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Author Topic: INEPTT II  (Read 579 times)

Offline Shawnt63

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« on: February 16, 2018, 06:31:09 PM »
I will post here as INEPTT falls into modern, near future, a bit of horror/zombie.

INEPTT II allows you to take charge of small teams of Elite agents to fight Aliens or Zombies or other monsters. Rules include 12 types of Aliens, 5 types of Zombies (although 3 are sort of the norm), various giant and gigantic creatures. Vehicles include armoured vehicles and tanks, civilian trucks and cars and helicopters. You can play solo or with as many players as you have room at the table. The game is designed to be cooperative with each player controlling an International Extraterrestrial Tactical Team of between 6 and 18 agents with a game master being the bad guys. Or you can play head to head. It can be used to run mini-tournaments if desired though it is not built for that type of game. It does have a campaign style play built in, but not necessary to be used. As a game master once you understand the basic rules, you can run a game without vehicles or flying craft. Flash to bang in setting up a game can be as short as 10 minutes to set up a 2 x 2 foot table and using a single team and six aliens you are off to the races.

I will be providing support via a Facebook group found here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1948669182078537/

The rules are available in four formats, two print version, colour and black and white. As well as two electronic versions one is full and the other is text only.

INEPTT II is now available here :





I have made up a Q and A of a number of questions I have had over the last couple months about the game and what it entails, for those who played INEPTT before it has changed, some changes are significant but the game mechanics remain the same.
Q1 – How big is the book?
A1 – Rules are 94 pages long (except the no frills which is 82 as all the pictures are removed and its really just text)
Q2 – How many miniatures do I need to play? Can I play Solo, how many can play?
A2 – You must have a 6 person INEPPT Team, I would recommend Spectre Miniatures, Empress or Eureka off the top with Special Artisan Miniatures, Full Battle Rattle, Reaper and Black Cat Bases also having great ranges of miniatures. For the bad guys you need six Grays and/or 20 Zombies – Grays I would highly recommend Crossover Miniatures and Zombies get a few sprues from Warlord games. As for how many can play, I think the largest games we have played is with 8 at the table and it works fine, but that was with everyone moving Zombies. The game lends itself very well as a solo game.
Q3 – What happened to the WWI and WWII paranormal stuff?
A3 – I had to do a lot of work to stream line the starting of a game and had to rework some of the guts of the game mechanics to fine tune it. This meant I needed to flesh out descriptions of certain things taking more space. It also allows people to focus more on the modern type combat ranging from Viet Nam to near future.
Q4 – Will you bring back the WWI and WII genres
A4 – Absolutely, the paranormal gaming, particularly in the WWII genre is some of my favourites in the INEPTT system so they will return in a future book. Same holds true for the WWI genre.
Q5 – Is the game collaborative, cooperative, can it be played as a tournament? Are there point systems?
A5 – The game is designed to be run by a Game Master. The players then are to collaborate on defeating the GM's forces (XRAYS). However, you can play head to head, cooperative where each team has victory conditions and first to meet it wins, but the GM has strong forces so you must cooperate for any INEPTT player to win. There are no points in a tournament sense but I do believe that the game could be used in a tournament type environment.
Q6 – What's the max number of figures I can have in an INEPTT team?
A6 – Bit of a mixed answer here. The most figures a team can have on the table is18, this breaks down into an I/C, 2I/C, a mix of four of Sniper, Combat Medic or Support Operator and 3 fire teams of 4 (3 with assault rifle and 1 with a Squad Automatic Weapon). However, you may want to have multiple options of weapon load out and although INEPTT Agents do not have to follow the WYSIWYG rule most players like to see them as close as possible. So while 18 is the max one team can have – you may want to have 20 to 30 figures to match your weapons load out, but that is the choice of the player. There is of course the possibility that one player is controlling more than one team, in which case double or triple what I mentioned above.
Q7 – Do I need a lot of buildings and vehicles?
A7 – No, in fact you can play with none of either, they do add to the tactical mayhem but are not necessary.
Q8 – Can I play this game inside an hour?
A8 – Well that depends on what you want to play, but the short answer is absolutely. You can set up a 2 x 2 foot battle space with a team of agents and six grays and play to a conclusion in about 20 minutes if you have just one player and a GM or two players. I doubt you would get a Zombie apocalypse game done in 2 hours though. 400 plus Zombies and about 20 to 40 civilians or 4 or 5 INEPT teams is going to run 3 or 4 hours depending on how much banter goes on and how many gas stations you blow up ;)
I think that answers the majority of the questions I have had so far. For those who have not ordered through Lulu before, make sure you chose the store in your country as it makes it simpler to work the postage etc.
Finally I would like to thank everyone who helped along the way both with the initial INEPTT rules and the Second Edition. I had some great help in playtesting from a few corners of the world though most came from home here in Victoria! So thanks to all of you!
I would be grateful for any feed back or After Action Reports! Plenty of scope to build on here!
To join INEPTT Yahoo Group email me at - [email protected]
or visit the site here - https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/INEP/info

Offline Shawnt63

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« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2018, 01:26:54 AM »
Here is a link to a podcast I did with a local gamer - gives some explanation to INEPTT II.



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