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The Second World War / Re: The Forgotten Wargames Army: 15mm Burma
« Last post by Jemima Fawr on Today at 02:03:52 AM »
Amazing figures and blog. 

With your Chinese X and Y Force you could buy the Eureka Miniatures 15mm WWI British in the Sinai figures and do a head swap using the Peter Pig US Helmet head pack.  They are armed with Brit weapons so itís nearly there.

The trouble is that I'm a lazy bastard...  :D
Frostgrave / Re: A walk in Felstad...
« Last post by beefcake on Today at 01:47:47 AM »
Great work. Love the glowing hand.
"Build Something" Contest / Re: Round 3: Sinewgrab vs. Hammers!
« Last post by Sinewgrab on Today at 01:29:36 AM »
Maybe.  I still kinda startled I'm ahead.

 o_o :o
The Great War / Re: 15mm , East Africa WW1 , QRF.
« Last post by pbeccas on Today at 01:18:39 AM »
Eureka miniatures do awesome sculpts of WWI 15mm British and Indians in the Sinai. 
Back of Beyond / Re: [WIP] Trev gets Bolshie - An RCW Project Log
« Last post by juergen c. olk on Today at 01:11:58 AM »
very nice...love the train.
"Build Something" Contest / Re: Round 3: Blackwold vs Codsticker
« Last post by Blackwolf on Today at 01:09:37 AM »
It ain't over til it's over. :D

Workbench / Re: Anyone know how to make a louvred panel?
« Last post by Daeothar on Today at 01:09:11 AM »
I've worked the orher way around before myself...

I simply glued lengthts of styrene strip onto eachother, but stepped, as if creating a very wide set of stairs.

Once I reached the height of the window I was going for, I left the stack to dry thoroughly, then cut out/off the size of the window, and added the windowframe by glueing more styrene strip around the louvred rectangle.

The advantage is that you can make multiples very easily, depending on the length of the styrene strips one uses for the louvres. I only needed 4 at the time, but this method works with larger amounts without issue...  :)
Colonial Adventures / Re: Handy Belgians....
« Last post by juergen c. olk on Today at 01:08:54 AM »
very clean painting...nice.
Colonial Adventures / Re: Coastal docks and buildings
« Last post by juergen c. olk on Today at 01:07:04 AM »
very Impressive...Love it.
Age of the Big Battalions / Re: My Paraguyan Project
« Last post by juergen c. olk on Today at 01:05:44 AM »
Lovely work.I;m afraid this will be my next project.
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