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Author Topic: [KICKSTARTER] Shatterlands Extension  (Read 912 times)

Offline stonegateforge

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[KICKSTARTER] Shatterlands Extension
« on: May 18, 2018, 04:02:34 PM »
We are very excited to announce that we will be launching a line extension Kickstarter for Shatterlands on July 11 (to coincide with Historicon).

The Kickstarter will include:
-At least 6 new Shatterlands miniatures sculpted by the incomparable Bobby Jackson*
-A new scenario book
-Brand new terrain tiles representing water features, and a rules supplement to use them
*We will commission additional new miniatures as stretch goals after we reach our initial funding level.

We're so excited about this project that we wanted to share a little taste with you now. Starting today, and for each of the next six Fridays, we will leak one of our new miniatures sculpts with a short description. We hope you enjoy!

-Sincerely, the Stonegate Forge team

Among the Dumah Rangers, nearly all Sharpshots are women. In our initial release we wanted to emphasize our Sharpshot's renowned marksmanship, and so we cast her in a firing pose, taking deliberate aim. This time we wanted to highlight her equally important role as a team leader. Here she is giving silent hand signals to the rangers under her command so as not to be heard. She has just seen something moving in the brush ahead. Is it Rapani scouts...or just the wind?

Offline stonegateforge

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Re: [KICKSTARTER] Shatterlands Extension
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2018, 04:03:24 PM »

Dumah Butcher 3/6

Although butchers are the least respected members of the Dumah military establishment, which celebrates speed, stealth, and precision with ranged weapons, they play a critical function in their ranger teams, as the rifle and kesbinat weilding rangers can be easily overwhelmed by attackers while attempting to reload. In such situations, it is the heavily armed and armored butchers who must cut their comrades out of danger. This one strides confidently forward, weapon pointed down, shield at the ready, prepared for combat.

He will be available, along with our other 5 new Shatterlands minis, as part of our Kickstarter launching July 11.

Offline stonegateforge

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Re: [KICKSTARTER] Shatterlands Extension
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2018, 03:39:11 PM »
This Rapani archer is taking a shot from behind cover. His body is arched to remain hidden. Only his head and bow are exposed. We love how dynamic this pose is. It's not one you see very often, and we're very proud of the work Bobby Jackson did for us on this one.

He will be available along with all the others as part of our July 11 Kickstarter. Stay tuned for #5 and 6.

Offline Inkpaduta

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Re: [KICKSTARTER] Shatterlands Extension
« Reply #3 on: June 10, 2018, 06:19:39 PM »
I am going to Historicon this year, God willing,
and intend to play shatterlands for the first time.
Looking forward to it!

Offline Cherno

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Re: [KICKSTARTER] Shatterlands Extension
« Reply #4 on: June 10, 2018, 07:31:23 PM »
I think it would be more user-friendly if those clips would be uploaded via Youtube or something and the link posted here, instead of requiring the users to download and open the file from their HD.

Offline stonegateforge

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Re: [KICKSTARTER] Shatterlands Extension
« Reply #5 on: June 11, 2018, 04:13:12 PM »
Inkpaduta, glad to hear it! We'll be running games all weekend. Come check us out.

Cherno, thanks for the suggestion. We have not worked with youtube before. Will give that a try.

Offline stonegateforge

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Re: [KICKSTARTER] Shatterlands Extension
« Reply #6 on: June 15, 2018, 02:36:47 PM »
Here's number 5/6.

We're going to attach this video again for consistency's sake. Will definitely try to get a youtube account setup and do that in the future. Thanks Inkpaduta.

The third and final of our new Keshdumah, this figure can be used either as a kesbinez or as an apprentice. We've included both weapons, and the optional crossbow bolt case, so that you can customize the composition of your squad accordingly. Unlike our previous kesbinez and apprentice, she is female. While women in the Rangers most commonly serve as sharpshots, they are not recruited directly into leadership positions, but rather, they gain experience like all other rangers, working their way through the ranks. We felt we needed a figure to reflect that. We also wanted to show the drawn K'sur sword, which we had not featured in any of our previous sculpts. Here she stands, sword drawn, ready to meet an oncoming foe (possibly protecting her team leader).

She will be available, along with the other five new Shatterlands minis, as part of our line extension Kickstarter, launching July 11.

Offline stonegateforge

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Re: [KICKSTARTER] Shatterlands Extension
« Reply #7 on: June 22, 2018, 01:27:28 PM »

Here he is guys! The last of our new line (at least until we hit those stretch goals). This Rapani woodsman is reaching for an arrow from a cluster he has placed in the ground at his feet for convenience. His right arm is bandaged from a minor wound in an earlier combat. Maybe this is the reason he has staked out a position behind a tree on the periphery of the fight. Maybe he has simply found the perfect vantage that affords him open fields of fire. Or maybe he chose this position last night, and is about to spring an ambush. The arrows come as a sprue that can be glued to the character's base within arm's reach.

He will be part of our kickstarter, along with the other 5, opening July 11.