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Author Topic: WTNW Earth Versus the Martians  (Read 577 times)

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WTNW Earth Versus the Martians
« on: May 17, 2011, 07:47:02 PM »
Pick up the WTNW The Great Powers Versus the Martians bundle for only $20.00 USD USD over at ACG's Wargamevault

This bundle features
- WTNW Core (normally $10)
- WTNW Core B&W (normally $10)
- WTNW Conflict on Mars (normally $10)
- WTNW Quick Play Rules (normally $5)
- WTNW Counters
- WTNW Rorke's Drift Scenario
- WTNW Pax Limpopo
- WTNW The Grays
- WTNW Capital Unit & Machines Damage Charts

That's everything you need to play any of the Great Powers and any of the Martians! All for a single low price!