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December 12, 2019, 11:31:44 PM

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Author Topic: (WANTED) GW Dark Vengeance Chaos Cult Models + GW Chaos Marine helmets and bits.  (Read 144 times)

Offline FreakyFenton

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Heya, does anyone have anything he'd like to part with from the Dark Vengeance box? I particularly look for the cultists that were included, but I'd also be happy about any other Chaos model from the box.

Apart from that I'd also be happy to trade Mongoose Judge Dredd Minis, Bolt Action or Project Z Special Forces frames for any applicable minis named above.
Or pay for them after coming to a price both aprties are happy with!  :D
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PM sent  :)
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Offline FreakyFenton

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Thanks! Received and replied! Still looking for cultists however in case people still mean to send offers  :D ;)