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Author Topic: pimp your orc! kitbashed Orcs from all contributers (as suggested by Elk101)  (Read 3419 times)

Offline Padrissimus

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    • Big Small Worlds
Crossbow Orcs aka 'Bolters' ...

See my modelling post at https://bigsmallworlds.com/2017/07/10/crossbow-orcs-2/
My Tilean Campaign can be found at https://bigsmallworlds.com/

Offline Abbner Home

  • Scientist
  • Posts: 220
A pretty basic orc king, Bones orc on a D&D winter wolf with an Oathmark head and Reaper weapon. And my orc sapper team using Wargame Factory with custom tools and tools taken from FF fantasy peasant zombies (I forget the name of the kit).

Offline Rick W.

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Cool idea on the sappers.
Rick, The Grumpy Gnome


Offline Melnibonean

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Some great ideas here. It seems I'm pretty boring when it comes to orcs and I obviously need to lift my game.
Below is a link to my blog. It's the place where I write uninteresting things about little toy soldiers. I do this because I refuse to grow up and behave like an adult.


Offline Wilgut Spleens

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Finally got soem paint on these little guys! 24 done so far! all part of my new orc army " no two the same!"
I have a bad case of prescient nostalgia. The future's not what it used to be.


Offline Rick W.

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Brilliant work mate, they look great! I particularly like the one pointing.

Offline Neunfinger

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  • Posts: 223
They look fantastic!

Offline midismirnoff

  • Mad Scientist
  • Posts: 547
Lovely work, nice build and very consistent PJ!
Instagram profile: the_mediocre_wargamer

Offline Ingarsby73

  • Assistant
  • Posts: 32
Here's some of my motley Orcish collection for Middle Earth - mostly Oathmark goblins with Warlord heads, but there's some smaller ones made using Mantic bodies, and some Perry and Victrix parts in the mix.

Offline Rick W.

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    • The Grumpy Gnome
Some excellent kitbashing there! I have some Mantic goblin bodies set aside for just that kind of thing but have not gotten around to it yet.

Offline 3 fingers

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here is a thread where all can display their efforts! These are mostly Oathmark Goblins, Gripping Beast Saxon Thegns(great because they are small for 28mm) Victrix Vikings and Hasle free orc and goblin heads(great value)

I have just recieved some Atlantic Halflings and Eorwhan Orcs which I am hoping to combine to create Gobbos!!!
Second from top reminds me of the old gw orcs on a good way must admit these look suitably feral and vicious but with a man like body and not a ape like.👍

Offline Rick W.

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    • The Grumpy Gnome
I really should not have gotten distracted from my current to do list priorities but yesterday I felt inspired to finally put these together.... although I have no idea when I will be able to paint them.

Mantic goblin bodies and Oathmark goblin heads. A bit of greenstuff here and there to help hide problems. More greenstuff to do at some point I suspect.

I used some spare bits I have been hoarding to make a Druzhag proxy but was surprised to win an original Druzhag recently (painted by previous owner, I will make some modifications when I get the time). Still, I will find a use for my kitbashed version in a Moria Battle Company I think and use the original GW to be the actual Druzhag.

Offline Wilgut Spleens

  • Librarian
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    • The Miniature World of Wilgut Spleens
very nice! a bring yer own bat party! they look great and original too

Offline Rick W.

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Thanks mate. I think I might greenstuff a hood on my kitbashed one.

Offline Captain Blood

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My kitbashed orc horde grows... :)

Many more pics here:


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