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Author Topic: Where to Buy Cthulhu Mini's  (Read 97124 times)

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Pint of your finest Shoggoth's Old Peculiar, please barman.

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Re: Where to Buy Cthulhu Mini's (please make a sticky!)
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2011, 03:13:43 PM »
And for some Deep Ones:

Four A Miniatures' Sea Demons, Piranha Boy & Cultists


Brigade Games’ Deep One Hybrids:


Reaper Miniatures’
Slithe, Bathalian, Darkspawn & Gogglers:


Trollforged Miniatures’ Fishmen:


Reviresco’s Deep Ones:


and Gillmen:


Black Tree Design’s


And Troglodytes:


Dragonrune Miniatures’


Dragonblood’s Dark Mariners:


Wyrd Miniatures’
Silurid Slaves:


Privateer Press’
Bog Trog Ambushers:


Mage Knight Metal’s Deep Spawn:


D&D Minatures’ Kua Toa:



West Wind Piranha Men:


Nameless Design Miniatures’
Giant Deep One:


MSB Toys’ Warrior Fish:


Otherworld Miniatures’
Type 2 demon:


I went through the Frothers Fishmen Showcase and an earlier thread on here to put this list together. i'm bound to have missed something though.

EDIT: Black Ball Games' Deep One:

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Re: Where to Buy Cthulhu Mini's
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2011, 10:16:14 AM »
Thread's looking a little listy so here's some new additions with pics.

From the Horrorclix range

A Shoggoth:

A Deep One:

A Brine Witch:

Avatar of Cthulhu:

Cthulhu himself:

I think that's it from Horrorclix - please post if I've missed any!
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Re: Where to Buy Cthulhu Mini's
« Reply #3 on: October 13, 2011, 11:09:02 AM »
There are also these nice Deep Ones from Vesper-On Games new game Carnevale, no website yet but info available here:http://www.beastsofwar.com/groups/carnevale/

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Re: Where to Buy Cthulhu Mini's
« Reply #4 on: October 13, 2011, 11:24:27 AM »
Just to say that EM4's line of old grenadier cthulhu minis are much cheaper than the italians! with some only £1.75 each!


And you forgot Tengu miniatures Dark Foam collection:


Shoggoths, Son of Yog-Sothoth, modern day tcho-tcho's and other strangeless:

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Now water can flow....or water can crash...be water my friend.
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Re: Where to Buy Cthulhu Mini's
« Reply #5 on: October 13, 2011, 03:23:41 PM »
Just to say that EM4's line of old grenadier cthulhu minis are much cheaper than the italians! with some only £1.75 each!


As far as I know all of EM4's Cthulhu stuff was Metal Magic. There's no duplicates between Mirliton & EM4 as there is with the future wars stuff. Besides I had already provided a link to the EM4 site. Anyway, I'll PM Doug at EM4 to clarify the situation.

EDIT: Doug has confirmed that all the Dunwich Detectives figures are ex-Metal Magic. Still, I agree with the Commander that the prices and the mini's are excellent.
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Re: Where to Buy Cthulhu Mini's
« Reply #6 on: October 13, 2011, 07:15:41 PM »
Some goodies from Reaper:

Eldritch Demon

Gug Eldritch Horror


From Khurasan:

Octopus God (stands at around 75mm tall)

Giant Tentacled Mass

From Fenryll, the Depths Creature:

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Re: Where to Buy Cthulhu Mini's
« Reply #7 on: October 13, 2011, 07:47:50 PM »
Love that last one! Beauty sculpt!!!  :-*

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Re: Where to Buy Cthulhu Mini's
« Reply #8 on: October 15, 2011, 08:57:15 PM »
Now for some Ghouls!

Heresy Miniatures' Ghoul Tribe:

Reaper Ghouls & Ghasts:

Mantic Games' Ghouls & Ghast:

Trollforged's Ghast:

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Re: Where to Buy Cthulhu Mini's
« Reply #9 on: October 16, 2011, 02:43:05 PM »
Hi, this is cut and pasted from Yogsothoth.com.  I won't be updating it here, as that's even more work, but I will be adding to it, over there.  I could have just put this link in:


but that's just sending people elsewhere, which could be considered rude.  Sorry it's just a list, but to put in piccies would be my lifetime!  and my masters have not awarded me immortality,..... yet!

The list is a result of my travels all over the web, and thanks to everyone who contributed, openly or by putting a link on a thread somewhere.  I havn't deleted the prior links (shown on this thread) from the post, as that would be even more time.

Thought I'd search and list all the good sites for miniatures out there. Mainly the following are for 1890 and 1920's, but there's some Dark ages and Invictus in there. Thought I'd pop it on the end of this thread to keep it all together so people can find the information easily. As I know how hard it is to hunt around and not be able to find what you are looking for.


1st corps.  Invictus:

Armorum and aquila miniatues.  Various Invictus eras:

Artemis Black's.  Quite deep one looking:

Artizan designs Available in packs or singles.  Some nice cultists and household staff:

Blackball games.  Check out their Deep one and also Book of fragments Dark young here:

Black cat bases.  Well priced here:

Black scorpion miniatures.  Civilian packs 1 & 2 are more leaning towards the wild west, but might be useful:

Black tree design.  Check out their Doctor Who range. Useful for civilians for various eras.  They do fishmen, Troglodytes and also miniatures for Invictus:

Blue moon manufacturing.  Their Things that go bump in the night and also Pulp characters range:

Brigade games. Various Victorian age mini's and also some Zombie Nazi's.  So good for any WW2 era game.

Carnevale.  Sorry no link at the moment.  but it looks like they'll be doing some nicelunatics, Deep ones, and some great miniatures for games such as Tatterdemalion:

Cavalcade wargames.  Check out their Darkblood mariners for the Shadowsea game:

Cipher studios.  Check out the Hell dorado line.  The Flesh demon is perfect for the Mr Corbitt scenario from Mansions of Madness and also the Wormpile would come in handy to put the shakes up any intrepid investigator (if not a keen gardener:

Citadel/Games Workshop.  They did the Gothic Horror range back in 1985/87.  Excellent miniatures.  They retail for between £2 up to £18 on E-Bay.  Which is the best place to find them, albeit rarely.  They can be seen here:

Copplestone castings.  A lot of good stuff here, very period stuff:

CP models.  Large worm/maggot with various heads here:

Crocodile games.  Some present day zombies but also Egyptian gods which might prove useful for MoN or any Egypt campaign.  A bit comical, but some good ones in there:

Crooked dice game design studio.  Some nice (more modern perhaps) scientists, and some characters for Cthulhu now:  

Crusader miniatures.  Dark Ages and Romans. Caters for historical 28mm.  More for the wargamer but can be purchased in  small quantities.

Design 28 miniatures.  More Victorian science fiction but some nice useful character mini's here:

EM4 miniatures.  An "old school" extensive range:

Eureka miniatures.  Check out their Civilians and vignettes range.  Good Victorian and 1920's here:

Fantasy flight games.  Their Arkham horror range of plastic miniatures:

Fenris games.  Various miniatures.  Check out the E-Bay store as they appear to haver more their than on their site.  They've just brought out some nice (more modern, 1980's to present) investigator mini's that are not up yet: http://www.fenrisgames.com/shop.html

Four A miniatures.  Some excellent Deep ones here:

Foundry miniatures. Some really nice Victorian figures here.  Very reasonably priced.  Also check out the Darkest Africa (Askari) and Aztec and Inca ranges as useful for cultists. I think they also do Roman slaves, useful for Invictus:

FU!UK shop. 2010 sculpting competition miniatures.  Nice but all different scales:

Games Workshop/Citadel.  Do a search for their Gothic Horror range from 1985/87.  These were a superb range.  Also their Doctor Who range from the same era.  Both can be found on e-Bay and are excellent character figures:


More recent, their Dark eldar khymera make excellent hounds of Tindalous, also look at the flesh hounds of Khorne:

Gripping beast.  Some nice English period miniatures here:

Harwood hobbies.  Some nice miniatures here.  The best bit is that they do the same character armed, unarmed and if things take a turn for the worse, as a Zombie.  So if things change (literally), you can change the miniature to show this.  A good price if you buy the set, but they are also sold individually.  See here:

Hasslefree miniatures.  Some cultists and a man in straightjacket:

Heresy miniatures.  Check out the undead.  Nice sets of ghouls and a vampire with bat wings.   Both it the genre well:

Heroes of the dark ages.  Dark ages and Invictus:

Horrorclix.  I believe they did some, but awful plastic stuff, so not worth a penny.

Ironclad miniatures.  Check out the characters and also there are some civilians in the odds n ends:

Khurasan miniatures 15mm scale, check out their Eldritch horror range here:

Malifaux.  A little comic, but some nice ones.  The Silurians appear to be a bit of a homage to Deep ones.  Have a search here:

Masquerade miniatures.  Very nice giant bats and also some nice skulls for bases:

Mirliton.  The old Grenadier range.  The original and best monsters ever made:

MSB toys.  A nice deep one here )posing as a warrior fish), and also check out their Totemic spider warrior:

Musketeer miniatures.  Late Roman to Byzantine period.  Might be useful:

Mutton chop miniatures.   This range of 1930's UK genre miniatures is expanding.  Nice prices here:

Nameless design miniatures.  Roebeasts Deep ones here:

No go zone.  Cthulhu now/modern.  Have to say that these are exceptionally well priced.  £40 for 25 miniatures, and that's with metal bases as well.  Awesome bargain.  Everything you need for a modern day scenario:

Otherworld.  Quality miniatures.  Site caters for AD&D so more leaning towards that, but might be to your liking for Deep ones.  Check out their Type 2 demon and also their Lesser Boglings:

Privateer press.  Deep one wannabees, Bog trog ambushers unit:

Pulp miniatures here.  A sizeable range and nice genre:

RAFM.  Large old useful range here:

Ral Partha.  deep spawn, very from the lagoon looking:

Reaper miniatures.  Their Chronoscope line has various sections and if you search Eldritch, they also do some monsters you'll recognise.  I'm sure they used to do some boxed sets, but cannot find them, so they only appear separately now:

Regiment games.  Check out the Gunga din villan miniatures.  Excellent cultists and remind me of Indiana Jones Temple of Doom.

Renegade miniatures.  Dark ages and Invictus.  But you have  to buy a few of them:

Reviresco.  Various vehicles in 1/72 scale and they also do deep ones under Victorian science fiction.  The miniatures are not for me, but each to their own:

RH models.  They bought up and now own a Gothic horror and adventure figures range (originally called the nightmare world of monstrous evil, I think).  You'll have to E-Mail them about it, as they are updating their website.  Again not for me, but might be useful:

Shadowforge miniatures.  A couple of archaologist mini's but for Invictus check out their gladiators range:

Shapeways artfulshrapnel.  I'm assuming he'll make them in the size that you want, either in plasic or metal?:

Smog.  Cracking pieces. Larger scale I think you'll find. Highly collectable, expensive but definitely Cthuluesq:

Strange Aeons.  Not quite for me, but the Fishmen are quite nice:

Steve Barber models.  Various scales, and periods.  Useful for Invictus and perhaps Dark Ages.

Studio miniatures.  WW2 zombies here:

Tengu miniatures.  Excellent Shoggoth (one of the best I've seen), the tentacles can be bought separately and also some useful "greys" here:

Troll forged miniatures.  They do some deep ones. The arms are separate so they won't look too alike and are  alot cheaper if you buy 10.  Swarm of rats is might be useful as well and they do some nice giant worm grubs:

Troll outpost.  Excellent miniatures that could double as Nightgaunts.  They are available singly but also a good deal if you buy all three here:

Warlord games.  Check out their Hail Caesar range for Invictus:

Westwind.  Nice prices.  You get what you pay for, but £1.25 each?  Just as good as others that sell for much more.  Can't grumble at that:
My post is getting too long, so please see part two. Continued,....
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Re: Where to Buy Cthulhu Mini's
« Reply #10 on: October 16, 2011, 02:45:30 PM »
Sorry about that, over the limit.

Antenocitis workshop. Excellent prices for basing accessories. In fact, I think you'll find they are the cheapest on the net:
Black cat bases. Excellent choice here:
Fantascene. Click on Gothic for some nice architecture and gravesones as bits of scenery.
Fenris games. Excellent choice of bases.
Fiendish Fabrications. Some nice bases here and very well priced. Remember these are in Australian Dollars, so a good deal, although the postage might be a hit for some, and exchange rates change.
Malifaux. Do some nice ones here:
Micro art studio. A big choice here:
Model display products. Some cobblestone bases here:
Ramshackle games. They do some nice mutant plants, and also a few bases here:
Renedra. Some nice gravestones here:
Secret weapon. A good deal on skulls here for bases, can't have too many dead bodies eh!
Tabletop art. Some nice stuff, also with bits and bobs to put on them here:

Cthuluminati. Useful as props or scenery here:

Games workshop.  Check out their grden of Morr.  A nice graveyard scene:

Grandt line products.  If you want to build your own with a few lolly sticks then you'll find windows and doors here:

Miniature heroes.  Some large gravestones here, good for gaming props, but a bit large for bases, unless it's a big monster:

NP models.  Check out there graveyard scenery, possibly some useful buildings as well:

Sarissa precision. Laser cut MDF buildings:

Tabletop world.  they do some really nice scenery.  expensive but you get what you pay for.  An excellent graveyard scene here:

Thomarillion.  Some nice statues, scenic pieces and other bits in the accessories here: 


Maps of mastery.  A few, note they are double sided and (I assume) thin.  Personally I prefer them on thick card.  They are more modern and very clean cut drawings, but might prove useful here:

The virtual armchair general.  Check out their mean sets and mean streets range here:

Worldworks games.  They do downloadable stuff here:

They also do the Terraclips boxed sets seen here:

Also do a search for Games Workshop "Hall's of Horror," floor plans.  They come up on E-Bay occassionally for between £7 to £15.  They were literally made for Call of Cthulhu, and REALLY fit the 1920's genre.  A worthy buy.  GW's "Dungeon rooms," floor plans, also have some usefull bits as well.

Personally I use a lot of the ones in the book photocopied and blown up 300%, then cut out.


Army painter.  They do a range, so well worth a look.  Personally I use their undercoat, which comes in  a variety of colours.  Always use an undercoat!  A spray can can be bought on E-Bay (including postage) for only £6.99.  That's incredibly cheap.  I also use their matt spray varnish.  It leaves a model totally flat matt.  Never spray when it's too cold.  You may get a powdery uneven coating.  I know this from experience.  Remember two or three light coats, it better than one great thick one.  I did hear that their line is just someone else's product re-packaged.  I am unclear if they refer to their miniature paints when this is said.  See their product line here:

Games Workshop.  They led the way, for years, in quality acrylic paints for miniatures.  Their range is excellent, but you'll pay for it.  They do the best metallic acrylic paints out there.

Privateer press Formula P3.  I've got a few of these.  Reasonably priced, nice colours (some not found elsewhere) but one of the browns does not thin well (goes a bit greeny???), possibly with others, but I've only found this on one.  Do not buy Rhulic gold, purchased and found it unuseable (a rubbery gel).

Reaper paints.  I don't have any of these, but a lot of top painters use them, so can't be bad:

Vallejo.  Excellent paints at a cheap price.  I use them, and they are almost, if not, on a par with Games Workshops (GW), at literally half the price! (As you get more in a pot than you do with GW, but GW metallics are slightly better).  I find they mix better than the P4 paints that are also cheap.  Vallejo have a huge range of colours.  They do the Game colour range which is suited for fantasy miniatures and also their Model colour range, which is a matter finish.  These are more inclined for the World War 2 military modeller.  They come in a dropper type bottle, so little is wasted in dryed up paint (which you'll get with others, and mixing is easier and more consistant due to it.  You wont be able to stir it, like others, so you'll have to give the bottle a real good shake first.  Otherwise the paint separates and will be weak.  I really rate these, and highly recomend these.  They can be bought cheaply (check out Maelstrom games UK) but their site is here:


Games workshop.  These are excellent and I've never come across anything like this from another manufacturer.  They dry quickly, leaving  a very matt coat to them.  You only get a small amount, but it does go far.  Be aware that inks fade (so I've been told) and if you leave the finished product in sunlight for a prolonged period, then over time, as with anything, it will lose colour.  So be aware not to lose all that hard work. 

Winsor and newton.  Found in any art shop.  Their drawing inks are Shellac based and you can achieve some nice effects.  Reasonably priced for what you get.


Army painter matt spray varnish is a really matt effect.  Various manufacturers do their own.  Be aware that matt varnish is not as hardy as a gloss.  Some people like to spray a coat of gloss first, then give it a coat of matt afterwards to "dull" it down.  ALWAYS try a test piece first, to see what it looks like.  Shake really well, do not varnish if it's too cold or too humid.  Only do thin coats, and repeat as necessary.  As always, shop around.


Mr.Sticky's.  This is a shop local to me, and the cheapest around for superglue.  Compare the amount you get, to a small tube from WH Smiths.  Trust me, it's a bargain.  They are also on E-Bay and do it in three viscosities.  Low,medium and high.  You'll likely want the medium viscosity.  Low viscosity literally runs everywhere, over your hands, desk, carpet,.... trust me.

Useful sites to find miniatures are




The home pages lead to loads more.

I think I've listed the main dealer/suppliers.  But search around for someone in your country who supplies.  With postage and customs, likely it'll be the same cost from the originator, so best to buy it direct from the creator.  I prefer the more expensive, detailed miniature, but something to suit everyone there, and various price ranges.
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Re: Where to Buy Cthulhu Mini's
« Reply #11 on: October 17, 2011, 02:06:19 PM »
Wow.  :o You forgot the kitchen sink.  lol

I'm not going go mad posting links to mini's of humans. As everyone has a preferred period it would soon get crazy.

I do suggest looking at the Frothers Unite Pulp, VSF: Marvellous Men, Weird World War 2 & WW1 showcases for mini sources.


I did think however that it might be useful to post about human cultists.

Black Cat Bases has probably got the biggest range of cultists and is well worth checking out.

RAFM have a pack of three cultists and altar/throne, and would each figure would be an excellent cult leader.

EDIT: The altar/throne and idols are NOT included in the pack!

Eureka Miniatures have these cultists (available from Fighting 15s in the UK):


Pulp Figures produce these:

and Artizan make these:

That's it for now, I'm sure I'll think of more. If anyone else thinks of any, please post!

Embarassing, but I forgot to include Uncle Mike's cultists.  ;D

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Re: Where to Buy Cthulhu Mini's
« Reply #12 on: October 17, 2011, 02:18:47 PM »

Lots of good links but quite a few broken ones/duplicates, be worth you having a check through and removing these that go nowhere.


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Re: Where to Buy Cthulhu Mini's
« Reply #13 on: October 17, 2011, 07:08:10 PM »
Thanks for the links and the pictures. Concerning RAFM cultist pack, altar and idols are not included (Picture is quite misleading).

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Re: Where to Buy Cthulhu Mini's
« Reply #14 on: October 17, 2011, 07:58:24 PM »
Thanks for the links and the pictures. Concerning RAFM cultist pack, altar and idols are not included (Picture is quite misleading).

Yes, although the idols are a freebie in one of the other blister packs.  Can't recall which one, but I've got one kicking around - cute little thing.


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