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Author Topic: Captain Blood's very titchy (15mm) barbarians. Mountains painted (P14)  (Read 11517 times)

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In hoc signo vinces

Have a look at www.wargamesgazette.com

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They look great!

Offline swiftnick

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I love the Barbarica figures and am gutted that we won't be getting any more.

Offline Ockman

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Wow, those are really cool!

Offline Cubs

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What lovely looking wee fellas! Your vibrant painting style is ideal for bringing out the flavour in these little dudes.
'Sir John ejaculated explosively, sitting up in his chair.' ... 'The Black Gang'.

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Offline Captain Blood

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Thanks lads  :)

I love the Barbarica figures and am gutted that we won't be getting any more.

Never say never. We know the great man is working again, and he’s made a couple of previous unexpected returns to this range after hiatuses. So maybe, just maybe, one day we’ll get a few more packs of something or other  :)

Offline Mason

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Wonderful work on those little fellas, sir.
 :-* :-*

Good to see that you have made acquaintance with the ultimate 'Pict Dealer' as well.

Offline DivisMal

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Thanks lads  :)

Never say never. We know the great man is working again, and he’s made a couple of previous unexpected returns to this range after hiatuses. So maybe, just maybe, one day we’ll get a few more packs of something or other  :)

Yeah....that would be totally awesome! Meanwhile Angel Barracks and Splintered Lights have released some suitable additions, which might work in the Hyborian Age!


Thanks for posting the final picture. Your style works really, really well on 15mm!

Offline Captain Blood

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Thanks Florian, and thanks Paul  :)

Offline Orctrader

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Brilliant.  The painting and to know you are back with the brushes.   :)

Offline Captain Blood

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Well, after a hiatus of over a year, I'm returning to Hyboria in 15mm, spurred on by the advent of the new Pictish character / command pack by the excellent Mr Copplestone (facilitated through the good offices of Nicknorthstar - thanks Nick :)).

I'm planning to create a wargame using these exquisite little figures - a self-contained adventure 'Beyond the Thunder River', where competing warbands of Cimmerians, Aesir and Vanir, led by their diminutive heroes and heroines, venture on a quest beyond the eponymous frontier into the benighted Pictish Wilderness, where all sorts of hostile Hyborian horrors await - not least the savage and remorseless Picts themselves  :o

The game will use simple playing card driven rule mechanics (rather like my Cave Wars game https://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=76576.480).
It will be fun but flavoursome - full of tasty Conan the Barbarian goodness :)

For this game, I'm going to create a new 1m x 1.2m table, fully landscaped with integral terrain...

To start with I'm going to repurpose one of my existing solid foam base terrain boards, and then add a second new board to create the required playing arena.

I've used several packs of these 1200mm x 500mm Knauf Insulation 'Space Boards' to make various terrain layouts - they were cheap, chunky and widely available in the UK for a while: a perfect base for creating solid but lightweight terrain. Unfortunately Knauf stopped making them a few years ago. Very unsporting of them  :-[
Luckily though, I had one virgin slab saved for a rainy day, and I've decided this is what it's finally getting used for!

Long-time LAFers may remember these boards which I made 8 or 9 years ago for a F&IW set-up (although they've since been used for a wide variety of other settings and genres - change the trees, buildings and figures, and it's actually a pretty versatile temperate set-up, suitable for anything and everything from medieval to WW2).

There are four boards, and by cunning arrangement of the roads and the rivers, they can fit together in several different configurations.

So to start with, I am going to be using the board with a built-in palisade and ditch in one corner, as one half of my table for 'Beyond the Thunder River'. That's this one...

For the purposes of this new undertaking, the empty palisaded area will house the Cimmerian village, which will be the jump-off point for the game...


I thought about completely scratchbuilding the village, having decided to go for a pseudo-Iron Age walled settlement: somewhat Chysauster or Carn Euny-like.
But then I decided to invest in a set of Dark Age turf-roofed stone beehive huts from Forged In Battle. These are very neat little model buildings, cleanly cast in pleasingly solid resin. What's more the set only costs 20 quid (ah, the joys of 15mm!) It's supposed to include one large chieftain's hut and four smaller (identical - boo!) huts. Actually, my box contained 2 large huts and 4 small - bonus!

The huts will be encircled and conjoined by a series of defensive walls, which I plan to sculpt out of Green Stuff.
I might also add one or two non-beehive hut shaped lean-to outbuildings just for a bit of variety...

I'm mounting the whole lot on a piece of plastic card, which will fit neatly just inside the palisaded area as a single intact terrain piece. Thusly:

It would be nice to keep the huts separate to use in different arrangements in future scenarios, but I won't get the striking visual effect I'm after by doing that. So I'm going to sacrifice future flexibility by making a fixed, dioramic model village...

One of the reasons is because I want the huts to be at different heights, as if on undulating ground. To effect this, I'm fixing some of the huts onto kind of low plinths at assorted heights, cut from foam scraps using a hot wire cutter. These are glued to the plastic card baseboard (and then the huts glued onto the foam) using a hot glue gun. Trust me, nothing shifts that stuff - it's basically molten plastic that sets rock hard and like, well, plastic...

From here on, the process will be pretty familiar to anyone who has read any of my previous terrain-building threads. It's a tried and tested formula, which is basically:
1. Foam skeleton of underlying terrain
2. 'Iced' with lightweight, aereated wall filler to round out the basic topography, applied with a knife
3. Surfaced with gloop (sand/paint/PVA mix) applied with a brush, which, (once dry) provides surface texture, rigidity, and a hard, sealed, plasticised surface
4. Fine detailing on top

Here then, the 'icing' layer, to give shape to the lie of the land... It doesn't matter too much about making this smooth since it's going to be covered later by the gloop.

Leaving that to dry, it's time to consider the other (new) terrain board.

This new half of the tabletop, which is almost all 'Pictish Wilderness' beyond the Thunder River, will be wild and hilly, dark and foreboding, with crags and stone circles, dolmen and crevasses...

For the basis of this desolate and dangerous land, I'm going to use an offcut of a piece of vac-formed 1:1 scale rock-face designed for stage / TV set construction / decor... This stuff is 0.5mm thick abs plastic. It's fairly rigid, not flimsy like the Amera Mouldings or old Bellona Battlefield products.

If you want to know how this works, you can see how I've used other pieces of this material on my WW2 Western Desert terrain boards, here: https://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=52964.975

As you can see, it's going to take a fair amount of cutting and filling to create the basic shape of the terrain, but I think this will make for a suitably daunting terrain for the Barbarian Pict-hunters... In 15mm scale, that's going to be one hell of an escarpment lol

More updates to follow...  :)

Offline Ogrob

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Will be cool to follow! The old boards look great, and the beehive village will look amazing I'm sure.

Offline Blackwolf

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Nice. I'll be interested to see what you do with the river upstream,rapids,swirling water etc.
Rivers,streams and trout,being about the only subject  I'm truly confident in,haha.
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Great looking project already :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

Offline Jagannath

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This is mega.
I have those same huts, intended for a similar purpose!


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