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Author Topic: "Links but no pics" debate  (Read 6366 times)

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"Links but no pics" debate
« on: May 18, 2011, 08:13:33 PM »
Some clarification on the official way of looking at things. As there have been repeated and heated discussions regarding "Links but no pics" topics, we decided it was necessary to clarify things a bit.

1) As was the case before, you are NOT required to include any pics in a topic featuring links you post. You may still open topics which include an offsite link without any pictures.

2) Still, it would be preferable, and possibly an act of politeness, if the poster adds one or two pics as a "Teaser" and to give users some idea what is hiding behind that link. An informative piece of text that accompanies the link would also be quite helpful to allow users to decide whether or not to follow the link. To stress this, this would be a nice touch, and is likely to be honoured by users; you are NOT required to do so.

3) Repeatedly, people have argued that you cannot post images on LAF using the forum functionalities. Indeed, up until now, this functionality was restricted to "Supporting Members". As of now, however, everybody will be able to attach images to their post, using the functionality in the "Additional Options" found under your message box as you write your post. You may still use external image hosters such as Photobucket, Imageshack etc., and this might be preferable as the number and size of images you can attach is limited due to software constraints.

4) If a user posts a topic including a link without any images, it is up to the individual user whether he or she wants to follow this link. You may NOT, however, use this to incite any kind of discussion or "flame war" by leaving replies such as "no piccie, no lookie", or worse. Users should be aware that a lack of comments is a way of commenting itself, but any public argument about it is likely to be detrimental to the forum and communication in general. Neither will it improve anybody's day.

5) If any argument should arise from this in a thread, please feel free to tell the board moderator (by using the "Report to Moderator" link) or the administrator. Any argumental posts will be deleted, although we will leave the topic open as is.

To sum up, you are encouraged to give people some impression of what you want to show them, both out of politeness and because it is likely to convince more people to follow your link(s). But you are NOT obliged to do so.


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