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Author Topic: Bazaar of Obscurities Rules - PLEASE READ BEFORE STARTING A TOPIC HERE  (Read 8603 times)

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Bazaar of Obscurities Rules

With immediate effect, the Bazaar of Obscurities board will be subdivided into three areas, or Child Boards: "Wanted", "For Sale/Trade", and "Ebay". Their subjects should be evident; all future Bazaar threads must fit into one of those three categories; you may NOT mix sales offers and wanted requests in a single thread. You may, however, put one or more links into a thread to link to other Bazaar threads of yours.

In addition, no user may maintain more than a single active thread per child board. ALL your respective trading (i.e. all your sales, all your wanted requests, all your Ebay listing links) must be advertised in the respective threads (i.e. your Sales thread etc.). You may add new offers by replying to the thread, but you must keep an up-to-date overview in the first post (or, preferably, keep all offers in the first post and use the rest of the thread for negotiations or enquiries).

Moderator of Bazaar boards - Westfalia Chris

Thread Maintenance

You may request (via PM or the "REPORT" button) your old thread to be deleted by the moderators. Please consider, we're not always online and it could take some hours or more so it's perhaps the best to try to delete it by yourself.


The Ebay Child Board

Only "Supporting Adventurers" may start threads on the Ebay Board. All other regular members may only start threads in the "Wanted" and "For Sale" Child Boards. Please note that you may still reply to threads on the Ebay Child Board as a regular member. If you would like to become a supporting member, please donate some money using the "Paypal Donate" button at the bottom of this forum. As this site is hosted in Germany, the Paypal donation page will be in German as well. Please contact the moderators if you need any support using this.


Any kind of "Bumping" a thread (i.e. replying to your thread to move it up the board for increased attention) is only allowed once every three days.

Misuse/abuse of the Bazaar rules

If (you think that) somebody violates the rules of the Bazaar, please do NOT take it on yourself to "teach him/her the rules". Please notify the Bazaar moderator by using the Report button, and we will investigate the issue and, if necessary, take action.

Problems with trades

If you have an issue with a seller or a buyer, please try to resolve the issue first using common sense. We cannot take any responsibility for any transactions, and cannot be held liable for them or their effects, as we do not have the ability to track transactions. We therefore cannot act as arbitrators, but we will try to help resolving the issue if possible. In that case, if nothing else helps, please contact the moderators via PM.

Thread Titling

In order to improve the clarity of the "Unread Posts" list, all Bazaar Threads must be identified as such by adding the following tag to the front of the Thread title as appropriate for its board:


So, for example a thread title could look like this:

(SALE/TRADE) Some Vintage Citadel Miniatures for two subjects.


If you are willing to accept goods in place of monetary payments, or want to offer goods in trade for items you are looking for, just put these in the respective threads and make it clear in the text body.

So, for example, if you want to get rid of a bunch of "X Brand" miniatures, and are looking for some "Y Brand" that you would like to take in trade, the post should be made in the "Sales" thread, and look something like this:

>>I have on offer 10 "X Brand" Space Warriors. I would like 12 pounds/Euros/etc. for them, plus P&P at cost. Alternatively, I would trade them for "Y Brand Fancypants Elves". Offers welcome.<<

Kickstarter & Co

please post all funding platform related threads to appropriate board (theme based).

Bazaar Pruning

All Bazaar threads which were last replied to at least a month ago will be moved to the archives without further notice. Thread openers may "bump" their threads by adding a reply if the offer(s) is (are) still current, or you may open a new thread to replace the one moved to the archives.
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