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August 18, 2019, 08:33:24 AM

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Author Topic: DreamForge-Games News Eisenkern Grav-StuG Kickstarter March 25th to April 16th  (Read 521 times)

Offline Nosegoblin

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Hello all, I wanted to drop in and let you know about this. Its been a while since I produced new plastic crack and I have been wanting to make this kit for quite some time.
I hope you like it!


Online Ultravanillasmurf

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Interesting looking model, just scary numbers.

Offline leadfool

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thanks for the heads up.

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Offline Wyrmalla

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Something like this would work for Star Wars, or perhaps the weird aesthetic of games like Wolfenstein. Where technology has progressed, but oddly has stayed exactly the same (or retarded) in places. I can see why its just a StuG with bits attached, but the look's too anachronistic for my tastes. However, its certainly a style which would fit plenty of alt-history settings.

Offline Nosegoblin

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Just a heads up...

The campaign has been relaunched with lower pricing. http://kck.st/2Uv6qHE

$34.00 for a single kit going down to $30.00 if you wanted multiple kits.

This was accomplished by spreading the rather large tooling costs over a larger number of kits that need to be sold. More details on the kickstarter page.

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Offline Ironhead

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I am very excited for this.  While it certainly touches a WW2 nerve (my crack), there are very few grav vehicles available for the 28mm crowd.  Certainly appeals to me on many levels, in for many...