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Author Topic: Pulp Alley- Zombies!  (Read 1621 times)

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Pulp Alley- Zombies!
« on: October 30, 2018, 03:46:49 PM »
I played a short Pulp Alley game (solo) with my zombies/survivors.
Pictures on the blog along with my house rules for the Zeds.

I played my first game with the Zombie figures I painted this year. I used the fantastic Pulp Alley rules with some minor modifications, and played solo.

Zombies are 3d6 Brawl, do not dodge, no shooting, and have no other statistics. They do not try to block hits. They move 6" in the direction they are facing at the end of the turn unless a person is in sight within 12"...then they rush and attack. They can't rush through perilous areas (but are otherwise unaffected by perilous areas except blasts and bursts), and can't rush across terrain obstacles (such as walls, fences, hillsides, into buildings). Zombies are Level 2, they get a recovery check when down, they have d6 health. Zeds move last in order of closest to furthest from a survivor. If a zed kills a survivor, place a new zed at start of next turn in same location.

Zombie generation (for a basic scavenge scenario):
1) Start- multiply the value on the bottom left of the 2 fortune cards. Place the zombies randomly.
2) End of Turn- add another set of zombies by multiplying 2 cards.
3) Perilous Areas- Instead of taking hits for failing a challenge in a perilous area, add a number of zombies in place of the number of hits on the card. Put in contact with the figure.
4)Plot Point- For every die that fails during a plot point attempt, place a zombie 6" away.
5)Noise (shoot, shout, explosions...)- add 1 card draw worth at the table edge closest to the sound.

Plot Points: There are 5 plot points in the scavenge scenario. The main point generates a reward and a fellow survivor that can be recruited or some other special reward such as a vehicle, gadget, special item (such as medical supplies that lets a survivor recover after a mission). Other plot points get a regular reward card. All must be held by a surviving member at the end of the game.

Encountering other survivors: When encountering a random survivor, play a challenge card. If the player passes the challenge, the survivor is not hostile. Play another card, if passed, the survivor is friendly and joins the group. Hostile survivors will fight the closest character or zed, and attempt to take plot points. Neutral survivors will attempt to flee the board, attacking zeds on the way. Friendly survivors become player controlled. Draw a card to determine the random level of the survivor.

Horror Checks: (roll health check)
1) when activating in contact with a number of zeds > character level
2) when activating with >10 zeds on the board
3) when failing a challenge for a perilous area
4) when a friendly character is killed by zeds within 12" and line of sight
---roll health check to recover 1 effect at end of turn with 4+ on d6

Need to look at the rules for NPCs, bystanders, and areas of control from Vice Alley.

Looks simple, only a lone zed in sight...over the stream.

Checking out the orchard, more zeds show up.

Killing one, Miroslav heads for the house. He finds a fellow survivor and they dodge around the growing threat.

The zeds have the scent and are starting to mass.

Miroslav grabs some more supplies near the woodshed, while his new friend is torn apart just after picking up some other gear.

Miroslav Silak survived another day. He did not even get the name of the guy he met in the house. He killed 1 zed, gained 1 XP, 1 Rep, and 1 Backup. At the end, there were 15 zeds on the table.

Miroslav Silak, Level 4- d10 health
Shoot: 3d8
Brawl: 3d10
Dodge: 3d10
Might: 2d8
Finesse 2d10
Cunning: 3d10
-Moxie: ignore multiple combat penalties when brawling
-Quick dodge: 1/turn, convert to 5d8 dodge
-Intrepid: may dodge in any direction
Gear: none
Rewards: 1 XP, 1 Rep, 1 Backup


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Re: Pulp Alley- Zombies!
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2018, 02:42:35 AM »
Some excellent modifications.

Will have to try them out.
Semper Fi, Mac

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Re: Pulp Alley- Zombies!
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2018, 04:43:05 AM »
I like this a lot.