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SuperHero Adventures / He Man & Skeletor
« Last post by Giger on Today at 09:49:52 AM »
These are two limited edition minis Archon Studios have released prior to the launch of their Fields of Eternia board game being launched on Kickstarter.
Painted in contrast paints over a pre-shade, there are more images and waffle from my on my blog: https://cruciumgiger.blogspot.com/2020/11/masters-of-universe-he-man-skeletor.html

I would say the rules for sieges in WHFB 6th edition were fantastic (and probably still are). Played them quite a few times, they seemed to be written with fun in mind.
Had some cracking games including a 40K one with some marines holding out against masses of orks and traitor imperial guard/renegades.
The rules in Lord of the Rings SBG are good as well, we did Helms deep a couple of Christmases ago,

Workbench / Re: Stuf Wot I Dun
« Last post by has.been on Today at 09:47:47 AM »
But Bob it IS a spaceship,
just after someone handed Digits an RPG.
Outstanding! :o :o
I too will look forward to seeing your work.
JC always refers to German Paras as, 'Falling screaming Jagers'
Medieval Adventures / Re: Conquest Games Normans
« Last post by Codsticker on Today at 09:39:32 AM »
Not rude at all Captain- an honest opinion. I do disagree though. Do you have the Norman Infantry set?
Fantasy Adventures / Re: Warhammer: Old School Nouveau style
« Last post by Nicklas P on Today at 09:38:48 AM »
Another bronze age warrior done!

Some closeups of the verdigris effect.

Age of the Big Battalions / Re: War of 1812, new painted figures.
« Last post by has.been on Today at 09:37:35 AM »
but I may be mis-remembering.

Just how old are you????? :D :D :D
As an experiment, I've got a handful of auctions running this week. A few Citadel/TSR AD&D player character blister packs from the glory days i.e. ADD2 Fighter with longsword, ADD3 Cleric with mace, ADD6 Paladin with longsword, ADD11 Female Magic User & ADD31 Dwarf. There's also a Mithril Miniatures Fellowship of the Ring boxed set.

Future Wars / 90s Black Legion Chaos Space Marines
« Last post by Giger on Today at 09:33:41 AM »
The sculpts that got me hooked on miniature war gaming that I finally getting to paint all these years later.  Still full of character and I have plenty more to paint up over the coming months.
More pictures and words over on my blog: https://cruciumgiger.blogspot.com/2020/11/warhammer-40k-black-legion.html

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