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May 23, 2019, 09:48:46 AM

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Author Topic: A Book for Those Interested in Rogue Trader - Deathstalker *NO SPOILERS PLEASE*  (Read 472 times)

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Hiya folks,

Thought there might be some others interested in a book I've been listening to whilst I paint recently:

Deathstalker by Simon Green

It's great fun and has so much of the Rogue Trader spirit in it - an Empire, Schemeing nobels and brats, rebels and bounty hunters on a low tech world, Androids, psychers, assasins... you name it!

I'm only halfway through the first book, so no spoilers please - but well worth checking out.

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I read the series and some of the latter series after Deathstalker War but oddly none of the latter books were memorable to me. They just didn't stick at all. Honestly the original three books run together so much I couldn't talk about it at all without probably spoiling something.
It's very much a kitchen sink space opera and all the characters are 'special' in one way or another. Hard pressed to say it's a good series or bad but it was entertaining to me. Certainly loved the recharging energy weapons that made sword fighting a still viable skill. Certainly would say Jack Random was my favorite character of the original series.

edit to add:
What's weird is I read Deathstalker Rebellion first and didn't really feel it spoiled anything in the first book and of the series that's the one I've reread a couple times.
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The Deathstalker Saga is one of my favourite series ever! I even named my computer Ozymandias  lol