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Author Topic: QRS for Schnell Rules for Schnellboot?  (Read 279 times)

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QRS for Schnell Rules for Schnellboot?
« on: April 03, 2018, 10:07:38 AM »
Has anyone created a Quick Reference Sheet for the Schnell for Schnellboote rules?

If so, I'd love to have a copy.

Thinking of giving these a go for a game or two at the local club, since they appear to be a bit simpler that my usual Action Stations rules.  They might help speed game play, and permit more than one scenario to be conducted in an afternoon.

Also, anyone come up with modifiers for firing torpedoes, from a vessel's fore and aft arcs, as well as for those vs. vessels that evade/turn away, if they're lucky enough to spot them, before they hit?

Finally, any thoughts on rules for spotting running torpedoes at night, before they hit, so the targeted vessels can even consider evading?

I'm guessing, unless they spot the firer's first, and/or see the torpedo launches, spotting running torpedoes at night will not be very likely, unless it is a very bright, moonlit night, and they're using steam-power torpedoes which reportedly leave a pronounced wake.

I need to read up on the types of torpedoes available to British, American, German, and Italian MTBs, in order to determine if this is an issue for them, or not, depending upon the period of the war the scenarios take place.

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