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Author Topic: Bushido playing board  (Read 1438 times)

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Re: Bushido playing board
« Reply #15 on: August 05, 2020, 04:36:40 PM »
Love the rock/sand garden, great idea!

Offline BeneathALeadMountain

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Re: Bushido playing board
« Reply #16 on: August 05, 2020, 08:42:36 PM »
Looking great V. I think youíve done an excellent job on the bamboo (I always find it jarring to see very plastic looking plants amongst carefully painted miniatures and scenery) especially as a self proclaimed airbrush novice.

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Offline The Voivod

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Re: Bushido playing board
« Reply #17 on: August 09, 2020, 02:55:44 PM »

Itís been hard to motivate myself the last days, due to extreme weather.
But I do want to finish this.
Iíve managed to figure out the water effect on my side project. So thatís not really an excuse to finish this anymoreÖ
I still have to figure out how to enclose the sides of the board, so the resin doesnít pour out. Iíll hit youtube for that. Lukesapps will surely yield results.
And I need to clean and paint my fish

I did manage to do the lawn.I did make a bit of a booboo.
One colour will probably be more realistic on a well kepped lawn, but it looks boring. I watered down PVA and, in patches, covered the brown parts.

Now I did one colour of grass and than the next. If I had 2 of applicator bottles  it would have allowed me to blend and make it more natural.
I might still do this, I made a mix of the two colours and maybe adding some more pva between the colours will allow me to make the difference slightly less striking.
Still, not horrid.
'Mercy? I am far to brave to grant you mercy.'

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Re: Bushido playing board
« Reply #18 on: August 09, 2020, 08:27:27 PM »
I think that’s looking pretty good. Variety is the key when it comes to scenery you just need to think of each colour/tuft as a different species and think about how they’d spread out or mix naturally (I know easier said than done). Your best bet for blocking the edges is good quality masking tape but I’m saying that from the point of view of having seen it done, not done it myself.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEG3d0cMuv4 This chap (Luke Towan ) is worth watching (don’t know if this is who you meant but just in case).

Keep up the good work your helping inspire me whilst I sit here feeling awful and being unproductive :)

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Offline The Voivod

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Re: Bushido playing board
« Reply #19 on: August 11, 2020, 10:11:20 AM »
I'm far from as productive as I wish to be, but I blame the heat.

I'm aware of several ways to enclose the water effect, but, dumbass that I am, I opted to have the have the pond on a corner.
So I have to figure that out. I'm considering making something out of foamcore or something.
Haven't looked yet. I'm to lazy at the moment to do even that.

Offline The Voivod

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Re: Bushido playing board
« Reply #20 on: August 21, 2020, 01:26:10 PM »
Iíve been doing some cleaning of scenery and fish and some light painting on them, but due to some stress, Iíve been putting of the step I was not looking forward to anyway.
First hereís some of the scenery I ordered from mastercrafted miniatures.
Really nice stiff and perfect for Bushido.

I have made a bit of a mix of the types of grass I used and used this to make a bit of a blend. It looks better this way. Not perfect, but better. I also mad a few patches of this mix for even more variety

Than the scary part. I though about making the ďdamĒto keep the resin pour out of foamboard, but decided on testing a few drops first. I put some duct-tape on a piece of foamcore and dropped a few splatters of the mixed resin on both. This taught me: The resin will adhere to the paper and look bad and it will take the structure of anything itís poured on. Bit obvious, the latter, but not something I had considered.

I ended up using some industrial double sided tape to keep a piece of pvc coated cloth in place. This stuff is used to make trailer coverings and stuff. I got it from work, but I think any piece of plastic will do. The important thing was that I could be wrapped around the corner, but still remain upright.

Unfortunately, when I made the mix and added as tiny bit of camo green to it, my construction wasnít waterproof as I had assumed. I first messed around with a glue gun, but ended up using more duct-tape. I figured I had some cleaning up to do in the end anyway. I hope Iíll manage to do this in 4 pours. Iíll start adding fish to the next one, after finishing their paintjob this evening
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Re: Bushido playing board
« Reply #21 on: August 26, 2020, 02:56:46 PM »
Having seen the board in the flesh, I can only say that the pictures do not do it justice. I love all the tiny details you put in, like the carps in the pond and the undergrowth on the bamboo bases.

It plays really well too, with nice angles and choke points here and there. The only thing I could think of that could be used as lessons learned for a next board (I know you're planning at least one ;P) is that the rocks in front of the temple are very difficult to place miniatures on, and the railings on the temple and bridge are just too narrow to fit a lipped base in/under/besides.

But those are nictpicks really; I love the board, and there are quite a few brave new things on it I haven't tried myself yet ;) Come to think of it, we have never played it sideways yet (actually; we have always been playing it sideways; we never played it front to back!), so we should do that next game.

And now to join the pro-Bushido chorus; I think it is awesome!

Every time we play the game, we end of waxing lyrically about it after the minis have gone back into the foam. The system is well thought out, lends individuality to each miniature; they do each play differently. But where the most differentiation is, is between factions.

I played Temple of Ro-Kan yesterday, and it has such a different feel and style from the Samurai list I played previously, which plays significantly different from the Ninja list before that. And I haven't even played the necromancers and Oni lists that The Voivod has fielded yet!

The new 3rd ed cards are an improvement over the previous version, even though I had my doubts at first. Especially the fact that loads of abilities and feats are now explained in detail on the back really helps.

And seeing that there is such an astounding variety of feats and abilities in the game, it's great to see that the book is not a back-breaking tome. But that may be due to the fact that there is very little fluff in the book.

So I agree that a book filled with fleshed out fluff would be awesome, especially since one can read between the lines of the existing texts that the creators probably have a very deep background laid out already.

In conclusion guys; get into this game, it's just that good... 8)
Miniatures you say? Well I too, like to live dangerously...
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Offline BeneathALeadMountain

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Re: Bushido playing board
« Reply #22 on: August 26, 2020, 07:40:07 PM »
I love those little koi. The orange is spot on.

Bushido is great. I canít say that enough. I donít generally like super tight competitive style rule sets but Bushido is the exception. If you havenít tried it please do you may fall in love.

So this next board, any particular theme in mind?


Offline The Voivod

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Re: Bushido playing board
« Reply #23 on: August 31, 2020, 07:24:52 AM »
Finally finished!!!

Some things I'd've done different. Not put the pond on the corner: This made it harder to tape of and caused leakage. I managed eventually, but it cost me frustration and Resin. I have the last koi cresting a bit to high for my taste, but I'm all out of resin. Maybe cheaper stuff next time? I now know how pouring works.
This stuff is very easy to use, but not cheap. Also I may have been a bit to impatient with the last pour as when the light falls on it from certain angles the water isn't as clear as I'd wish. Maybe due to not stirring the components enough.
I masked the entire sides with black tape, instead of painting silver tape, which is better.

Gaming wise I wouldn't put such a large structure in the middle again. It looks great, but most models end up running aroud it, even though we play the papaer as easy access.

I might have been better off making this my second table, but I couldn't wait.

@BeneathALeadMountain:  The next board will be a path through a paddy field leading to the entrance of a simple village. It will include at least a tori gate.
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Re: Bushido playing board
« Reply #24 on: August 31, 2020, 08:23:15 AM »


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