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February 27, 2020, 07:34:50 PM

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Author Topic: Nashville Leg of the 2019 GBnUIT  (Read 103 times)

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Nashville Leg of the 2019 GBnUIT
« on: October 27, 2019, 07:56:13 PM »
Despite the gray. gloomy day and rain, the Nashville Leg of the 2019 Good, Bad and Ugly International HOTT Tournament was held yesterday with ten players vying for the top honors.

Front: Steve Deppen, Kristie Gunter (did not play), Chris Edmunds. Middle: Bob Gunter, Joe Collins, Paul Potter Back: David Crenshaw, Dave Cliffel, Jim Deppen and Ed Dillon. Scott Gray not pictured.

I threw in a little twist that I booted off of one of the other Legs just to add a little fun to the event – once the boards were set for the first game, that is how they remained for all three rounds. I then had each team draw for the board they would play on in the second and third round. However, the attacker was still able to roll for the side they wanted. Surprisingly two boards were set with rivers!

The Good

Chris Edmunds – Picts
Bob Gunter – American Myth and Colonial
Dave Cliffel – Frozen
Joe Collins – Elves
Paul Potter – Oswald of Northumbria 638 AD

The Bad

Ed Dillon – Picts
Steve (Stevil) Deppen – Skurvy Skellies
Scott Gray - LotR Southron
David Crenshaw – Stygians
Jim Deppen – Waagh Unktanna (Orcs)

Pictures of the action

In my book,  everyone was a winner.

Joe Collins – 29 points
Steve Deppen - 24 points
Jim Deppen – 16 points (Jim and David Crenshaw were tied, but Jim had fewer losses than David)
David Crenshaw – 16 points
Paul Potter – 15 Points
Ed Dillon – 14 points
Chris Edmunds – 11 points
Dave Cliffel – 9 points
Scott Gray - 7 points
Bob Gunter – 3 points

The Bad squeaked out a win 66 to 63.

As this tournament originated from my wanting to assault my friends with a surprise army I had been working on (Dracula), it has become a tradition for me to try and have a new surprise army each year (even though I prefer not to play). This year I decided to have some fun and offered a small prize for the one who guessed what the army was. So, over the weeks I was working on it I dropped several hints that really gave no clue at all. At the tournament I kept giving clues and when I mentioned that my god element was Huitzilopochtli, they honed in on it and Bob Gunter made the winning guess – Aztecs. His prize was a Vallejo detail brush. Here is a list of the guesses.

David Crenshaw won last years Best Stronghold Award for the overall tournament so I presented him with his trophy, kindly donated by Bob Beattie (Leg Coordinator for the Mid-West Leg). It was a cleaver metal sculpture of a cowboy as a one-armed bandit. Thanks Bob!

Then it was on to the prize winners. I was very excited with this year’s prizes, and owe a tremendous thanks to friend Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Bestselling Post-Apocalyptic author for kindly helping me with signing some of his books. I am a big fan of Nick’s works, having read everything he’s written – so if you want some good reads, and lots of ideas for HOTT armies or skirmish gaming, you can’t go wrong reading his works.

Joe Collins took first place, receiving the complete 7 volume set of the Extinction Cycle series plus his choice of one of four bottles of wine (hard to be a good book and enjoy a nice glass of wine with it).

Steve Deppen took second place. Receiving a complete set of Nick’s Hell Divers series (not including book VI due out November 5th) and his choice of the remaining three bottles of wine.

Jim Deppen took third place honors and received the first books in the Hell Divers series and the first book in the Extinction Cycle series, plus a bottle of wine. Two things to note here – first I’m pretty sure we must have been having an earthquake as this picture is a little blurred (no, not really- the earthquake, not the blur). And second, Jim had never played HOTT before, but is a DBMM player so he had a good grasp of the mechanics - obviously.

Bob Gunter pulled off the Rear Guard win, receiving the first volume in the Extinction Cycle series and the remaining bottle of wine.

Not to leave the remaining players out, they went home with a patch based on one of Nick’s books.  And, Nick book marks were available also.

All copies of books were signed by Nick, with the first volume of each series dedicate to the tournament! My very sincere thanks Nick!!!!

I thought it was a great afternoon, and as always love seeing the creativity of the armies that players bring. I was especially impressed with Bob Gunter’s American Myth and Colonial Army, and his very creative alligator cannon based on the “Battle of New Orleans” song by Johnny Horton.

My apology it’s a little blurred but you get the idea.

With that the day came to a close with some fellowship among some who stayed, but now it’s time to jump into getting the 20220 GBnUIT up and running. There are still many Legs of this years tournament to go and we’ll be posting reports on them as well. We’ll also be posting the 2020 theme later in November as well, so get ready and plan to join in!


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