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Author Topic: A Couple of HOTT Games  (Read 263 times)

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A Couple of HOTT Games
« on: July 07, 2019, 07:51:06 PM »
Two Games of HOTT

As you read through this post you will find one of the reasons, I like HOTT so much – ANY two armies can oppose each other and still make for a fun game. Thus, in the first game you will see my Zulu War British army taking on Paul Potter’s Danes.

My British Zulu army was created for the rules Paul and I wrote called HOTE (Hordes of the Empire), so it was easy to make it into a standard HOTT army. However, it was not the most balanced army and were I to do it again, I would structure it differently, for example Chard and Bromhead as a Hero element.  But it was still a fun game.

Only have this one picture of this game taken from Paul’s side, so you can see his Danes lined up against the Thin Red Line!!!

Unfortunately, as the game progressed the thin red line got thinner and thinner, until it was Isandlwana all over again and the Danes took the victory 6 to 12!!!

The next game felt a little more balanced, but turned out to be a very close-run thing! Paul kept his same army and as the defender in both games also set the terrain, so it too was the same for this game as well. I decided to field another army I’d not used in a while – my Ghost Riders in the Sky army, based on the song and the Johnny Cash Video.


It might have gone much differently had Paul not lost his general so early in the game, but the die gods were with me on that one! Had I not lost more points than he, that would have ended the game, but twas not the case so the slugfest continued. All was not lost on that small victory and he was now required an extra pip to make any moves so the most moves he could get in any bound was 3.

Looking from the right flank of the Dane’s line toward the Ghost Riders.

And looking from the left flank.

Two elements of the Red Eye’d Cows (played as Behemoths) putting the whammy on two elements of Dane Blades.

Here’s a broader view of the engagement taken from the Snoopy Blimp.  Those familiar with HOTT will see that win or lose some Danes were going to be heading home on their shields. Either I take out the two Blade elements by winning, or I take out the element to the rear of my cows if I lose and they have to recoil. As it turned out, I did lose the first round, but then went back and also took out the two Blade elements – so, they took out 3 Blade elements in two bounds.

Another view of the Red Eye’d Cows doing their thing against another element of Blades!

The game was indeed a real slugfest and we got down to 10 points each, with a win only two points away for either of us. And it was not a gimme for either of us. Paul had lost his general early on and I lost my two heavy Hitters – Ghost Rider (Hero) and the lone cowboy (Knight). However, in the end the Ghost Riders took the win, which if truth be told seemed like luck and at the same time, a Pyrrhic Victory.

This ended the day and it was good to go home with at least one win. The local guys are truly great gentlemen and so fun to game with that it’s always a pleasant time.


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Re: A Couple of HOTT Games
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2019, 06:23:38 AM »
Thanks for Terry  :D

I always enjoy reading your battle reports!