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March 21, 2018, 12:03:20 PM

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Author Topic: Paboook's Journey to Dracula's America: Earp Brothers, the Vampire Killers  (Read 251 times)

Offline Paboook

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Let me share with you my journey through the dark corners of Dracula's America ...

These Artizan Miniatures were random part of my Nickstarter posse. I have came to an idea the other day: The Earp brothers would be the perfect guys to lead a Twilight Order posse! Which meant sculpting them cuirasses in the first place. One of them also received longer coat and a carabine from Black Scorpion Apache. The shape of the cuirasses looks actually much better in reality in my opinion.

And to acompany them in the future, I have also converted lesser entity (based on GW empire clockwork angel and crooked dice female head), a Templar (random miniature from the very first Frostgrave Nickstarter) and Seraphim (converted from Reaper Bones angel). Making the Templar "western" was tricky but I guess that a hat (bit from Perry Union infantry set) would be useful after the battle.

Hope you like them :) I will send further pictures soon!
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Offline fred

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Some really good conversions. the Earps to twilight Order crusaders work really well.

The model for the seraphim is ace, and adding the pistol works well. And the little cherub style entity is both cute and creepy.

The one that works least well for me is the Templer, he looks too medieval. Im not quite sure what would work, could you try a head swap?

Offline Metternich

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Doc Holliday - Wyat Earp's friend and supporter - would be a perfect colleague, as he supposedly was mourning a lost love (his cousin) back in Georgia, whom he could not wed.  Perfect back-story could be that she was taken by the vampires, and he seeks vengence.

Offline mweaver

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Nice conversions.  Esp. love the seraphim.


Offline Paboook

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Thanks :)

Interesting idea, Metternich. I actually own his model too, but I intended to use him in my evil posse (Red Hand/Cult/Church of Dagon). Perhaps his mourning for for his chosen one brought him to the evil side? :o
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A great theme for your Posse- wish I'd thought of that!

And I really like the idea of Doc going 'bad'- nothing cures Tuberculosis like becoming a vampire...  8)

Some great potential for a narrative campaign, there!
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