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Author Topic: TK421's 54mm/1/32scale Star Wars Thread(these are the droids your looking for)  (Read 1458 times)

Offline tk421

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Project: 1:1 Company+ Level Engagement 54mm / 1/32 Scale + decorations
Duration: approximately two year to acquire, paint and build
Deadline: Star Wars Day, May 4, 2018

  • Hasbro Star Wars Command
  • Tim Mee Toys Galaxy Laser Team and People at Play
  • 3d Printed

  • AMT
  • MPC
  • Revell
  • 3D Printed
  • Paper
  • Scratch Built
  • Hasbro Power of Force
  • Disney Store Diecast

Order of Battle

Galactic Empire

Stormtrooper Line Company
  • Four Platoons
  • Four Squads 10 man
  • 8 Troopers, NCOS Corporal (heavy repeating blaster) and Sergeant
  • Platoon NCO Senior Sergeant
  • Company NCO Chief
  • Officers four lieutenant + droid and one captain+ droid

Heavy Weapons Platoon
  • Four two man squads
  • e-Web
  • NCO Senior Sergeant

Recon Platoon
  • Scout Squad Speeder Bike Lance - 3 bikes instead of 5
  • Scout Speeder Squad
  • Sharpshooter Squad
  • Assualt Engineer Squad
  • Imperial Probe Droid

Armored Support
  • Two AT ATs
  • Five AT STs
  • TX-225 Occupier Combat Assualt Tank

Command and Control
  • Headquarters detachment
  • Imperial Security Bureau

Imperial Army Elements
  • two 10 man squads +lieutenant
  • Scout Speeder

Imperial Navy
  • Four Tie Fighters
  • Imperial Shuttle
  • Imperial Landing Craft

More to follow - pics order of battle for Rebels, etc
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Offline Stu

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In 1/32?! it will look good though. Keep the reports coming.

Offline woodface

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Any updates on this?

Offline Mike Blake

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  • Size Does Matter! - 54mm - The One True Scale
Yeah - come on - did you make it?? I game SF in 54mm too, but my projects have never been as ambitious as this!
Size Does Matter! - 54mm - The One True Scale

Offline Mako

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Sounds like a great idea!

I bought some of those thinking to do the same, back in the day.  Alas, never did so.

Don't recall seeing droids, so would love to see them, as well as to know which vehicles you think match up well with them, e.g. Speeders, Spacecraft, etc..

Offline woodface

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Offline Mike Blake

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  • Size Does Matter! - 54mm - The One True Scale
here's a good page about this very subject:


It is a good one- inspired me to the figures and start a project.

Offline woodface

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yup me too!  I've started digging around for anything in scale.  there's a surprising amount of figures and vehicles out there.

I've started looking at 3d printed figures and vehicles. There's pretty much nothing in scale and I don't know a lot about printing but I wonder how easy it is for things to be scaled up


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