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Author Topic: Dark Uprising campaign  (Read 1271 times)

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Dark Uprising campaign
« on: January 03, 2020, 05:17:00 AM »
This was the first day of our fourth Necromunda campaign. We are doing the Dark Uprising campaign. I will be posting a newsletter with some battle reports in it eventually but here are some pics.

We have 9 players and 1 arbitrator (me.)

The gangs are:


3x Enforcer gangs


Dark Cawdor

The first night we had 2 of the enforcer gangs and the GSC gang vs. Dark Cawdor, the Venators and Delaque.

Chaos is ahead 4 games to 1.

You can see more pictures as well as a bit of narrative here:


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Re: Dark Uprising campaign
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2020, 05:50:15 AM »
Some more pics:

The scenarios for the first day were as follows:

Ben (Delaque) vs. Danny (GSC):  During the time of the general uprising the Golden Dawn mining operation is one of the few organizations to continue to run at near normal efficiency.  The Delaques have seen which way they think the wind is blowing and have thrown in with the rebellious faction.  Their plan is to capture the mass lifter that is hauling the ore from the mines to the upper levels of the hive so that the rebels have another route of access to spread their rebellion. 

Playing The Conveyer scenario from the Book of Peril page 82.  The GSC are the defenders. 

Vince (Venators) vs. Dean (Enforcers): Prior to the initial stages of the uprising confusion was sown among the supply chains of the loyalist forces and a number of shipments of ammunition were diverted to rebels before the authorities realized what was going on.  Small groups of Enforcers have been put on the track of these shipments by a Vanus assassin who deciphered the misinformation placed in the adminstratum's logs. 

Playing the Search and Destroy scenario from the Book of Ruin page 60.  The Venators are the defenders. 

Dylan (Dark Cawdor) vs. Kevin (Enforcers):  Information gathered by the Vanus assassin revealed that the origins of the uprising were among some members of the Corpse Guild. The Vanus identified some of the lead agitators.  Raids by police forces have been successful in capturing some members of the Corpse Guild suspected of fomenting revolution. This is one such raid. 

Playing the Hit and Run scenario from the Book of Ruin page 58.

Second round

Dylan (Dark Cawdor) vs. Dean (Enforcers):  After a few successful raids on groups of insurgents the authorities need to make some examples.  One of the noted rebel agitators is going to be executed.  To prove their dedication to the resistance and hopefully earn the loyalty of the new power in town the Delaques have determined that they will rescue the prisoner before the police can do away with him (or her, woman can be just as dedicated to the destruction of humanity as men.)

Playing the Public Execution scenario from the Book of Ruin page 68.

Vince (Venators) vs. Kevin (Enforcers):  Food is an essential part of maintaining the struggle. While supplies are still coming from outside the hive for the forces of order the rebels are dependent on their own resources.  One key strategy the authorities are using to end the rebellion is to deprive them of their meat rations.  A Corpse Guild caravan is trucking supplies from one refinery to their allied forces.  The Enforcers decide to capture this caravan and destroy the supplies before they reach the rebels.  A venator gang has been hired to protect the caravan at all costs.

Playing the Caravan heist scenario from the Rulebook page 168.

Winners in bold in each scenario. 

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Re: Dark Uprising campaign
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2020, 11:06:51 PM »
Nice write up and very nice photo's of the action.

How much terrain are you folks throwing down for the games?

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Re: Dark Uprising campaign
« Reply #3 on: January 06, 2020, 03:43:32 AM »
The answer is typically as much as possible. 

To give you an idea here are two of the gaming tables.

The one in the front here is the conveyer scenarios.  So you move the middle piece and plop it into the next board and then move all the terrain over when the platform moves in the game.  Fortunately it only moved once in that game.

The board beyond that is a 2x4' table.  It had more terrain in the previous scenario but I took out some of the Spook spines as they were doing an execution scenario and that seemed to be a bit out of bounds.

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Re: Dark Uprising campaign
« Reply #4 on: January 06, 2020, 07:38:09 PM »
Rules and scenarios for Week 2

First up Chaos is in the Ascendancy so that means that all of you have to pick a terrain  piece and it gets ruined.  If you have a gang you can't pick your settlement.  If you are a cop you can't pick your precinct fortress.  If you are a good guy then you can't pick your Chaos Fane.

And since Chaos is in the Ascendancy all wargear for your gang attempting to be bought will have the Rare (7) special rule if it is 20 pts or under, Rare (8) if it is over 20 and 50 or under, Rare (9) if it is over 50 and 100 or under and Rare (10) if it is over 100 pts.  You will be permitted to roll for each piece of equipment you would like to buy for your gang once.  If you roll for a piece, because of the increasing scarcity of equipment, you have to buy it.  This comes into play AFTER the games you play on Thursday night. 

Ben (Delaque) vs. Anthony (Cawdor) When efforts by the authorities failed so completely to crush the uprising at the jump off point violence has flared across the Underhive.  Many gangs were left leaderless or were simply decimated in the chaos leaving a number of fighters without direction.  House Cawdor has seen this as an opportunity to grow their base and reinforce the teachings of the Imperial Cult to resist the powers of Chaos.  The Delaques, even more siding with the rebels now that they appear to be winning, decides to use their special skills to bring more fighters to the side of the Rebellion.  The Dude and the Catastrophe has become a gathering place for these lost souls and that is where the two groups have gone to do their recruiting.

Playing the Propaganda Scenario from the Book of Ruin page 64.  It will be using the Blood for the Blood God Hand of Chaos rules, so taking out opponents in close combat will net fighters an extra 1 XP.  Also note that Ben has a gang rating of 910 and Anthony has 800 so Ben will use 2 tactics cards and Anthony will get 3.

Nick (gobbos) vs. Kevin (enforcers)  Left far afield with the power of the authority collapsing all around them a group of enforcers find themselves without a good means of return to safe ground.  They decide on a route through a more or less abandoned part of the hive only to find that it is actually the home of a group of Xenos.  Scurying around just at the edge of sight the grots gather until they believe they have enough force to tackle the officers. 

Playing the Hunt them Down scenario from the Book of Ruin page 72 with the Grots being the attacker and the enforcers being the defender. The Gnawing Hunger Hand of Chaos results are in effect for this game, so both crews select one fighter to be subject to the starvation rules. 

Dylan (Dark Cawdor) vs. Phil (enforcers)  The majority of the Cornelius Dome has been lost to the Rebels.  Surrounded and outnumber by their enemies Helmawr's forces need to escape to more friendly ground.  To do so they must cross the Hellespontine Bridge.  However even that is in the hands of rebel forces.  While the majority of the government forces hold back the traitors a small group of enforcers have been dispatched to take the bridge before the rebels can consolidate their position there.  This will prevent a significant portion of government forces from being destroyed in the Dome.

Playing the Toll Bridge scenario from the Book of Peril page 86.  Due to the toxic effects of the river near the battlefield (I guess) this game will be subject to the Rotting Meat Hand of Chaos result.  Fighters succumb to serious injuries on a 1-3 rather than just a 1-2 at the end of the game.

Vince (Venators) vs. Danny (GSC) vs. Dean (enforcers)  As more and more of the underhive falls to anarchy different groups try to find any safe place to hide.  During some of the fighting an explosion cleared a debris pile that hid an entrance to a forgotten dome.  Upon its discovery other ways inside were sought out and found.  Now three groups, weary of the fighting, are trying to find a safe place to wait it out for a bit.  Unfortunately they are going to have to fight for peace. 

Playing the War in the Shadows scenario from page 90 of the Book of Ruin.  This scenario will also use the Gnawing Hunger Hand of Chaos result.

I'm guessing that since Danny only got one game in last time he will probably have the lowest gang rating here.  If that is the case he will get 3 tactics cards while Dean and Vince will get two each. 

These all strike me as being potentially longer scenarios so they may take the whole time. 

If not what we will do is play a modified version of our old friend the Sabotage Scenario from page 132 of the main Rulebook.  The first gangs that finish their game will start playing that and then as games are finished we will add those gangs into the scenario.  The forces of chaos are trying to destroy a communications array that is key to the authorities coordinating their response to the uprising.  The forces of order from the first game to finish will be the defenders in this scenario and the forces of Chaos will be the attackers.  As gang finish their games they will be added into the battle.  The communications array will be a precinct house.  Forces will be added to the battle until the battle ends, by removing all of the attackers or defenders at the end of a turn, or the communication device is destroyed. The game will count as a number of victories equal to the number of gangs participating on the LOSING side. 

So if there are 3 order gangs and 2 chaos gangs and order loses it will count as 3 Chaos victories.  The BFTBG Hand of Chaos result will be in effect for this battle, Khorne being especially pleased at the close quarter spilling of blood in his enemies home turf. 

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Re: Dark Uprising campaign
« Reply #5 on: January 07, 2020, 06:56:18 PM »
Very cool. So youre running a game a week then? How long are you guys planning on going? Cant' wait to see more pics

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Re: Dark Uprising campaign
« Reply #6 on: January 11, 2020, 09:29:45 AM »
We are going to have 3 weeks in the first phase.  A week break and then 3 weeks in the Damnation phase so 7 total weeks. Each week the players will play 1-2 games depending on how quickly they can get the games in.

Chaos won again in week 2 with two wins, one loss and a tie.

Here are some pictures:

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Re: Dark Uprising campaign
« Reply #7 on: January 15, 2020, 02:29:27 AM »
evin and Dean (Enforcers) vs. Ben (Delaques)  After the trouble that occurred in the Dude and the Catastrophe many have been looking to get their hands on the bounty offered by Cornelius.  Even the authorities are not immune to this, each man hoping to get his hands on some precious credits while they are still worth anything.  Some do this with the hopes of not having to fight to get new ammunition and equipment while they are cut off from government supplies, others are just looking for some quick money to buy a space on a transport out of what looks to be a doomed hive city.

Play the Hit scenario from the main Rulebook page 180.  The Delaque gang are the defenders. Note that the two enforcer gangs will act as one gang for purposes of the scenario.  They have Custom selection D3+5 so they will be able to take 6-8 models from BOTH gangs not each gang. This uses the Manufactorum Shortages Hand of Chaos result.  Note that the increased cost will also affect the rare value of items. 

Anthony (Cawdor) vs. Vince (Venators) The Delaques were not the only ones caught up in the fracas in the Dude and the Catastophe.  While the Cawdor gang involved largely escaped as much attention as their opponents due to the authorities resources being strained, there are still some gangs loosely aligned with the rebels that would like to see a share of the money involved.

Play the Ambush scenario from the main Rulebook page 128.  If the Venators kill or capture any Cawdor models (not take out of action but actually kill them) they get 2d6x 10 credits for each one killed or captured. If none are killed or captured the Cawdor gets 2 Reputation in addition to the scenario rewards. This scenario uses the Gnawing Hunger Hand of Chaos result.

Danny (GSC) vs. Dylan (Dark Cawdor)  As the influence of chaos spreads, gangs that had just been subversive now find themselves starting to be swayed towards more heretical thought.  The gangs, once introduced to some of the darker mysteries, saw a potential new and powerful weapon to use against their enemies. At Quad Angle mining the same psychic abilities that direct their quest for precious metals is also sensitive to the incursion of the warp.  They have alerted allied and employed gangs to the presence of a psychic aura growing and sent them to find it and destroy it.

Play the Ritual scenario from the Book of Ruin page 74.  The GSC are the attackers. This uses the Dark Dreams Hand of Chaos result. 

Phil (Enforcers) vs. Scott (CGC)  With the growing anarchy attacks by the minions of the ruinous powers have become bolder.  One such group has launched an assault on an Enforcer stronghold and to keep them from the Precinct fortress the enforcers have met the enemy on the streets, more men arming up and joining the fray as the battle rages on.

Play the Blood Rites scenario from the Book of Ruin page 76.  The CGC gang are the attackers.  This uses the Dark Dreams Hand of Chaos result. 

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Re: Dark Uprising campaign
« Reply #8 on: January 15, 2020, 01:16:57 PM »
Awesome pictures. the beautiful terrain certainly makes a difference!

And is that a/The Mandalorian I've spotted in the second last picture of your first post? ;)
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Re: Dark Uprising campaign
« Reply #9 on: January 15, 2020, 11:34:01 PM »
Thanks. We had a few of the players bring terrain for the last set of games so we had a lot of options. 

There is a Star Wars themed gang of Venators in the campaign. 


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Re: Dark Uprising campaign
« Reply #10 on: January 16, 2020, 04:43:37 AM »
Those look like they were fun games.  Love the heavy terrain.
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Re: Dark Uprising campaign
« Reply #11 on: January 17, 2020, 11:32:52 PM »
The players seemed to enjoy them. 

This week people seemed to have more fun.  Here are some pics of the games this week.

Corpse Grinders vs. Cops. 

This was probably the least fun game of all.  The players were able to switch sides after a short game and play another one with a different scenario with the same result.  The Corpse Grinders got slaughtered, mostly because you can shoot them pretty effectively with blast weapons and the cops get a lot of those.  All you need to do is pin them and they are pretty useless.  In the first game the CGs managed to kill one copper and all three gangers ran away after the initiates went out of action.

In the second game they were only able to seriously injure one of the police before being vanquished. 

It was an 800 pt CG gang against an enforcer gang that has been in the campaign for 2 weeks already though so that may have played a part.

This was the Cawdor vs. the Venators.  The Cawdor were chewed apart pretty quickly but did manage to get 3 guys off the table and it came down to one last guy who was trying to crawl off seriously injured.  He took fire from every venator on the table and survived but succumbed to his injuries in the end phase right before crawling behind cover from everyone and possible escape. 

By all accounts it was a pretty exciting game. 

This was the longest game.  Dark Cawdor vs. Genestealer Cults. They played the Ritual scenario and most of the gangers spent much of the game insane and shooting their own friends.  The part I watched saw two GSC gangers shoot their leader in one turn.  He failed to get wounded though. 

Overall Chaos came out ahead 2:1:1.  The Venators and Delaque defeated their opponents, while the Corpse Grinders went down to the police quite easily.  After 2 hours the GSC and the Dark Cawdor had battled each other to a stalemate.  The ritual was not completed but the Dark Cawdor could not be driven from the field.

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Re: Dark Uprising campaign
« Reply #12 on: January 18, 2020, 03:48:03 AM »
Lots of cool pictures.
Love them.
Thanks for sharing.
Semper Fi, Mac

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Re: Dark Uprising campaign
« Reply #13 on: January 24, 2020, 07:54:43 AM »
We had our break week in the campaign tonight so we did a big 40K tie-in game.

It was an Alpha Legion strike on a GSC mining facility.

More pics here:


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Re: Dark Uprising campaign
« Reply #14 on: January 24, 2020, 07:50:39 PM »
"I'll play it straight with you, mate.  Listen: when Alpharius tapped me on the shoulder it scared the piss out of me.  I looked behind me and all of a sudden there was this like 10 foot tall bloke standing there.  I've been near Goliaths, but this guy was much bigger. He was massively muscular but without so much bulk that it would slow him down, unlike the Goliaths.  He was just wearing a simple body suit with a surplice over it but you could see just about every muscle."

"He was bald and, you know even after seeing him multiple times I can't really describe his face to you.  It was just  . . . like a normal face you know.  A little squarer than a human face.  Crumbs, I don't know maybe they all look like that.  I only met Alpharius so it was tough to tell."

"He told me they needed us for summit and I wasn't going to say 'no' cos who would do that."

"Just seeing him there made me know I was on the right side, know wot I mean?  So I went and we came to a place and there were five of them.  They were all standing around in their armour so Alpharius almost looked small by comparison."


His interlocutor looked at Vrense with some concern.

"It's awright, mate.  Just a touch of pain on the insides.  I probably pulled something when I legged it.  I don't remember doing it though."

After regaining his composure Vrense went on.

"Sos they tell me what they're about and I'm on my way back to the lads to get them to come and help.  They wanted at least thirty of us and I once I tol my mate Flikers what was on we got forty."

"We met them and they had a crate that they kicked open and it was full of rebreathers. They tol us all to put one on and then they removed a panel on the wall and it was the side of the blinkin' hive.  The side of the hive!  They lowered us on a pulley system down to the ground below and we met some guard down there. I've only seen guard on parade and these weren't like them.  They were different. Like more spiky or summit."

"Anyways it was dark and we followed the guard chaps to where we saw a bunch of industrial equipment.  And all of it had the Four Angle mining logo on it."

"Well I've had a scrap or two with those bastards and I was more than happy to give 'em anuver go."

"I kept looking around for Alpharius and his lads but they wasn't to be seen.  All told there were about 60 of us.  Two of 'em were witches though and I know that that is supposed to be okay and all that but I still didn't like it, there were also some guys wearing rough looking robes that I couldn't get much of a look at but they were big and stayed away from the main group."

"We stopped by a hill and it was only when we got that close that I could see someone had dug a tunnel into the hill.  We were moved in and some of the guards men had lights on the back of their helmet.  Each one of them lead a group of about five behind them each watching the light to see where it went."

"Eventually we saw a big light in the distance and I could see that was the exit.  As we came out dawn was HNNGGGgggg."

Vrense was doubled over and the other man knelt beside him.  Soon Vrense put his hand up and straightened.

"Core blimey that was a rough one.  I recon maybe I ate something that is disagreeing with me."

"Anyway, dawn, oi, you hear that.  Dawn, I'm speaking like I spent my life out in the wastes. Ha.  So we came out by a huge landing pad and we started moving towards a large rig with a massive drill.  As we moved around the structures I could see some of the Alpha Legion guys in the shadows.  I think they wanted us to see them because they were pretty close to those miners and I don't think those bastards saw them."

"Someone gave a yell from some of the equipment and then things went bonkers."

"We moved forward less carefully now.  The guard had moved down the front side of the equipment while we moved to the back. Just then a truck moved across our path to block our reaching the drill.  I fired up at some of the miners who were on top of the rig with my auto gun while Flikers took his lads up to smash up the truck and some of the other boys went up to tackle some of the miners who were in the shadows under the rig."

"Then all of a sudden, right, there were Alpha Legion guys every where.  I could hear banging from above us and explosions ripped guys apart in the rig.  There were about 10 of them that came up behind us shooting their bolters at the rig."

"That is when I saw the ambot.  Some of the lads charged into it as it was in between them and the miners.  They hacked at it ferociously and it pulled a few of them apart with its claws, but that just seemed to make the lads madder and they piled in on it."

"The miners below the rig surged out then and they were the most lumpen, ugly things you've ever seen.  Even scavies ain't that ugly, my son."

"But they were strong and between them, the ambot and the truck it Flickers boys were cut to ribbons."

"I'm getting ahead of meself though.  I forgot about the smell.  It was like a wave that washed over us.  I heard this weird noise and before I could look up the smell hit me.  It was like Escher coochie.  Just this rancid smell, powerful but strangely invigorating.  And when I looked up I saw these beings that seemed to be made of a pink light.  They appeared in front of the Alpha Legion guys on the platform above us and green energy shot from their fingers and bathed the miners in front of them."

"I don't mind telling you that those miners up there are braver than me.  They sucked all of that up and the few that were left just ran across the open space between their own selves and those creature and went to town on them.  They were just using their tools and they ripped them a new one before being overwhelmed and slaughtered."

"I was still shooting the whole time.  As I reloaded I glanced about me each time.  It was madness I tell you."

"It was about that time that everything went tits up.  I saw the guard advancing on the rig from our right.  I could hardly see the further squad of them but I could see where their lasers were hitting but then they stopped all of a sudden."

"At this point the marines were attacking the tank and our lads had mostly backed away from the thickest of the stuff, although Flikers mate was still raving like a madman and swinging his cleavers all around daring both the lumpy miners and the ambot to come at 'im."

"Then the Astartes were gone.  Just gone.  I don't know how they moved so quickly but they just seemed to vanish.  The truck rumbled forwards, slightly damaged but not much the worse for wear.  It fired its guns into the remnants of Flikers crew and they just vanished in a thin red mist.  That is when I first saw them, these creatures, four armed and unbelievably fast.  The closer squad of guard were trying to get their bayonets out when they got hit by them.  One of them managed to douse a couple of the critters with burning promethium but it only hurt one of them.  The other one was a flaming alien monstrosity then.  They didn't seem to bother with the miners."

"That is when we ran.  We made straight for the tunnel to get the hell out of there.  We saw the two witches dead and bikers were on our right, shooting at us and then riding towards us.  Not half of us made it to the tunnel."

"I made it.  I was the first to make it.  I just ran.  I heard the screams behind me but never looked back.  I must have just gone on remote control at some point because I woke up next to the hive, exhausted and in pain but alive.  I hurt almost every . . ."

Vrense arched his back at that point.  His mouth opened into a perfect O but no sounds came out.  The man listening to him moved forward at first and then saw movement under the skin of his companion.  He stepped back still looking.  Vrense fingers splayed out and then his arms moved up and away from his body before he curled up hugging his chest.  At that point his companion had turned and was beginning to run but it was too late.