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Russian Civil War Slogans?

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I have to paint an early 1900's transport truck for my Bolshevik Army of Taman troops.  I plan to paint it medium gray.  What would be some easy to paint slogans or pictures I could put on it?  Again simplicity is the key as my previous attempts at Cyrillic were passable at best.  I thought about doing a red flag bordered in black that I saw on an armored car in a Osprey, but what slogans to write is beyond me. Googling didn't help much.  Timeframe wise the truck is in 1918/1919.  Thanks.

What truck in which scale? Just curious.

For flags & slogans try this:

Thanks for the web page. That's what I was looking for.  The truck is probably  1/50 scale Matchbox Yesteryear diecast cmodel.  Here's a picture since you helped me out so well.  Harsh light really brings out the worst in my minis.  Seriously, they don't look this bad in person.  Thanks.


That's a nice one, thank you

Herr Direktor:
You could try "Vtoraia Russkaia Revoliutsiia" or "Vtoraia Sovetskaia Revoliutsiia". The first means "victory to the Russian Revolution" and the second is "Victory to the Soviet Revolution". Very appropriate and, I think, the Russian is somewhat intelligible to us Westerners without having to be translated. These came from the index of W. Bruce Lincoln's "Passage Through Armageddon" dealing with the Russian WWI experience.


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