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I think Footsore are going to do a Norman Church as part of the next Baron's War kickstarter.  Of course you would have to wait quite a while.
This brings back memories. Did one for my son when they first came out and like you repositioned the head. All that green stuff.
We added war spikes to his legs.
Raise the taxes and damn the peasants! >:D

Well having taken and garrisoned the area within which Cowebottom Common resides, Parliament will be taking a regular levy of £20.  :o
Bizarrely, I saw a picture of a HG Taxi the other day and thought of you....
Future Wars / Re: My Phagon Spacelords Army
« Last post by Mad Mecha Guy on Today at 02:55:39 PM »
think got some of these and the other forces collecting dust. badly painted.
Future Wars / Re: Star Traveller (Star Trek in 15mm) Battle Report
« Last post by nozza_uk on Today at 02:50:16 PM »
Warbases do a 28mm MDF shuttle for £10 https://warbases.co.uk/product/figaro-lunar-lander/

If you want die cast, have a look at the Eaglemoss shuttles.
Raise the taxes and damn the peasants! >:D
Age of the Big Battalions / Re: War of 1812, new painted figures.
« Last post by IronDuke596 on Today at 02:42:14 PM »
Yes, I would avoid your misremembering as it confuses the issue. It was Lieutenant Colonel William Drummond (CO of 104th Foot), not Lt.Gen. Gordon Drummond, who led the attack on the northern bastion of Fort Erie and at one point used a boarding pike in hand to hand combat within the bastion. He was killed by point blank musket ball to the head. No wampum belt here. Ref And All Their Glory past, Graves, p.94-96.
The guy is done! I'll write a little article about the paints and so on in the upcoming days. It was quite a learning experience, as I tried a couple of new things on the mini. Up next...something four legged...
Steve: I suspect that it does invariably come down to the money. I remember that when I was at school we looked at why the Dutch Revolt in the sixteenth century was successful and why the Spanish, despite having the finest army in Europe, could not re-take the Netherlands. The conclusion we were given was that the Spanish did not have the capability to deal with the waterways / canals, and that if the Dutch got into trouble they just opened the dykes, leaving the Spanish floundering. Then I read an article which compared the progress of the Spanish army with the amount of money sent to Spain from the New World. The conclusion was, the more money the King of Spain received from the New World, the more progress the Spanish army made in quashing the revolt.

Very interesting.  8)

As fielding an army costs, the expense has to be covered from somewhere whether it be from taxes, borrowing or the spoils of conquest. Itíll be interesting to see if Iíve structured the financials well enough so that the eventual winner is in profit (ie, all costs covered).  :D
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