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March 23, 2019, 05:58:13 PM

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Author Topic: German zombie attack ! - Secrets of the 3rd Reich with victory decision  (Read 738 times)

Offline seldon

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Victory Decision is my favorite platoon level game for WWII through Sci Fi.

This past Sunday I was able to set up a game with my friend and we had a great time taking the Secrets of the Third Reich minis painted by Studio Validus for a spin.

We used the Seek Out, Close in, Destroy and Hold scenario which is really a lot of fun.

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Offline pixelgeek

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Looks fun!

Offline Viden

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Great looking figures and terrain. Also I like the style of the AAR!

Offline Agis

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As Viden said!
I also like the mix of models swtr + DUST + AT43; great mix.
(One of the benefits using generic  rules...)
cheers and keep on gaming, Agis - http://www.adpublishing.de

Offline seldon

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Thanks.. it was a fun game...

We love that scenario, so many ways to win create a good challenge for players to keep thinking about what the opponent is going through.

Critical thing for anyone playing Victory decision is coordinating your actions, when you create a breach on the enemy line you need to have available resources to exploit it. If you can do that you will have a path to victory..  You need two or three fire teams operating together to push an enemy squad or team from a position and take it over.. if not they are coming back soon...