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September 24, 2018, 08:41:01 AM

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Author Topic: Man uses over a million matchsticks to create replicas of Roya Navy ships  (Read 631 times)

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Saw this mentioned on Planetfigure and thought it worth posting here

Fleet of fancy! Modeller spent 70 years and used over a MILLION matchsticks to create all 484 warships to ever sail in the Royal Navy since 1945 including HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier

The ships and aircraft are 1/300 - full article with a lot of pictures on the Daily Mail website

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Truly impressive!  Thanks for sharing this.

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...using just a ruler, razor blade and glue...
And he's 87!  :o No other comments!
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That is seriously impressive. Especially the aircraft!

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Equally extraordinary is whomever wrote that article, the Mail has a certain reputation but generally they can edit!

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I met him some years ago at a model exhibition in Warwick (I think).

The models are truly inspiring.


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That really is remarkable, thank you for sharing!

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He needs to switch to cereal packets now  lol
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What a lovely story, excellent collection.
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Absolutely amazing  :o 
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