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Author Topic: 'The Robber Knights - PART DEUX', a (long) Medieval battle report. Many pics. P8  (Read 17977 times)

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That is a beautiful table.  Are the trees permanently affixed to the board?  I've wanted to try and sink a tube into the board that a tree could mount in or be removed from as needed for the game.
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just beautiful!!! :-*
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Thanks :)

That is a beautiful table.  Are the trees permanently affixed to the board?  I've wanted to try and sink a tube into the board that a tree could mount in or be removed from as needed for the game.

No, they're just spiked in.
Drill the tree trunk out by a couple of cm, insert (and superglue in place) a length of 'spear' wire (or even just a decapitated pin for small trees), and hey presto - jab them into the styrofoam terrain boards wherever you want them. This works perfectly with Woodland Scenics plastic trees - of which I have lots. As long as you can get a fine drill up through the tree trunk, you're away. But this wouldn't work with wire bottle brush type trees. Or not easily at any rate.

To answer your next question (:)) yes, you do eventually end up with a squillion tiny holes all over your terrain, but a/ I tend to reuse the same holes repeatedly, b/ they're almost invisible anyway (unless you're looking for them), and c/ if a hole gets too 'loose' or visually obtrusive, I just fill it in with a tiny dab of groundwork paste and retouch the paintwork, or stick a bit of foliage over it.

The slight disbenefits of having tiny pinholes in parts of the terrain (obviously this technique doesn't work on the hillsides where I've built them up with a substrata of rock-hard wall filler) are greatly outweighed by the benefits of being able to plant a forest, copse, orchard or a lone tree wherever you want to. And have them look like they're growing, rather than on ugly bases.

Offline rumacara

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Lovely game, miniatures and terrain. :-* :-* :-*

Offline Mad Lord Snapcase

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Absolutely lovely looking game, figures, terrain, everything!   :-*

lunchtime trip to the brewery for beer and pizza

Wargaming heaven!   :-*   :-*

Offline skip

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a visually stunning game, transported almost to a movie like scenario, i enjoyed reading it very much thanks


Offline Keith

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Just brilliant! This, right here, is what itís all about.
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If you want "magic" the mutations from Wasteland Warriors or the few spells in Tales of Horror will work for now. We have a 3 part Fantasy set coming out next year (fingers crossed), the first book will be the Medieval Combat part. You can stop with that and just have straight up Middle Ages battles or you can get the next two that add Magic and then fantastical beasts and their underground lairs.
Enough of a commercial break, I return you to your regularly scheduled thread.

great stuff, thanks.

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Thankyou so much for posting. The table is superb. Well played all round. Cheered up a dreary work afternoon
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Really fantastic looking game!,

Offline Nordic1980s

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What a visual feast! Sounds like it was pretty fun too!

Offline Captain Blood

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Thanks everyone for the interest and comments  :)

Thought it might be of additional interest to show you how a faction is set up - in this case my De Brassey contingent.

As you can see, the leader, Sir Renaud, has a cornucopia of additional traits (there are about 50 to choose from in the FFOL core rules).
He automatically gets the leader trait.
And as a leader he can then select three additional traits.
Plus if he takes a negative trait as well (drunkard, in this case) he can take an additional positive trait to offset it!
AND he gets the team trait, shared by all the characters in his faction.

This means Sir Renaud has no less than SEVEN traits, including the negative one. This does become quite difficult to keep track of. You have to remember to call on all these traits during the hurly-burly of the gameplay - which requires more than a little concentration  ::)
(The negative trait - drunkard - didn't do him any harm at all in the first game, because on the first turn he drew a card which allowed him to shake off his drunk 'wound' straightaway. In the second game however, he didn't get this opportunity, so was already carrying minuses to movement and combat when he was attacked by Sir Ronald De Barker and instantly killed - although to be fair, that was mainly down to a mahoosive differential on the dice roll).

At the other end of the scale, if you opt to take a trio of D8 'grunts' in place of one of your D10 'regulars', they get only one trait, plus the team trait. Obviously I opted to beef them up by giving them the 'brute' trait, which pushes them up a dice rank in hand to hand combat.
'Grunts' also die on their first and only wound, whereas regulars, specialists and leaders can take three wounds.

Aylward is the team specialist, so can take two traits, plus the team trait. Obviously, as a bowman, he has taken two of the available traits that enhance a shooter figure.

The big space on each card is to place wound, shock, reload and any other markers - I hate a confetti of tacky plastic counters littering the wargames table top. So all such things are recorded on the off-table card, rather than next to the in-play figure itself.

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Offline SteveBurt

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Fabulous layout - I can hear the birds singing on a fine spring morning as the action unfolds!

Offline Dr. Zombie

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Well I hope you bas***ds are happy with yourselves! This thread has broken down my resolve and i bought both rules and cards.

As if I am in need of a new project...