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Author Topic: Pulp Alley: extended perils  (Read 357 times)

Offline colgar6

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Pulp Alley: extended perils
« on: January 13, 2020, 09:34:12 PM »
I've just put up some ideas on more detailed classes of perils for Pulp Alley.  So far, there are 2 posts (sorry, no pictures):
I'd appreciate your thoughts.  Is this inspirational?  Too detailed?  A good idea that doesn't go far enough?

Hoping you find this useful,

Offline nandrin

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Re: Pulp Alley: extended perils
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2020, 11:48:07 AM »
It seems to me you are not familiar with the many scenarios  provided from Pulp Alley because most of your examples are already used in many of these, like The Wanderer or The Trap.

That said, I love those kind of perils and use it a lot in our own scenarios. Act of God is certainly something that I will not use often, but here and there such random perils are a lot of fun.

Your Predators are great, very useful!

Best Regards,

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Re: Pulp Alley: extended perils
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2020, 08:03:38 PM »
I've always considered Pulp Alley to be the tabletop rule-set equivalent of the old Unimat hobby power tools -- a little workstation you can configure to do just about any job you need to do to make something from scratch.  So, I offer you nothing but encouragement in innovating stuff and trying it out...I've been doing the same thing since I started.  If you like more detailed perils, go for them -- yours are very imaginative.
With regard to moving perils, I'm reminded that in the Vice Alley supplement, which introduced Bystanders and wandering, there were three types of wandering movement defined:  Random (moves in random direction, Cautious (moves away from closest character), and Stalking (moves towards closest character).  There was also an Aggressive trait, which expanded an individual peril to a 3" diameter one.  If you don't have Vice Alley, I strongly recommend it -- there is a treasure trove of stuff in it, including a non-violent combat system (for social affairs, nightclubs, and so on), and a complete locations system that will allow leagues to control news-stands, hotels, gyms, docks, bars, etc. for profit during the pregame resource phase.  This is great material you can add to your own campaigns.
Thanks for posting...very interesting stuff.