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March 22, 2019, 11:35:14 AM

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Author Topic: WarTime Miniatures: July Releases, Postage & Update  (Read 271 times)

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WarTime Miniatures: July Releases, Postage & Update
« on: June 29, 2018, 05:04:31 AM »

Postage is a big issue particularly for Wartime’s international customers.

I have been investigating cheaper options and have discovered these “flat” boxes which can classify as a letter!

So I have put in some new postage options for Australian and International orders of up to 250 grams.

$5 for Australia
$12 for UK, USA and Europe

So if you are from the UK and order is under 250 grams you will be saving nearly 50% post than previous!

Please note that this is a trial and I will have to see if it is effective.


Rapid Fire II Battalion Packs are now available at WarTime Miniatures.

WTM-PzL00: Panzer Lehr Battalion $52.95
WTM-FJ00: Fallschirmjager Battalion $59.95
WTM-AIF00: Australian 9th Division Battalion $69.95
WTM-AIF00a: Australian Battalion $59.95
WTM-LB00: Normandy British Battalion $79.95
WTM-BC00: British/Commonwealth Battalion $59.95

Current 10 figure packs are configured with the BattleGroup Rules system in mind. So whether you are looking for units for Rapid Fire or BattleGroup, WarTime has options available.

Smaller pack configurations have been reintroduced. See website for details.

All new pack options up on the site will ship from 2 July.

Pre Orders (Shipment from 2 July)

WTM-AMF35: 20mm 25 Pounder "Short" with Australian Crew $15.00
WTM-AMF35a: 20mm Australian Artillery Crew $5.50
WTM-AMF23: 20mm Australian HQ for Kokoda $7.00
WTM-AMF24: 20mm Native Porters for Kokoda $4.00
PzL04a: 20mm Panzer Lehr Tripod mounted MG42 with Crew $5.50
FJ04a: 20mm FJ Tripod Mounted MG42 with Crew $5.50
DAK04a: 20mm DAK Tripod Mounted MG34 with Crew $5.50
IT05: 20mm Italian M1914 HMG with Crew $5.50
IT06: 20mm Italian Artillery Crew (4 figures) $5.50
GI15: 20mm US Army water Cooled .30Cal MMG with Crew $5.50


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