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Author Topic: Of Gods and Mortals AAR - Napoleon in Upper Ægypt  (Read 912 times)

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Of Gods and Mortals AAR - Napoleon in Upper Ægypt
« on: April 06, 2019, 11:51:31 PM »
In the dusty wastes a massive column of rock has stood for countless millennia as the Nile carved its way past.  In the deep shade of this monolith, for time immemorial, an oasis has drawn travellers from afar.  Near the cool water which tinkles and chuckles from beneath the earth, into a pool which spreads under the broad leaves of date palms, stands the ruins of an ancient temple complex.  A wind-worn Pharoah-head gazes protectively upon the walls of tumble-down bleached stone.  It is a place of sanctuary and mystery.

Toward this blissful scene trudges a ragged column of infantry, scraps of flapping leather on their feet - once called boots, muskets askew, blue uniforms faded and holed.  Behind them cavalry, their horses heads bowed and weary from days in the blistering heat and blinding light, their riders’ green and pink uniforms dulled by dust and distance.

Following them a camel, upon which fusses a black clothed man under an umbrella, his attire suggestive of academia, sketching and scrawling in a battered notebook.  Next in this curious cavalcade, a General, his uniform still a gold-trimmed deep blue speaking of quality and power, guided his well-tended horse along the rocky path.

Lastly a small figure on a white horse with bronzed skin, dark hair and eyes afire - brighter even than the desert sands with dreams of conquest.

Not even the sinister flap of giant wings, an iridescent movement just beneath the sand, nor the awful striding shadow of a giant figure can dim that gaze: for this is the Great Expedition of Napoleon Bonaparte into Ægypt.


Two forces face off among the ancient ruins:

Even as they arrived at the temple complex the French hurriedly loaded their muskets.  The Savant Baron Denon took up a position by the oasis pool, a Spring of Youth, turning his back to gaze in wonder at the ancient hieroglyphs carved on the ruined temple walls.  He glanced up as a force of Egyptian archers appeared atop a nearby outcrop.  His hands and lips muttering a strange incantation, a plague-like miasma beset these warriors.

From beneath the sands irrupted a hideous flowing mass of scarab beetles, lapping like a black tide around and over crumbling masonry.  Shimmering like a mirage into view is the avatar of the falcon-headed got Horus: immense, powerful and enraged at this godless violation of a sacred place.

Horus shimmers into view, to avenge the violation of the sacred precinct:

The French General, Desaix, urged his horse forward. The dragoons followed him down a hill in loose formation.  The infantry, near to the oasis, glanced to their right, where Napoleon paused momentarily atop an outcrop sweeping the scene with his narrowing gaze.  The men cried out as parched throats beseeched their unconquered leader to another victory!

Onward to victory or death!

Desaix charged forward, defying the outraged screech of Horus, cold Lyonnaise steel clashing with an ancient club.  The sword shattered, the Frenchman fell from his horse and the God stepped over his lifeless corpse.  At the death of a favoured general, Bonaparte plunged forward, his charge reflected in the black hawk eyes.  Horus staggered back from this unfathomably modern power.

Nearby, dragoons wheeled and rode in over the churning mass of chittering insects, crushing many and driving them back.  One horseman, and then another, succumbed to a hideous death, brass helmets buried and regimental finery tumbled and drowned in a dark living wave.

Dragoons ride down an unfamiliar foe:

Baron Denon turned from his studies even as a Sphinx swooped across the oasis, claws ripping at his flapping cloak.  There was a struggle, the old savant more assured than could be believed as he wrestled the powerful beast with his mind.  In moments both lay dead, annihilated in a struggle of ancient and modern which crossed time itself, the sphinx’s feathers and the pages of a notebook mingling as they flutter away in the desert wind.

Denon employs all his new-found knowledge in the cause of the Republic:

Two legendary figures among them destroyed, it looked grim for the French, but the men believed in their leader.  Simple men from towns and villages, they had never dreamed that they would bear witness to battles of the Gods themselves.  Their beloved Bonaparte had brought them far, and their belief was strong.  Strengthened by this, Napoleon charged forth at Horus, his power resolute, there was a clash and blinding light, Horus was destroyed, banished into the blue oblivion. 

The French turned upon the dismayed remnants of the ancient Egyptian force as the wavered and backed away.  A giant cobra slithered from the palm-fronded gloom, but was cut down in a crashing volley of musket fire that rang among the rocky hills like the thunderous bells of Notre Dame.

Their voices cast to heaven in an alien amalgam of ancient Egyptian and the ear-splitting buzz of angry insects, Horus reappeared at the foot of the stone Pharoah-head and sent his rage forth as a blinding light which momentarily appeared to dim even the sun-seared sands.   

Horus makes his final stand...

A grimace upon his face, Napoleon cantered forward, angry at the impertinence of this dusty deity whose stubborn resilience would stand in the way of his dreams of Empire.    Urged by his adoring troops, once more he struck at the Hawk-God, once more rocks were shattered and dust vortices swirled up.  As had been prophesized by the dead Savant, a great victory would be won this day:  For a final time Horus was broken, his ancient powers swept aside by the righteous will of the modern titan Bonaparte. 

Disheartened, the terrified followers of Horus fled into the desert, and a weary cheer echoed around the broken temple as powder-smoke drifted into the sunset.

With another victory, Napoleon dreams of immortality


A new twist on Osprey Games’ Of Gods And Mortals* at Perth Miniatures Gamers Group the other night.  This time Napoleon’s Egyptian expedition encountered an angry Egyptian war band of Horus, dismayed at the violation the sacred temple.  The Egyptians were played by my brother Anthony.

Great fun. We will have to see what other forces are encountered by the French as they odyssey ever further from their distant homeland.

*Author's Note:  These rules are not the normal fare of the Age of the Big Battalions board, but are placed here at the behest of the moderators.  This report thus falls through the cracks a little - OGAM discussion normally takes place over at Age of Myths, Gods and Empires.  Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy a little fantastical diversion.


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Re: Of Gods and Mortals AAR - Napoleon in Upper Ægypt
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2019, 08:38:33 AM »

Inspired idea! Loved every moment of it.

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Re: Of Gods and Mortals AAR - Napoleon in Upper Ægypt
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2019, 09:45:37 AM »
Fantastic concept for a game and beautifully executed, well done chaps

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Re: Of Gods and Mortals AAR - Napoleon in Upper Ægypt
« Reply #3 on: April 15, 2019, 01:58:39 AM »
That was a pretty cool idea. I'm looking forward to the adventure.  Thanks for posting.

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Re: Of Gods and Mortals AAR - Napoleon in Upper Ægypt
« Reply #4 on: April 15, 2019, 09:45:15 PM »
I would play this   :-*

But sir.. those shakos weren't introduced for the next decade  lol

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Re: Of Gods and Mortals AAR - Napoleon in Upper Ægypt
« Reply #5 on: April 16, 2019, 01:10:59 AM »
But sir.. those shakos weren't introduced for the next decade  lol


Thanks for all the kind comments, fellow LAFfers.  OGAM is all a bit of a lark:  same basic rules engine as Song of Drums and Shakos, but with the mythological bits thrown in.  Anything to get the figures on the table, eh?!

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Re: Of Gods and Mortals AAR - Napoleon in Upper Ægypt
« Reply #6 on: April 17, 2019, 03:21:22 PM »
 :o :o :o Excellent, and superbly unusual!  lol :-*

Thanks for posting!