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June 19, 2018, 02:54:01 PM

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Author Topic: Looking for old minis: not Ral Partha but Dragontooth bear chariot  (Read 183 times)

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After a blast from the past talking about the Death Dealer (first from Ral Partha), I got to thinking about another great old figure that I once owned, but gave away. It's a Frazetta-styled polar bear chariot. This is the best picture I could find of Ral Partha's old "Bear Chariot of the Ice Lands", these days available from Iron Winds Metals.

Funny thing is, I remember the figure I had being different. The chariot looked much more like the Frazetta paiting, with low sides and front, not at all like the Ral Partha figure that is still available today.

So I'm posting here to find out if any members can recall a different version of this old mini. I probably bought it at Gencon in the early 80s. Perhaps it was a pre-production version. Or an alternate command version. But, even if it's not available today as such, I'd love to find more info on it, and perhaps even a pic if possible. I'll probably end up ordering the figure from Iron Winds Metals. But that doesn't mean that I couldn't try to restore the other version with a little scratchbuilding project.

Thanks for any help and long memories.   

Cheers,   --- Phil from France, once from the Iowa City Wargaming Federation.

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Re: Looking for old minis: Ral Partha Bear Chariot of the Ice Lands
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OK, I kept looking. Browsed through old Ral Partha catalogs. But I couldn't shake the vague memory that it had been a Dragontooth figure, not a Ral Partha one.

Then... I found it. In the Dragontooth 1981 catalog, thanks to Dnd Lead: It was the "AW1 Artic Warrior - War sled drawn by polar bears, driven by champion". I haven't founda  picture assembled and painted yet, but here's the model:

So, again, if anyone has access to a complete figure, or photos of same, I'd be much obliged. It appears that Tom Loback was inspired by the Frazetta painting at the same time as Julie Guthrie over at Ral Partha. And here I was about ready to message random "Julie Guthrie"s on Facebook... <slaps forehead>