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Author Topic: Pulp Alley Campaign Update: Episode 2 AAR: The California Desert Massacre  (Read 802 times)

Offline nandrin

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We played the first scenario of a new PA mini-campaign, the „hunt for Dr. Meisenheimer“. The idea in this campaign is that the outcome of one scenario will dictate which scenario comes next, so the story unfolds depending on the actions of the leagues.

The year is 1937. There are rumours the Nazis are searching for new ways of warfare, including biological weapons. To pursue this goal, a small unit from the SS Secret Weapon Korps under Fieldmarshall von Kluck tries to capture renowned biologist Dr. Meisenheimer, who is currently in San Francisco as visitor of a science conference. But the Germans are not the only ones showing interest in the professor: The Russian NKVD (Narodnyy Komissariat Vnutrennikh Del) sends top agent Ilija Stoianev with his Sidekick Alex aka Airgirl and the Imperial Japanese Military send an elite commando unit under Jun'i Akechi Mitsuhide to swarth the Nazi plans and secure the professor for themselves…..

The campaign is basically a duel between the Russians ans the Japanese, with the Nazis as opponents who will appear occasionally and be played by the gamemaster.

Episode 1: „The hunt for Dr.Meisenheimer“

The action took part in a quiet garden in San Franciscos Chinatown. A few visitors, some locals practicing Tai Chi in the sun and somewhere is Dr. Meisenheimer.
The scenario follows „Sorabaja Manhunt“ from the Perilous Island Campaign, so one of the five plot points is the Professor, and there is a red herring in play as well. Some impressions of the tabletop.

The interior of the pagoda and the central grassy area around the big tree is perilous (molehills!), as well as the 3“ area around the Tai Chi practitioners. Don´t bother these guys!
The Russians and the Japanese entered he park from opposite sides, the Germans followed in turn 2 from a random edge. The first round was quiet, but then very fast all hell break loose! With 3 more or less combat oriented leagues, an intense 3-way-battle ensues, with bullets flying everywhere and a lot of casualties and wounded guys every turn.
The Ilija Stoianev managed to secure 2 plot points but without discovering Dr. Meisenheimer. The Japanese elite veterans did everything to bring him down, but he survived an incredible amount of hits and escaped before the San Fransico Police stormed the park and began making arrests.
The Germans got one plot point and the Japanese the forth one, but in all the shooting and brawling the good Dr. escaped undetected!

Left: The Japanese open fire on Ilja Stoianev!

Stoianev has been wounded badly, but still on his feet!

The Japanese question the locals

The second episode will follow soon: Where is Dr. Meisenheimer now? Will the Russians and the Japanese learn why the Nazis are so interested in him?

Stay tuned.....
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Re: Pulp Alley AAR: The Hunt for Dr. Meisenheimer
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2018, 08:34:47 PM »
Very much like the look of this!  :-*

It looks like you're using some kind of game mat...I'm assuming it's home-made to custom fit the structures and the scenario. Care to share the details of how it was put together? It looks great!

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Re: Pulp Alley AAR: The Hunt for Dr. Meisenheimer
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2018, 12:07:25 AM »
Nice little set-up for a game there. Good use of a couple of the Knights of Dice terrain pieces. Didn't realise their Pagoda building was so big.

A great little scenario too. I'll be looking forward to see what comes next.
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Re: Pulp Alley AAR: The Hunt for Dr. Meisenheimer
« Reply #3 on: March 12, 2018, 02:44:29 AM »
Great looking game- I look forward to part 2.

Offline nandrin

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Re: Pulp Alley AAR: The Hunt for Dr. Meisenheimer
« Reply #4 on: March 12, 2018, 08:50:23 AM »
@oabee: Yes, the mat is home-made using the acrylic method. A piece of cloth has been covered with a mix of acrylic paste and sand. First the paths with white acrylic and white sand, then the grassy areas with brown colored acrylic followed by static grass in various colours.

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Re: Pulp Alley AAR: The Hunt for Dr. Meisenheimer
« Reply #5 on: March 13, 2018, 04:48:45 AM »
Fantastic! I really like those Knights of Dice buildings. Would love to get some too!  :-*

THANKS for playing and sharing Pulp Alley.

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Re: Pulp Alley AAR: The Hunt for Dr. Meisenheimer
« Reply #6 on: March 13, 2018, 07:28:56 AM »
Great looking game. Looking forward to seeing more............   :-*

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Re: Pulp Alley AAR: The Hunt for Dr. Meisenheimer
« Reply #7 on: March 13, 2018, 07:41:23 PM »
Terrific set-up!  :-* I'm looking forward to more.
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Offline nandrin

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Re: Pulp Alley AAR: The Hunt for Dr. Meisenheimer
« Reply #8 on: March 13, 2018, 10:05:43 PM »
Episode 2: „The California Desert Massacre“

The Leagues learned that Dr. Meisenheimer may be hiding in a small town somewhere in the California Desert. They have to search the town and question the locals to find the professor or at least get some hints where he is now.
The scenario follows „At deaths door“ from the perilous Island campaign, but all minor plot points are wandering town inhabitants and two of them are local police officers who are not friendly to strangers (extremely perilous).

What follows was quick and bloody: The japanese elite warriors stormed the town, killing everyone in its way. Within 3 rounds and about 30 minutes game time, the unfortunate russians were completely wiped out!
Nevertheless, from now on the Japanese were out of luck and the locals tried their best to escape the fearsome strangers, so despite having no opposition Akechi Mitsuhide and his killer brigade only secured 3 plot points before the end of the scenario. Dr. Meisenheimer was not there!

Overview of the battlefield

The Japanese are approaching

Bad day for the Russians

Back in San Francisco, the leagues were informed that next evening a local millionaire hosted a ball and a lot of important people could be questioned about Dr. Meisenheimer and his work. Their agencies provided invitations so Ilja and his comrades as well as Mitsuhide could have a party!

Episode 3: „A social affair“

Because this is a highly social environment, some special rules were in play this time: No running, rushing, brawling and shooting was allowed! „Fighting“ was done with duels of wit: A character could get in contact with an enemy and initiate a challenge with an action skill. The loser has to make a „health check“ showing he has lost reputation. The plot points are visitors of the event who could be questioned about Dr. Mesienheimer. The reward cards included a red herring (some visitors know nothing about him).

Although the japanese soldiers were on a disadvantage in this environment and surely missed their weapons, they did surprisingly well on the diplomatic floor: They got 3 plot points and the vital clue where the Professor could be!

It was again an unlucky day for Ilija Stoianev (who recoverd from his wounds) because he and his team pulled 4 Red Herrings in a row before even getting their first plot point! At least they managed to make some friends and can field a level 2 backup in the next scenario.

Who will finally get his hands on Dr. Meisenheimer? And will those damned Nazis show up again?
Stay tuned….

Sorry, no pictures from Episode 3 because we don´t have matching terrain. Next time with pictures again, I promise!

Offline d phipps

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Fantastic! THANKS for playing and sharing Pulp Alley.  ;)

Looking forward to Episode 3!