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Author Topic: Escape! A Torn Liveries Battle Report  (Read 435 times)

Offline KarwickWingmaker

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Escape! A Torn Liveries Battle Report
« on: July 04, 2020, 04:14:07 PM »
This battle took place using Scenario #13 in One Hour Wargames
All characters in this battle report are fictional!

An ongoing border dispute between Edmund of Reedsdale and Gregory Bradie had come to a bloody head in Bradie’s raids upon Reedsdale’s villages. Reedsale received a message about the raid and hurriedly gathered his troops, sending a message to his brother Arthur to rush to the village that Bradie has been spotted raiding and hold him there, waiting for Edmund’s army to arrive.

Arthur arrived at the village in the early hours of the morning. The village seemed eerily quiet with no sign of the Bradie. Suddenly, Bradie’s entire force is spotted making theirr way through the village along the road to the gathehouse, the perfect bottleneck to hold the raiders. Arthur rushed his men at arms to the gatehouse in preparation for the expected frontal assault of Bradie’s men.

While Bradie moved his mounted men at arms to the cover of one of the buildings, Edmund of Reedsdale arrrived over the hill to the south of the village, along with his men at arms who took to the road and archers who made their way to the cover of  the wall before them.

The archery duel that would normally take place was thwarted due to the amount of cover available to both armies, making Reedsdale’s archers rather innefective as Bradie brought his men at arms forwards.

Richard Berwick, a captain under Bradie’s command, led his men at arms down the road toward the gatehouse guarded by the Reedsdale men at arms while his mercenary crossbowmen sprinted down the uncontested right flank.

More ineffective archery took place as both commanders positioned their troops, neither wanting to commit to combat and risk leaving themselves open to the enemy’s ranged attacks, not that it seemed like much of a risk at the time. Bradie, beginning to see that he would be a sitting duck unless he made a tactical change, rushed his cavalry back across the road hoping to get to where the mercenaries were holding the flank, being their best route to escape.

Finally, the rest of Reedsdale’s infantry arrived near the bend in the road, rushing to the right flank to prevent Bradie’s mercenaries from dominating the flank. The mercenaries recognised the threat and shot into the newly deployed unit, causing the first casualty of the battle.

Bradies men at arms were charged by Arthur‘s men at arms, but managed to cause a casualty and push them back toward the gatehouse. Arthur was then stuck between the two enemy leaders’ units, not an enviable position. He rushed mis men back to the gatehouse in time to not be totally overwhelmed by the enemy units before him.

Seeing Bradie’s mounted men at arms sweeping across the battlefield toward his infantry, Reedsdale brought his unit of men at arms to the wall in the hope of securing his left flank.

More relatively ineffective archery took place, with a casualty being caused to Bradie’s archers and to Reedsdale’s men at arms. Suddenly, battle took place over the gatehouse between the two units of men at arms under Arthur and Berwick.

Reedsdale, seeing Bradie’s cavalry preparing to charge his infantry, decided to attempt to rush the mercenaries before him, ordering his men at arms to climb over the wall.

Wham! Bradie’s cavalry smashed into both the infantry and Reedsdale’s men at arms, cutting down three of the infantry and pushing back the men at arms. Meanwhile, Arthur was wounded in the fighting over the gatehouse as his unit was once again pushed backwards down the road. It did not look too hopeful for Reedsdale.
Bradie’s cavalry took casualties as they pushed back the enemy further, forcing Reedsdale’s men to back away once more. This defeat had crushed the morale of the infantry holding Reedsdale’s left flank, which crumbled away as the men fled the battle.

Once Bradie’s cavalry swung round behind Reedsdale’s men at arms who were already fighting the mercenaries, it spelled the end. The entire unit of men at arms was crushed, and Reesdale himself was seriously wounded. The fact that Arthur had just slain Berwick and pushed through the gatehouse couldn’t help the dire situation, so Reedsdale surrendered.

Offline Admiral Alder

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Re: Escape! A Torn Liveries Battle Report
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2020, 08:14:48 PM »
Looking good!

I assume you're using Lion Rampant?

Offline KarwickWingmaker

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Re: Escape! A Torn Liveries Battle Report
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2020, 11:18:23 PM »
Looking good!

I assume you're using Lion Rampant?


No actually it’s my own set of rules called Torn Liveries (available, along with all of the supplements - some are works in progress -  for free here: https://orriblelittlemen.wordpress.com/downloads)

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Re: Escape! A Torn Liveries Battle Report
« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2020, 08:10:09 AM »
Fab looking game KarwickWingmaker  8) 8)

Offline KarwickWingmaker

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Re: Escape! A Torn Liveries Battle Report
« Reply #4 on: July 05, 2020, 02:06:52 PM »
Fab looking game KarwickWingmaker  8) 8)

Thanks very much!

More battle reports  to come soon hopefully  :)


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