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February 21, 2019, 04:57:49 PM

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Author Topic: Which manufacturer or Retailer recently announced new 28mm Inuit sculpts?  (Read 609 times)

Offline chicklewis

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Hi, knowledgeable friends, not too many weeks ago some manufacturer or Retailer announced a number of new Inuit sculpts, including a few women.  I thought it was Bear's Den, but cannot find them on the Badger games site.  Could you please refresh my memory, and maybe even post a link?  I would appreciate it. 

I've always known I needed some Inuit females, and now is the time to add them to my tribes.

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Offline john Hollyoak

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You are correct. Go to the Badger Games site. Bears Den does not show up on the home page but if you click on any of the other manufacturers, then it appears. The Inuit are the only range
for Bears Den.

Offline chicklewis

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Thanks awfully, John !  I'm off !


Offline argsilverson

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The Badger games/Bear's Den range  are here:
up to this moment, if my memory serves me well only the casualties and the sleds are new, the rest are the old Bear;s den range, maybe I make some mistake here.

of course you may find more inuits in Copplestone's, Eureka's  and EMPgames/Wargames emporium sites.
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Is there any news on the fate of Sergeant Major Miniatures’ Pulp Range? They had several packs of Inuit amongst other stuff I always meant to buy, and never got around to.

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Hi, Chick Lewis. :) 

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Offline minbiz

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The Sgt Majors Miniatures 28mm pulp range does have multiple Inuit/Eskimo packs, some armed with rifles, some with bows, some mounted on hairy oxen-like animals (along with some other really neat stuff like the armed ape packs - a nice fit with current movie-themed games). At this time, the pulp, sci-fi, and monster ranges from SGMM are still available for purchase so there are no retail purchase options.


(The 15mm ACW, formerly Feudal Castings, are also available. The sale of the 20mm SGMM range is currently in negotiation. All the other SGMM figure ranges, along with third-party inventory and equipment, has been sold to buyers in the US and UK. We try to keep updating the staus of availability in the commercial threads so please check there if you're interested soley in the status of something fomerly SGMM.)
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