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Author Topic: Pittsburgh Necromunda Campaign  (Read 1812 times)

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Pittsburgh Necromunda Campaign
« on: March 06, 2018, 07:52:05 PM »

We started our league this past weekend.  We have 8 people participating.

There will be gangs representing Orlocks, Goliath, Escher, Genestealer Cults and either Cawdor or Delaque.

This is the back ground story:

The light lit up slightly before the klaxon sounded warning the crew of the Deathless Emperor that there was a ship just translating into the system at the Mandeville point. The next thing they heard, as they brought the long range auspex array to bear on the direction of the incoming ship, was the sound of the ship's distress beacon.

Attempts to hail the ship failed and the ship seemed to be increasing in speed as it moved from the edge of the system towards Necromunda. The Deathless Emperor's crew put the ship in readiness to intercept the strange vessel and coordinated their activities with their sister ship the Solemn Conqueror.

The two ships were in orbit around Necromunda re-supplying before heading back to the Viali Front to run convoy duty in the face of a resurgent ork fleet.

It looked as though they were going to see action before their official deployment.

Half of the crew were planetside as the two ships broke their orbits and moved to intercept the new vessel now identified as the cargo ship Chanticlear. The Chanticlear still would not respond to any of the frequent and increasingly urgent communications being sent.

The sister cruisers engaged the Chanticlear as it came into range of their guns. A cargo vessel was no where near as well armored and shielded as an imperial cruiser but they were not without defenses. The speed witch which the pair of vessels passed the intruder was remarkable, both imperial ships corkscrewing through space to bring both of their broadside batteries to bear in the time it took the ships to pass before shearing off and turning to try to catch the now crippled cargo hauler.

Despite the battering it had taken, the Chanticlear was still moving quickly towards Necromunda. As it came closer the planets orbital defenses opened up blasting huge chunks of metal away from the ship. The ship almost looked like it was screaming in cold weather as bursts of venting gas and, almost invisibly at the distance, bodies and equipment hurtled into the void from the breached hull in a dozen places at the same time.

Eventually a shot hit the engine core and the vessel started to glow. Soon life pods were streaming out of the sides of the stricken ship hurtling past the main orbital defense platforms but mostly being destroyed by the secondary batteries put in position to target smaller landing craft.

The ship exploded, destroying many of the slower to launch pods.

Debris still pulled towards the planet by their forward momentum struck many of the orbital stations and caused damage here and there when they had overwhelmed that platforms void shields.

On Necromunda Prime most of the people in the Spire were able to watch the debris being destroyed in a pyrotechnic display. They had been aware of the threat and were also aware of the chances of the vessel making it past all of the planetary defenses.

They had gathered to have a party to watch the fireworks.

The underhivers were not so lucky and most toiled or fought on oblivious to any threat outside of their immediate environment. It was why it came as such a surprise to them when part of the hive wall collapsed inwards and shattered three levels of the hive near it. The resultant shockwave caused the biggest hive quake in living memory. Even the spirers felt the effects and many a glass of wine had to be re-poured after it had fallen from where it rested.

The life pod came to a halt three decks down from where it entered the hive, it had spilled a number of crash coffins from it where a rent was torn in its side.

Before the underhivers could move in and collect much scrap a patrol of Adeptus Arbites were on the scene cordoning off the area. The Arbites kept guard for two weeks before a small group arrived and thoroughly searched the ruins. After another full two months they were finished and left and the Arbites trooped off as well leaving the damaged area to the underhivers. It was not long before gangs were moving in and staking their claim on the area newly vacated by the authorities.

The crash site, and the area around it badly damaged by the hive quake, came to be known as the Jagged Roost and everyone wanted to see what was still of value there. Some of the survivors whispered warnings of the danger that lurked in the newly uncovered areas but most of the adventurous put it down to post traumatic stress from being in the crash site.

In the vast majority of cases greed beat out fear hands down.

Then we will have different special rules each Campaign Turn.  We are meeting again on March 24th and until then these rules are in effect:

The departure of the Imperial delegation from the Jagged Roost was watched by those nearby with significant interest. Soon mouths were passing the word along and it was not long before the news was known by every underhiver within two levels of the crash site.

The Arbites cleared the area even more quickly, moving back to their precinct station at the center of Level Four. Before any organized force by even the closest gangs could mount an expedition, hive scavengers were among the ruins hunting for anything that could be traded, soon many of them came running out.

It was not clear what force had prevented any rubble from settling during the stay of the Imperial delegation but whatever it was, it was gone now and moving through the runs was now fraught with the peril of falling debris.

Whatever other threats lurked in the Jagged Roost, the danger of jagged pieces of metal falling down was very real. Still the threat was not enough to deter gangs from trying to gain an advantage over their rivals so in they went

Rules: After Priority is determined in each turn but before the first player starts their turn the player with priority rolls a d6. Add one to the roll if any blast marker weapons have been used (not the flamer template is not a blast marker) or if anyone fired a weapon with S6 or more on the previous turn. Subtract 1 from the roll if there was no shooting at all in the previous turn.

1 or less: No effect: The area rumbles ominously but no debris fall.

2: Minor Tremor: Reduce all models move distances by 1. This counts for their entire move not just against the characteristic. So if a model has M4 and they move and shoot they would be able to move 3 and shoot. However if they move-move they would move 7 as their total move distance would be 8 normally. Same with charging, they would move 4 plus d3, this would be (4 plus d3) -1.

3: Fierce Shaking: Subtract 1 from all die rolls for shooting. So if you roll a 4 it becomes a 3.

4: Epicenter of the quake: The player with priority can pick a point anywhere on the battlefield and rolls 2d6. Any model within that distance in inches has to make an I check or suffer a S5 hit from falling debris.

5: Split asunder: the instability has become even worse and the ground itself opens up briefly. Pick two points anywhere on the table 10" apart and draw a line between them. Roll a d6 for each model on that line on a roll of a 1 the model takes an I check or falls through the crevice and is taken out of action counting and will have to roll on the recovery table at the end of the game.

6: Tectonic upheaval: All of the results from 2 to 5 on this table takes place.

It is the player with priority that turn that gets to determine the location of events that occur.

This obviously represents the area settling after the crash. The Inquisitor and his retinue were obviously using some sort of psychic powers to keep the mess in place (powerful psyker!) and once they left that wasn't happening any more.

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Re: Pittsburgh Necromunda Campaign
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2018, 03:26:50 AM »
I think I saw this on TMP- neato!

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Re: Pittsburgh Necromunda Campaign
« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2018, 06:33:56 AM »
The Call of the Roost (Excerpt)
Vol. 1, Number 1.

Security Blotter

Brief Firefight Heralds a Night of Violence in Cathedral District, One dead, Several Injured

Early Afternoon Firefight Results In No Reported Casualties

Cathedral District, JR (UP) -  A brief gunfight erupted between two groups of heavily armed individuals yesterday afternoon in the Cathedral District of the Jagged Roost Sector, an Adeptus Arbites spokesmen said today. 

“Witnesses said that one group, possibly associated with House Cawdor were walking through the Cathedral district when they were fired upon by unknown assailants,”  said Lt. Clearchus Lysimachus. 

“We have  no reports of injuries or death at this time,” he said. 

Lysimachus said that the gun fight was of a very short duration. 

“Witness reports vary, but some estimate the fight to have lasted 30 seconds to five minutes,” he said.

Reports from Mechanicum sources say that the brief fire fight started significant seismic activity in the area that, with the other violent events at that location, resulted in multiple hivequakes of low magnitude.

An anonymous AA source said that the assailants were possibly from House Escher and that due to the early heavy involvement of that house in the Roost security forces have been reluctant to give out any more information due to an extensive investigation being conducted on the activity. 

Anyone who has information is asked to contact Detective Leotychides Platus on the emergency grid. 


Authorities Investigate the Causes of Crane Collapse

Cathedral District, JR (UP) - The collapse of a galvimetric mover in the Cathedral District yesterday afternoon has left several injured and one dead , Adeptus Arbites sources said today. 

It is not clear whether the construction equipment collapsed on its own or as the result of deliberate activity.  Arbites are not ruling either possibility out at this point. 

“We don’t like to speculate on the nature of the incident and are investigating all possibilities,” said AA spokesman Lt. Clearchus Lysimachus. 

Several witnesses reported an intense gunfight near the mover and multiple rounds striking the construction equipment.

“I never seen nothing like it,” said Istar Golvender, “there were shots going off everywhere.” 

“It was like to have lit up the darkness with all the shooting and explosion,” she said, adding “I wasn’t even close when I hear the thing collapse, I was running for my life.”

“The Arbites don’t know what they talking about,” said Adel Rouse, “it was definitely deliberate.  I saw them Cawdor boys emptying entire clips into that crane.”

“That shot at it until it fell down,” he said, adding, “You aint’ gonna print my name, right?”

The collapse of the crane is felt to have been the catalyst to a hive quake that occurred in the Sump shortly after the incident. 

Local doctors have reported a number of gangers of House Escher had come to them with ballistic wounds of various sort. 

“They brought one in here she was bleeding out,” said Dr. Emial Wecht of the Emperor‘s True Scalpel Surgical Center, “but when they saw our prices they just carried her back out.  I had a good look at her, without my help she wasn’t long for this world.”


Third Incidence of Violence Results in No Injuries, Police Warning

Cathedral District, JR (UP) - Last night saw more violence strike the recently bedeviled Cathedral District as a second brief gun battle occurred.  Adeptus Arbites sources report that there were no known injuries or deaths in the short incident.

AA Spokesman Lt. Clearchus Lysimachus held a brief press conference after the reports of violence filtered out. 

“This was the third firefight we have heard about today,” he said at the briefing.

“We do not consider this level of activity normal,” he said in response to questions.

Lysimachus told reporters that AA patrols were not going to be sent into the Jagged Roost and that citizens that had taken up residence against Mechanicum advice and official warnings were there at their own risk. 

“It is just not safe to send patrols into the Jagged Roost at this time,” Lysimachus said.

“We will not endanger officers lives when everyone has been clearly informed that the area is not seismically stable.  If there are gangs down there carrying out violent activities and blowing things up I would think that would make it even more clear that those people should leave,” he said concluding the briefing.


Late Night Gunfight Brings Death Toll For the Day to Five

Cathedral Distric, JR (UP) - No word yet from the Adeptus Arbites about four Goliath bodies reportedly found in the Cathedral District after reports of a savage gun fight rocked the industrial zone for a fourth time yesterday.

“By the Throne, it is 3 a.m., of course I have no comment,” AA spokesman Clearchus Lysimacus said, adding, “Don’t you vultures ever sleep?”

Reports from the area say that after people came back to the scene of the gunfight they found four bodies allegedly from a gang associate with House Goliath.  Several of the bodies are reported to have been burned in places and at least two had been shot in the head at very short range.  Although at least one seemed to have fallen victim to seismic activity, it wasn’t clear if the debris that covered his body was the cause of death. 

There are no known witnesses to the fighting but several people said that before the shooting started they saw House Goliath and House Escher gangers in the area. 

A pair of poles that showed evidence of someone tied to them were left with only blood stains and the cut ropes near where the bodies were found. 

It is not clear at this time whether there will be a police investigation or not. 

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Re: Pittsburgh Necromunda Campaign
« Reply #3 on: March 25, 2018, 06:35:11 AM »
Some pics so you don't have to follow the links if you don't want to:

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Re: Pittsburgh Necromunda Campaign
« Reply #4 on: March 25, 2018, 06:36:14 AM »
Cycle two

As the seismic activity of the Jagged Roost slowed and mostly stopped the Adeptus Arbites sent in patrols to quell violence.  The patrols were sporadic at first but increased in intensity.  Small servo skulls float around the area detecting signs of violence and Arbite patrols are quick to respond to any gunfire or sounds of fighting in the area.  Initially this lead to some responses to the debris falling in aftershocks of hivequakes but as the seismic activity stopped so did these unfortunate and slightly embarrassing maneuvers. 

Most assumed that the patrols were in response to the Ides Night violence that ripped apart the Cathedral District two weeks earlier and that the Arbites had been chomping at the bit to restore order when events threatened their sense of neatness. 

It wasn't long that the repeated patrols spurred rumours that something else was amiss and that the vehemence with which the patrols were executed pointed to something other than concern for the well being of the Jagged Roost's residence.  . .

Special Rules for Cycle 2

When a game starts the player with priority in each turn rolls a d6.  If there has been any gun fire yet in the game the die roll is unmodified.  If any krak or frag grenades have been thrown or shot in the game so far the die roll is modified by +1.  If there has been no shooting then the die roll is modified by -3.  If there has been close combat but no shooting the die roll is modified by -2.

Event                                                       modifier

No shooting yet in the game   -             -3

Melee but no shooting -                         -2

Any shooting                                              0

Grenade use                                              +1

Keep track of the total score.  When it gets to 18 or above the game ends after that turn as Arbites forces have become aware of the fighting and their approach can be heard by both sides who get their last licks in and flee.

Any models that are captured after the battle on the serious injuries table roll a d6. On a 1-3 they are captured by the enemy gang. On a 4-6 they are captured by the Arbites.  Players may pay bail equal to the starting cost of that ganger to free him in the latter case but he or she loses all of their equipment.   

Players out of action who go into recovery also stand a chance of being captured by the authorities.  Any model that goes into recover rolls a d6, on a 1 they are arrested.  In this case they can be bailed out as above and if they have any lasting injuries they may roll another d6 and ignore them on a result of a 6 due to better medical care by Arbites doctors.

z.B.  On the first turn after priority but before moves the player with priority rolls the die and gets a 4.  Since there was obviously no gunfire, close combat or melee  before the game started this adds the -3 modifier and results in 1.

At the end of the turn the total is 1.

On the first turn Nox the Ripper (that glorious bastard) moves into contact with Nakomi and punches her lights out with his spud jacker.

No shooting happens and no one tosses grenades so the modifier is now -2.

At the beginning of the 2nd turn, after priority, the player with priority rolls the die and gets a 1, resulting in -1.   This adds 0 to the total and at the end of the round the total will still be 1.

During that round the Escher girls open up on Nox and swiss-cheesify him. 

At the beginning of the third round the player with priority will add no modifier to his roll.  Say he rolls a 6.  The six will be added to the total so far (1) and result in a total of 7.

That turn grenades are lobbed back and forth over the wall resulting in all kinds of mayhem.

On the following turn the player will add 1 to the die roll. 

They then roll a 5 and the result of 6 is added to the previous total of 7 to get to 13. No grenades are thrown in this turn but because they were thrown once the +1 will be applied from now on.

On the next turn at the beginning the player rolls a 5 and adds 1 because grenades have been used so far in this game.  The total now becomes 19  (13 plus 6) and at the end of this turn, regardless of the outcome, both players will leave the table to avoid the authorities.

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Pittsburgh Necromunda Campaign now with objectives
« Reply #5 on: March 29, 2018, 06:42:22 AM »
Some of these are going to play a big part in our campaign one way or another.  One of the players has a friendly doc as one of his specialty turfs for example. 

The Genestealer containment will come into play later in the campaign when the players learn more about the nature of the thing that crashed into their part of the hive. 

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Re: Pittsburgh Necromunda Campaign
« Reply #6 on: April 03, 2018, 02:55:09 PM »
Adeptus Arbites for Saturday's game:

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Re: Pittsburgh Necromunda Campaign
« Reply #7 on: April 03, 2018, 04:03:55 PM »
Nice arbites, I always loved those minis. That's one thing I hope gw either offers up again, like they did Kal and Mad Donna, or remake, hopefully in plastic this time.

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Re: Pittsburgh Necromunda Campaign
« Reply #8 on: April 03, 2018, 06:06:51 PM »
I would definitely be up for some plastic arbites.  I sold a bunch of the metal ones in December '16 when I was in the process of moving.  I don't really regret it as the same poses would just not have worked well for what I would have wanted to do with them. 

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Re: Pittsburgh Necromunda Campaign
« Reply #9 on: April 05, 2018, 10:16:34 PM »
The Orlocks take to the streets finally on Saturday.

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Re: Pittsburgh Necromunda Campaign
« Reply #10 on: April 06, 2018, 02:08:00 AM »
I don't know what this says about me, but with all of that awesome, I just want to know where the open toolbox came from?!

"There is no known cure for the wargaming virus, only treatments with ever increasing doses of metal."

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Re: Pittsburgh Necromunda Campaign
« Reply #11 on: April 06, 2018, 12:00:53 PM »
I actually had my real tool box micronized with my shrink ray.

Or you can get one in the Galvanic servo haulers set.  Which is pretty awesome that you get a free crane with your toolbox.


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Re: Pittsburgh Necromunda Campaign
« Reply #12 on: April 07, 2018, 04:40:22 AM »
Bear spotted them first.  Them sneaky gits were trying to sneak up on us to steal the doc right out from where we took him in the Big Drop.

We weren't going to let them take him back.  Dr. Legnirps was great at fixing us up when we got tore up in fights, or after drinking. 

Bear yelled out a warning and opened fire.  I saw that cowl wearing cretin go slamming backwards into the masonry when Bear's slug hit him full-on in the chest.

We were caught out a bit and the rest of the Cawdors opened fire.  I saw bit of stone flying all around Bear as the rattle of gunfire echoed off of the ruined walls around us.

I started shooting back and a proper gunfight ensued. 

That was until someone hit Drago square in the chest with a frag grenade.  It exploded and I could see that Drago wasn't too badly hurt, but the blast sent him towards the edge. 

I could just make out his face and the look on it went from rage to surprise as he lost his footing and fell.  Even over the roar of gunfire we heard his scream and both sides stopped shooting for one brief moment until we heard the sickened crack of his body hitting the ground 24 meters below.

All hell broke loose after that.

We were pinned down, outnumbered as we were.

I didn't see it but at some point Bear took off.  I don't know if it was seeing Drago fall or that he was in the center of the shit storm and about to be surrounded.  Either way it was not cool and I'll have words with him when I see him next. 

One of those little cretins snuck past us and broke in on where we was holding the doc.  Bonesnapper chased him out of their with his shot gun though and then blasted two of them right outside the door.

We were all up and firing again and they were shooting back when we heard the sirens.  Everyone got their last licks in and then hoofed it.  We even had to leave the doc behind. 

No one wants to get caught by the Arbites and spend any time in an iso cube, or worse.

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Re: Pittsburgh Necromunda Campaign
« Reply #13 on: April 12, 2018, 06:29:00 AM »
The Call of the Roost (Excerpt)
Vol. 1, Number 1.

Front Page

Officials Assaulted, Three Dead as Violence Erupts in the Big Drop

Imperial Officials Are Investigating Reports That Gangs Have Dangerous Xenos Tech

The Big Drop, Jagged Roost (UP) - Police and Mechanicum personnel were attacked in a violent gunfight that left three dead on Saturday in the area of the Jagged Roost called the Big Drop, said Adeptus Arbites sources.

Mechanicum Biologist Crison Watck was injured in the fighting which eye witnesses involved gangs from at least four major houses. 

Adeptus Arbite officers were fired upon as they escorted Watck through the Jagged Roost, said Lt. Clearchus Lysimachus.

"The officers were not injured in the fight.  I can't say the same about Crison Watck, unfortunately," Lysimachus said.

The visit of Watck was for monitoring the stability of this hardest hit areas of the Jagged Roost in the recent hivequakes, Lysimachus said, although he would not say why a biologist was sent to investigate that problem rather than a member of the Seismographium. 

"We know there were members of houses Orlock, Goliath, Cawdor and Escher there, although we are not sure exactly which gangs were involved in the fighting," Lysimachus said.

"Believe me, we are investigating and the Big Drop has now been cordoned off while we search for evidence," he said.

Violence has become an increasingly common event in the Jagged Roost say many locals. 

"When I first moved here it warn't like this," said former Big Drop resident Philthy Lezruw. 

"In the old days, we didn't have this kind of trouble.  I never thought when I built my dwelling here that I'd be moved out of this area like they just did," he said.

When asked how long he had lived in the Jagged Roost Lezruw said he came in when the Arbites stopped preventing people from entering, about a month ago.

Another former resident Layne Yelats reported that he saw at least three people killed in the fighting. 

"There was so much shooting going on it was tough to keep track of where it was all happening or who was shooting at who," he said.

Yelats said, "After the shooting stopped I went down to see things for myself and even in the dark you could see pools of blood.  I know that three of those girls that came in did not walk away from here under their own power."

"I went around to some of the docs I know here and there were three bodies outside one of the surgeries covered in a tarp.  I had me a little peak while no one was looking and saw that they was Eschers," he said.

Mechanicum offical Nala Nurting said "01010100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110011 01101100 01101001 01100111 01101000 01110100 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01101001 01101101 01110000 01100101 01110010 01101001 01100001 01101100 00100000 01100001 01110101 01110100 01101000 01101111 01110010 01101001 01110100 01111001 00100000 01110111 01101001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01100010 01100101 00100000 01100001 01110110 01100101 01101110 01100111 01100101 01100100 00101110 00100000 00100000"

Inquiries to the named houses have not been returned.

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Re: Pittsburgh Necromunda Campaign
« Reply #14 on: April 12, 2018, 06:31:38 AM »
This cycle the assault on the Imperial Agents did not go unnoticed and the gangers will have to keep their heads down. Patrols of the areas of violence have been stopped and instead the Arbites are looking into anyone exhibiting unusual injuries or illnesses.

As a result of this every known medicae in the area has an officer stationed at their surgery. The result of this is that if you need to take a ganger to the doc's for fixing up after a particularly bloody battle the usual rules apply as far as getting them healed but immediately after they are healed they are taken into captivity by the Arbites. So is the ganger that brought them to the surgery unless they can pass an I check. Any ganger arrested in this way can be ransomed with a series of bribes and legitimate payments for half of the start cost of the model plus half the cost of any equipment they have.

Also, and I wish I had got this out before today, anyone fighting the Skulz'n'Roses gang is also subject to the following chart:

1. "That wasn't so bad."No additional effects

2. "Huh, I feel a little weird." Roll a d6, if it is > the models CURRENT toughness then report the results to me.

3. "Savage stuff, Ponsonby!" Make an immediate serious injury roll, IFF it is an out of action result the model is out of action, otherwise there is no effect

4. "Ma, you on uppers?"Make an immediate serious injury roll, if it is an out of action or serious injury result apply that result.

5. "I'm from Buenos Aires and I say kill 'em all!" The model is gripped with terrors and shoots at the nearest model, friend or foe, and doesn't move, for the rest of the game or suffering a serious injury. The model will not become pinned or run.

6. "Sam is acting strangely" The model follows the movement rules for sentries. If a double is rolled though a large blast marker is placed over the affected model. The model is ripped apart as strange biological material spread out from him or her. Any model under the template takes a S check on 2D6 (!) and any that do not pass are stuck under the strange, muscular tissue for the rest of the game. They can be shot at as normal.

Anyone attempting to free a model or coup de grace them must pass a cool check before stepping on the weird biological material. To free a model you must inflict 2 wounds against a T5.

Use this chart in the following situations:

A model is hit by a chem thrower wielded a member of the Skulz'n'Roses gang.

A model is hit and wounded by a stiletto wielded by a model in the Skulz'n'Roses gang.

A model in the Skulz'n'Roses gang uses any weapon with the toxin or gas special rule and fails an Initiative check.

These rules apply until the end of our next campaign day.