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Author Topic: AAR The Big Gun - TGAA  (Read 438 times)

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AAR The Big Gun - TGAA
« on: March 07, 2018, 12:42:18 PM »
Sunday May 20 1932 and the All for Australia Party's 17th Volunteer Rifle Company entered Beaconsfield Park with the intention of recovering the old 18lber Gun kept there, little did they know the Anglican's of the 2nd Sydney Regulars where attempting the same mission...

Using the A World Aflame rules Dave and I went at it! It was another bloodbath! Both sides approached the objective and then a fire fight ensued with Armoured Cars operating on the flanks! In the end the All for Australia Party's boys won the day!

A period picture of the Randwick Armoued Car in action...it was a frightening beast the Anglican survivors later stated...here it is seen scoring telling hits on the Anglican truck with its HMG, it hit the motor and front tyres, during the barrage the driver to fled!

Sergeant Bruce Anthony on the right of the All for Australia Party's force egged his men on against the Anglicans Crossley, "Come on lads lets show this Tin Can what our Molotov Cocktail can do...pass me the matches...who brought the matches...no matches errr..." the attacked failed!

Here's the full AAR with lots of pictures...

The A World Aflame rules are proving to be a great basis for our games we've got them tweaked now so look forward to game three!
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