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June 18, 2019, 10:14:29 PM

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Author Topic: Does anyone make Beth Greene ((Emily Kinney) from the walking dead?  (Read 767 times)

Online v_lazy_dragon

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There are a fair few 'not-' characters based on AMC's version of The Walking Dead out there - I was wondering if anyone makes a not-Beth? Or am I going to have to convert one? If so, any better suggestions for starting points than the Walord/Wargames Factory female survivors and seeing what I can do?

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I'm not aware of any not Beth.

Hasslefree may have some  to consider like "Taylor" with some work and proper colors :

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Sadie might be an option, Sadie(c) with a weapons downgrade?

Alternatively the Elite Sadie equipped with a pistol.
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Seeing as how she doesn't appear in the comics, Mantic will not get around to making her. But maybe Mantic's Andrea can serve as a foundation?

From the pics, her most notable feature is probably her long, curly sideswept bangs - I don't know of a miniature with that feature so you might have to sculpt it on. Andrea above wouldn't be a bad starting point.

Online v_lazy_dragon

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Thanks chaps - some good suggestions to muse on :)