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June 21, 2018, 09:39:21 AM

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Author Topic: Australian Frontier Wars - update 19MAY18 - Resistance! :AFW campaign rules  (Read 6581 times)

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Re: Australian Frontier Wars - update 14MAR18 - Warfare in Van Dieman's Land
« Reply #120 on: March 26, 2018, 03:50:15 PM »

In this post we look at using The Men Who Would Be Kings for frontier wars clashes. The higher figure totals in this rule system will allow for a more spectacular game. Alternatively the smaller ‘half kings’ game still allows players to use the game with smaller numbers of figures.

TMWWBKs provides a unique style of play and the many tweakable rules allows enough variation and combinations that a frontier wars game can be had in the spirit of the original rules.

The post includes full rules for each force type and army lists for the entire period - there should be something useful in there for anyone interested in the topic.



Offline Happy Wanderer

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Re: Australian Frontier Wars - update 27MAR18 - TMWWBKs for AFW
« Reply #121 on: April 30, 2018, 07:21:58 AM »

In my final instalment on the use of different rule systems for the Australian Frontier Wars, we take a look at the ‘small battle scale’. For this we use (the re released) Death in the Dark Continent.

This post includes rules and army lists for both sides. Whilst Death in the Dark Continent seems too large a scale for AFW clashes, if the rules are taken to be a 1:1 scale, which they often are for Darkest Africa clashes for which they are intended, then they fit rather well. Also, the new version of DITDC includes a skirmish scale game which may be appropriate for some minor clashes as well.

All in all they are eminently usable for AFW engagements if DITDC is to your taste.


Happy W


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Resistance - a campaign for the Australian Frontier Wars


Wrapping up our series of posts on the Australian Frontier Wars I provide a simple campaign system for use that should be very easy to implement and can easily be converted to any colonial setting - so it might well be off use to any game setting.

Campaigns often come to an inconclusive end due to the requirements of planning and bookkeeping and sometimes the services of an umpire, but this campaign, Resistance!, requires only the keeping of one number to keep track of the action!

Before each battle players set up the campaign dynamics which should take little more than 10 mins and then they may conduct a campaign, in a setting of their choosing. They may use a map to locate fictional encounters with some creative thinking which can provide some element of creative campaign narrative and theme, but it is not required.

I hope you have enjoyed this series and there will certainly be additions made as time goes by…

Happy Wanderer


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I'm increasingly drawn to the Perry Brothers' Cape Wars range (which, by the way, I wish they'd go back to and do the rest of the stuff they said they were going to). Seems like it would be a good fit with your campaign system, it also being a settlers, soldiers and warrior natives kind of deal.

I shall keep this in mind if and when I ever get around to such a project. Thanks!

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I’ve enjoyed your series very much. Great figures, nice terrain, and a lot of useful history I didn’t know.

And so much better without the interruptions and attempted derailments. Well done for seeing it through. A very well researched and presented wargames project. Looking forward to future additions  :)

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Thank you so much Happy Wanderer for an incredibly enlightening thread. I am also pleased to see it has been approached by readers with calmer heads than previous attempts at addressing this fascinating subject. Excellent work all round!
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Thanks so much for lasting the distance!

Your comments are much appreciated and I trust there will be a good body of information for people to use as a resource should they wish to try something different or delve into some further research of their own. Whilst certainly not as 'sexy' as some colonial topics it has an appeal all of its own in many respects.

I think my stated aim of portraying the period in a positive way has been achieved.

I very much had the Cape Wars in mind as an alternative setting for this campaign system...and yes, more form the Perry's on this one please!

The Operations used in the Resistance campaign could easily be converted to more conventional military operations by regular forces or campaign specific operations by one military force or tribal people.

I think it will work rather well for Africa which I intend on using it for as well...it's nice and simple and you can add the chrome to make it campaign specific.

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Agree with all previous comments. My children had alerted me to some of this, although being the passionate, activist young people that they are, the language has always been loaded with terms like ‘genocide’ and ‘massacre’.  I’ve always told them that traditional British military history seems devoid of histories of any conflict on this scale, so I doubted how much was real, as opposed to rhetoric.  Your posts and blogs have not only opened my eyes, but helped me understand why these conflicts are absent from the traditional British military historiography. 

Hats off to you - good history, good wargaming and good figure painting - the three things that keep me in the hobby!
The Tactical Painter

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Well done on a good thread. Looking forward to what you tackle next  :)


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