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Author Topic: 15mm Pirates Adventures  (Read 1280 times)

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Re: 15mm Pirates Modular table - Trading Post module completed
« Reply #15 on: September 18, 2019, 02:12:26 AM »
Glad to see you have revitalised this project; I look forward to your jungle modules.

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Re: 15mm Pirates Modular table - Trading Post module completed
« Reply #16 on: September 21, 2019, 05:25:32 PM »
Posted by: FifteensAway
on: 14 September 2019, 13:46:57
Continue to enjoy watching your project develop.  Looking forward to more.  You have lots of nice street clutter but I think you will need about three to five times more than you have now!   lol   Don't forget a little bit of greenery here and there - besides the anticipated jungle.

A big city mean for me no jungle, and a big jungle will be no city. I want both, so it will be a sample. The Low Quarter is cobblestone, I plan to add a little green between some stones, but nothing more. Poor working people always make a mess, and cobblestone is easy to wash (did you think of the dirt made by a poor crushed under a noble's horse?). Greenery is reserved to the High Quarter. The tavern module will have a small garden (with a wall around, in case of those pesky plebs would steal the flowers  ;D).

As I like to use RPG rules to play tabletop game, the action can be set in a smaller space. Kind of a zoom on a scene, opposed to a large table where you have a panoramic view. The games will occur on one or two modules only, the other modules like a visual background. Pro of the tabletop rules: simplicity and big games - Con: limited panel of actions, defined by the rules. Pro of the RPG rules: do what you want as action, and roll for the test - Con: hundreds of pages of rules and smaller encounters.

Well, not worked a lot on this (been busy hosting a Ranger of Shadow Deep game). I made the plans for the city fortress and a jungle fort, 1:1 scale. The fortress will be made with 5mm depron sheet and is planned to be used mainland/coastal/island.

Once upon a time, when Legend of the High Seas was alive, I made a map with a free mapping software -  as a campaign support. Took back the idea and the original design, improved it a little and made it with ink and colour crayons. Isla Muerte, the Caribbean jewel. Disputed by the Portugese/Spanish/French/Cannibal/Hollandese/English, this generic island will have all the stereotypes. Small coves for smugglers huh.... honest businessmen, swamps inhabited by fierce mosquitoes (insects or indians), deep jungles and so on.


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Re: 15mm Pirates Adventures
« Reply #17 on: October 03, 2019, 09:10:51 PM »
I just destroyed the modules. They weren't modular enough.  :'( I forgot why I stopped this kind of table a few years ago: small scenery elements serve more purpose. Unglued the houses, and added them to the fantasy stock. About thirty printed houses and twenty resin home-made houses. I will make elevation plates, with cobblestone engraved, to break the flatness monotony. Getting rid of the modular concept allow for more "organic" towns, curved and labyrinthine roads.

The jungle modules planned are to be made on smaller bases, usable on different setup (I play fantasy, modern imagi-nation or sci-fi). Already some of them prepared.
@FifteensAway: Over jealous of your naval game  :-* , ashamed of my tiny small boats, I ordered some Constructo ships at 1/100 scale. Not the wooden kind, with real plank to curve with heat (I made a few of them), but the easy kind - plastic hulls. They should look more like yours. Cut the hull at the waterline, repainted the hull (original colour was fluo bright red, like a distress beacon).

Play test of the Pavillon Noir rules. Played as a tabletop game, with extended gameplay. The system is simple, a character have basic stats that will never move (if you are weak, you stay weak), and evolving skills. The stat give a target number, for the dice roll to be equal or under, and the capacity is the number of die to roll. Ten sided dice are used for known skill, twelve or twenty sided for the other skills. Each good roll is a success, the number of success give the overall appreciation of the task. Fight are fun, roll my number of dice against the opponents die, count the success/critical hits and failure. Critical failure with "fencing" skill can be a win. Roll the dice for the location (arms, legs, torso...) and apply damages.

The little solo story.
Three adventurers, a noble, a buccaneer, a merchant on a ship travelling to Isla Muerte archipelago. The winds are not fair, water and food are low. The ships is in land sight, the captain send the adventurers on an island. The merchant spend the game trying to build a fishing line, failing each time. The buccaneer go hunt a peccary, but the musket shot misfire, then succeed but fail to field dress the carcass. The noble is lost in the jungle and face a monkey. His "survival" skills isn't enough to find a small water pond. Cannibals are near, and they fail their "vigilance" test to detect the noble.
The rules are a little Savage Worlds flavored, and smooth to play. For solo, I add the Free Universal RPG system as a game master to add surprises.

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Re: 15mm Pirates Adventures
« Reply #18 on: October 04, 2019, 04:38:21 AM »
A bit startled by your 'act of destruction' but seems you have a plan forward.  No need to be jealous.  Your goal seems a small game while mine was a massive undertaking that dragooned in at least pairs of hands for a club project game - I just was the financier as it were, buying in all the "toys".  Could never have done it in the time frame without all the help.  Will continue to watch what develops.