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Author Topic: For Sale; Painted GW Epic Eldar; GZG Dirtside, Copplestone/Foundry Future Wars  (Read 229 times)

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I'm continuing the sale of certain forces that I haven't used for many years and that I would prefer to know are seeing some action somewhere in the world.

1) GW Epic Eldar

This force's models date from the early 2000s, and to my eye are some of the best out there. They are fully painted, based on textured bases to give the impression of "skimming" and matt varnished.  The army comprises 9 Falcons, 1 Falcom "Command", 14 Wave Serpents, 2 Heavy Scorpions, 3 Revenant Titans, 3 Fire Prisms, 1 Cobra, 2 Night Spinners, 5 jetbikes, 4 weapons platforms and 4 small walkers.

Price 160 including insured P&P to a UK destination

(2) GZG "Dirtside" Force

These models date back to the mid '90s. They are very nicely painted in a variety of schemes.  76 tanks, APCs and support weapons. If anyone is interested I can give a fuller list.  I also have some unpainted stuff which is mainly more attack "jetcopters" plus infantry.  If someone wanted this extra stuff I would make a pack up to the "magic" 2kg weight over which P&P gets quite exhorbitant.

Price for the 76 painted models 100 including insured P&P to a UK destination

(3) Copplestone "Future Wars" Foundry "Street Violence"

I have a large collection of these figures fully painted and matt varnished, far more than I could possibly see myself ever needing for this type of game.  I have all types.  Armed police, mercenaries, "suits", "scavvies", freedom fighters, general hoodlums.  I would he happy to sell off about 60-80 of these in batches of a minimum 20 figures.  Happy to try to meet people's needs for what type you require, albeit I do want to retain a "balanced" mix myself.

Price 65 for 20 figures including P&P to a UK destination.

If you are interested in any of the above send me a PM with your e-mail address and I will send a sample of photos of the appropriate models.




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