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Author Topic: The Heresy of Hieros: A Warhammer 40.000 Project  (Read 659 times)

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The Heresy of Hieros: A Warhammer 40.000 Project
« on: January 12, 2019, 01:16:19 PM »
The Heresy of Hieros


"A judgment, terrible to sinners, but desirable and sweet to the just."

A world of fire and faith, Hieros has for millenia carried a the power of belief and loyalty to the Ecclesiarchy. A civilized Shrine World named in the honour of Saint Hieros following 7th Black Crusade. A landscape of towering cathedrals and other holy temples it has since then been the home of a myriad of cults proclaiming their service to the God-Emperor of Mankind. Byzantine politics and obscure rituals are common placehere,  where faith and politics are one and the same and ones pedigree is not decided by blood but zeal. The Planatery Govener goes by the title of Duke and is as of the 42nd Millenia Dalerius Crowley whose influence in truth is dwarfed by the various High Priests, Prophets and other religious figures that hold the power on Hieros.
All of this was before the Cicatrix Maledictum, on Hierod known by many names, chiefly The Dark Seal said to herald the End Times. The world was cut off from the Imperium of Man like many others and suffered for generations, ravaged by daemonic incursions and famine as the world did not hold the industry to feed itself, millions have died. When the blessed Light of the Emperor reached them oncemore the Imperial forces found them in the midst of a civil war against the heretic. It was swiftly crushed and an official envoy of the Adeptus Ministorum has been put in place as the head of the world's myriad of cults and temples, an impossible position for they are endless.
In such trying times prophets, saviors and saints, unrecognized all by the Ecclesiarchy rose up to prominence and founded various cults in the name of the God-Emperor. Their pratices are as varied as they obscure, rituals and wards to drive off the daemon praticed on every corner in the wake of the Time of Weeping Skies which heralds the end. Many of them militias and gangs as much as religious congregations, forced together to defend themselves and strengthen their convictions.
Yet rumor persists that not all heresy was stamped out when it was returned to the Imperial fold and Inquisitor Regulus has been dispatched to learn the truth of it. Having arrived mere months past the Inquisitor swiftly made his home at the Imperial Citadel, the home of Duke Dalerius together with his abomiable band of criminals and heathens.
In the shadow of temples the purge of Hieros begins.

Sir William Marshal

Sir William has become a known figure amongst the priesthoods of Hieros since the arrival of the Inquisitor. Mere days after making landfall he breached the gates of The House of Sterling Star at the head of a regiment of Ducal Guards and burned it to the ground with every soul inside. Since that night his sudden appearance has become synonym with the Inquisitor's judgement, despite this he has grown to be one of the more public faces of Regulus' retinue, his affluent past making him right at home with the religious elite of the planet. As keen to placate and spoil him in the hopes of earning favour with his master as they are afraid of him looking into their affairs, for no man is without transgressions.

A warrior cherub is his constant companion, some claim it to be tied to the Inquisitor. Whispering orders and serving as his eyes and ears beyond the walls of the Imperial Citadel. By what has been gleamed during the banquets and rites he has attended the rumours makes him the lost or banished scion of a Knight House of unknown renown. What, if this is true, has found him in service to the Inquisition is unknown.

Vat-Grown Enforcer



++++5143M42++Hieros++Pietrun+House of Pyres++++

It was with a pit in his stomach that the young man pressed the code to open door, 13-56-88. With a faint hiss the metal slid to the side opening the way into the House of Pyres. Before them was a dark hallway, the odd flourescent light every ten feet or so marking the way. Looking over his shoulder he only saw the hulking frame and that one eye, the bionic gleaming red like the gaze of some infernal spirit.

"W-Will that be all, my lord?" he stammered, hoping that this was as far as they would take him. He had been snatched up by the Ducal Guard a few days before only to be convinced to open this door, somehow they had known he had gotten it from his cousin. He had only been to the House once before, when he was invited to the rite of joining.

"No." the man said before he prodded him in the back with the butt of that enourmus rifle he wielded, painted stark red, like blood and he staggered forward. The boy didn't know anything about him other than he served Inquisitor Regulus and that he was bound to do anything he said or be branded a heretic. So he showed the way through the hall, the giant had barely spoken all this time and at first he had thought him an it, some mind-addled servitor bearing a message, but that was before he saw the weapon.

A left turn, a right, for awhile he feared he might have forgotten the way. It was a maze here with the smoke of ashes and burnt flesh lingering in the air. They passed several alcoves filled with the urns of the dead and doors from beyond they could hear the soft chanting of the priests. But they kept on, until they reached the gate to the inner sanctum. He knew the High Priest and his many blessed daughters dwelled within, he also knew they were not his daughters.

The gate was not locked, merely marked with holy scripture to ward off the daemonic and the wicked. For no human soul would dare to intrude upon the High Priest in the very House of Pyres. The giant pushed it open with ease and the boy saw the High Priest, an old man clad in a satin robe lying on a bed sorrounded by beautiful women in various degrees of undress and intoxication. He only had a moment to see the fear in the old man's eyes before the gate slammed shut and he heard the lock turn.

And then, after a few seconds, the first blast.

Virgil the Pilgrim

As is befitting an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Regulus maintains not only men of violence in his retinue but also men of faith, and few have suffered more for theirs than the twisted wretch known as Virgil. The son to pilgrims it is often said he has not had a home, but is driven by a holy purpose to set foot upon the soil of Holy Terra, a divine purpose which was given to his great-great-grandfather who was the first to set out upon their holy quest. In a gilded container upon his back he carries the bones and ash of his ancestors who failed to reach the sacred world, in the hopes that they will be forgiven and brought into the Emperor's light should he succeed where they were found unworthy.

Among those that travel with Regulus in these dark times Virgil is said to have served the longest. Few claim to know how they came into contact but Virgil makes no secret of the fact that the Inquisitor has promised him passage to Holy Terra in exchange for his zealous service, and the fact nearly half a century has passed without them having grown closer to the heart of the Empire has not dulled his zeal. A veteran of countless battles against the cultist and heretic he lost his eye and much of his face to the abominable claws of a mutant a number of years ago during the Culling of Strathaven. Not a warrior by birth experience has forged a simple man into something dangerous and unstable, his only desire that most holy and the will of his master.

Preacher of the Imperial Creed

Thaddeus is a man of faith born from the blessed spires of Hieros itself. Having emerged from the Dark Nights with his beliefs only tempered by battle against the terrors that prey upon blessed mankind he was one of the first of the holy men to submit to Inquisitor Regulus upon the presentation of the inquisitorial decree. Many did not trust these warriors that came down claiming rule over their creeds, many more were unwilling to relinquish the power they had made their own in the chaos of a generation lost to darkness.

Thaddeus however, a preacher of the Cult of Saint Odilia was quick to bend a knee to the Imperium oncemore, some claiming out of true conviction while others in hindsight say be but bet on the right horse. In the months since Thaddeus has come to earn a prestigious if perilous role as Regulus' advisor and guide through the byzantine corridors and codes of the  cults and creds of Hieros. The Cult of Saint Odilia, largely for this was the first of the native churches to be granted an official approval by the Inquisitor and deemed wholly within the confines of the Imperial Creed.

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Re: The Heresy of Hieros: A Warhammer 40.000 Project
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2019, 05:34:51 PM »
A nice back ground for the characters

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Re: The Heresy of Hieros: A Warhammer 40.000 Project
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2019, 07:55:35 PM »
Nice figures and painting.

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Re: The Heresy of Hieros: A Warhammer 40.000 Project
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2019, 09:52:13 AM »
The first of my Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.