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Author Topic: Recruits Rattrap Roundup--Spoiler Alert!!!  (Read 1897 times)

Offline UncleRhino

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Recruits Rattrap Roundup--Spoiler Alert!!!
« on: March 06, 2008, 12:22:23 AM »
There is a gaming convention at Lee's Summit High School in Lee's Summit, Missouri on March 28-30th. At that convention myself, and two other Rattrap fans, will be running an event on the 28th from 5-9 and on Saturday the 29th from 1-4 I am calling the Rattrap Roundup. The purpose of this series of games is to put on demo games from the three main horses in the Rattrap stable. The format of the games is that anybody interested can stop by and give the games a try, we will have a Gloire, .45 Adventure and Fantastic Worlds game there waiting to be played by anyone wanting to check things out.

The first game I have finished writing up is the one for Fantastic Worlds. Mustering the troops for playtesting is proving to be difficult with busy schedules, illness and other factors limiting our ability to playtest the scenarios. Here is the Fantastic Worlds scenario, which features


The Earthman Flash Gordon and his ally Prince Thun of the Lionmen are searching for Dale Arden, who was captured by the Swampmen. Finally they have found enough clues as to her whereabouts and are almost certain to have freed her! Seeking to curry favor with Emperor Ming the Merciless, King Vultan of the Hawkmen has had word from a flight of scouts over the swamps that the Earthwoman Dale Arden has been captured by the Swampmen. If Vultan can secure the Earthwoman, he can use her as a bargaining chip with the Emperor, but can also use her to set a trap for Flash Gordon. Handing both over to the Emperor would put the Hawkman king in favor with his Imperial Majesty. Hawkmen raiding parties drove off the Swampmen, and King Vultan, himself, is leading the final raiding party to capture Dale...

The game is played on a 2x2 playing field with five huts in a circle in the center of the table and one tree-platform lookout post. There are no random encounters in the game, the interior of the huts and the tree-platform must be explored. To win the game, Flash and Thun must find Dale Arden, free her and get her off of the board edge they entered from. The Hawkmen must find and abduct Dale by getting her off the board edge they entered from. The game has a ten turn limit, as by this time the Swampmen will return in force to drive away the invaders.

Faction One
Flash Gordon-Grade 3 Traveller--Ray Gun, Pugilist 2, High Strength 1, Ignore Pain, Nimble, Heroic Leap, Force of Will. Flaw is Brothers in Arms

Prince Thun of the Lionmen-Grade 2 Tribal Clan Lord--Lionman Package, Hunter, Savvy, Nerves of Steel 1, Pugilist, High Strength, Heroic Dodge.

Lionman Package--Lionmen are rough and tumble brawlers, whenever they make a BRAWN test in hand to hand combat, they have a +1 bonus to their BRAWN and win all tied rolls. As a primitive people, Lionmen get none of the listed bonuses to hit for range for any kind of gun.

Faction Two
King Vultan of the Hawkmen-Grade 3 Tribal Warlord--Hawkman Package, club, projectile pistol, Fearful Presence, Heroic Dodge, Expert Fighter, Head and Torso Armor upgrades +2 each. Flaw is Live for the Day!

Hawkman Package--Hawkmen are strong fliers, able to carry a passenger with ease. Flight and Taxi are included in this racial package. Hawkmen are more comfortable in the air, therefore, when they begin their turn NOT in flight, they activate at -2 DODGE score.

Live for the Day! This person enjoys the good life and must pass a BRAINS test to avoid indulging themselves. Whenever faced with an attractive person or good food or drink, they must pass a BRAINS test or lose their activation for the turn as they drink and eat and ogle or leer.

3 Hawkmen-Grade 1 Tribal Warriors--Hawkman Package, Projectile Pistol, Long Blade.

The encounters are as follows and are in no particular order will they be encountered, with the exception of the tree-platform--since there is only one present.

Hut #1 Hut of the Swampman shaman. Gravely wounded, this wizened mystic's body lies just inside the hut, it looks like he was crawling with his last strength towards a jar on the other side of the hut... This is a jar of Grongol, which has miraculous curative properties. By spending an action, a model may apply this cream to an injured location and restore the wounds there to their starting value. The jar of Grongol can be saved for later use, but may be used only once.

Hut # 2 Dale Arden! She is bound here and can be freed or abducted on the turn she is discovered. If Flash or Thun frees her, she may act normally and is controlled by their team, she has no Hero Points left, and her energy pistol is in the hut. If the Hawkmen locate her, she may be led while bound, and is controlled by the Hawkmen player, but must stay in base contact while being led. She is too weak from her ordeal to free herself from her bonds, but once freed acts normally, and will attempt to escape if she can.

Hut # 3 Stores of wine and food. These delicacies might be of interest to some, but other wise are just of fair vintage and are an acquired taste.

Hut # 4 Hut of the Swampman Chief. This hut has been badly damaged and everything here is broken and scattered about.

Hut # 5 Barely standing hut. This hut has been very badly damaged and upon entering, a model must make a DODGE test or the whole thing collapses. If the DODGE test is failed, a BRAWN test will free them on their next activation. If the DODGE test is passed, the model jumps back in time, certain there was nothing of interest inside, this ends their activation for the turn.

Tree Platform--When any model approaches within two inches of the platform from any direction, the encounter is triggered. A Swampman, driven mad by the bite of deadly squirlon ( yes, it is a Flash Gordon critter...a flying squirrel with a horn on its head and a poisoned bite that drives men mad) leaps off of the platform to tackle the model. The encountering model must make a DODGE test or be placed prone as he dives out of the way of the madman--who consequently dies in a very messy fashion.

Well, I think that about covers the scenario, if you are able to, give it a read, or a playtest and let me know what you think. I am sure I have forgotten something here from my notes, be sure to point it out if you see or don't see something vital.

Thanks in advance


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Recruits Rattrap Roundup--Spoiler Alert!!!
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2008, 02:24:21 AM »
Looks cool!  I can't wait for the con.  looks like it's going to be fun.

Offline TredHed

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Recruits Rattrap Roundup--Spoiler Alert!!!
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2008, 03:55:40 AM »
Sweet!!!  I will definitely be by to play.

(Recruits is about the only Con I go to...I LOVE it)

Offline UncleRhino

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Recruits Rattrap Roundup--Spoiler Alert!!!
« Reply #3 on: March 23, 2008, 12:03:51 PM »
Here is a link to the Speakeasy, where I have posted some pictures of what the game board will look like.