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Author Topic: 15mm Successor vs Arab  (Read 627 times)

Offline Phil Portway

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15mm Successor vs Arab
« on: May 16, 2018, 08:47:34 PM »
Paul and I concluded our league with a Sword & Spear game

Deployment in the same old fashion, " then we will met them in the same old fashion!"

Turn 1 - Movement & maneuver from both sides. Successor moves up all the scary stuff, Elephants, Scythed Chariots and Cataphracts. Arabs counter with archers and flanking cavalry.

Turn 2 -Elephants charge and rout archers, then pursue into and routing a cavalry unit, then carry on the pursuit and are now out on a limb. The scythed chariots charged and instantly died. An Arab cavalry unit charged by Companion cavalry to negate the impact ability they have and caused them two kills.

I also lost a light foot unit and a captain as well as the chariots

the Arabs lost an archers unit ans a cavalry unit

Turn 3 - My Nellies were hit in the rear (Ooh Er Missus), but both our bad dice rolling saw no damage to either unit, but the Elephants could turn to face in the end phase of the turn!

meanwhile, on my left flank, my companions routed the Arab cavalry unit, killed their General and pursued out of trouble

End of turn 3 casualties - Successor did not lose any this turn

turn 4 - Saw the loss of my Companion Cavalry, Elephants & a unit of Light horse, one point short of my army morale test

Turn 5 - all units on the successor left were to far away to contact

A unit of Arab cavalry charged my Imitation Legionaries, causing one kill. But most of the Arab units were again to far away to cause the Successors any problems. The heavy Pikes plodded forward.

End of turn 5 casualties. we ended here and called it a draw
Arabs were 4 points from their Army Morale test

Successors remained 1 point short of an Army Morale

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Offline Phil Portway

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Re: 15mm Successor vs Arab
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2018, 09:34:21 PM »

Please delete this thread. I put in this instead of Ancients.   :?