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September 23, 2020, 06:06:48 PM

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Author Topic: Suggestions for a Police station compatible with Sarissa Retro America/ TWD:AOW?  (Read 695 times)

Online Ultravanillasmurf

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    • Ultravanillasmurf
I have a number of Sarissa building from their The Walking Dead and Retro America ranges.

I wondered if anyone has any ideas on buildings suitable for a Police Station.

I did originally think that one of the Woodbury buildings would work, but it is not really workable.

Any suggestions?

Offline Dan55

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One of the square block buildings from their City Block range?

Online Ultravanillasmurf

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    • Ultravanillasmurf
Tweedy and May check out the suggestion. Tweedy's photonic spanner should make short work of the lock.

Sorry, what I should have mentioned was that I was after a building with a playable interior.

Woodbury house D is almost what I am after.
But the arrangement of the cells is not quite right, even for a small station - they are off the lobby which is too small to have a desk.

For an Assault on Precinct 13 style building I am after a reception/lobby with room for a desk; one or more offices, interview room; armoury; cells; rear entrance. Windows to all aspects would be good.

Size wise, about the same as the medium retail unit.

With some side windows to make it more difficult to sneak up on it.

I can just about assemble an MDF kit straight - adding a roller shutter door is about my limit for structural work.
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Offline Cypher226

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Offline commissarmoody

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A little pricy, but this is the black site studio police station. https://blacksitestudio.com/product/storer-city-police-station/
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Online Ultravanillasmurf

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Thanks, that Black Site building looks great, but a bit expensive.

TTCombat are scaled larger than any of the Sarissa ones.