese company?

I'll scan the 'newspapers' in and stick them up.  They were written in 'period xenophobic English gentleman' style and were absolutely hilarious (to us, anyway...).  The 'Times' editions were great, but the 'Sun' was absolutely inspired; complete with a Page 3 Girl and a 'Spot the Roundshot' competition... He had far too much time on his hands... He does this nowadays: http://www.adcpainting.co.uk/
Old West / Re: Options for specific Plains Indian tribes?
« Last post by Clearco on Today at 10:16:23 AM »
I would say the ones from Dracula's America are rather generic and the ones from Dead Man's Hand are generic AND a bit hollywoodesque IMHO :)

Like you said, the Foundry ones portrait very well southern Cheyenne. The Warlord ones are nice Commanche + Gall and Crazy Horse of the Lakota as characters (who where separated when they were part of Conquest Miniatures)
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