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Author Topic: General Wargames and Hobby Discussion Board - please read  (Read 14567 times)

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General Wargames and Hobby Discussion Board - please read
« on: October 09, 2013, 08:19:06 PM »
With immediate effect, the "Open Talk" board has been closed.

In its place, we have established a new board, titled "General Wargames and Hobby Discussion".

The major change: You may no longer open topics which are not directly related to the wargaming or modelling hobbies. By this change, we intend to restore the LAF's original purpose, which is a hobby forum specifically dedicated towards wargaming, the making, modelling and painting of miniatures, as well as the collecting aspect. ALL OTHER TOPICS WILL BE REMOVED WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE OR COMMENT.

This decision came about for various reasons, both personal and organisational. When I created the LAF, I intended a dedicated hobby forum, and notably matching my vision and interpretation of the hobby. The "Open Talk" board was only intended as a small appendix, a place for users to exchange ideas not fitting the period boards, such as looking for contacts, or "hobbyist travel tips" when visiting another place.

In the meantime, however, "Open Talk" changed, and not necessarily for the better - indeed, it became a wild, mutated behemoth, which proved very hard and, essentially, impossible to properly control. Ultimately, we realized it was no longer worth the effort and took too much time and resources, and the number of unpleasant incidents was disproportionate. Thus, we came to the conclusion that it does no longer befit the LAF culture we want to preserve.

So, which topics will be allowed on Wargamer's talk? Basically, anything directly or demonstrably related to the hobby, for example photos from your recent museum visits, hobby-related website links which do not fit into one of the period boards, etc. This also includes media such as books (fiction and non-fiction), films and periodicals if they do have a non-specific, wargaming-related focus.

We cannot provide a comprehensive list, so we  must rely on your good faith and common sense.

The following are explicitly forbidden: Any personal topics as well as any "funny" memes (there's Facebook and Tumblr for that) and videos, computer games, your favourite whatever (Youtube, and again, there's probably a Facebook group for that) etc. There's a lot of things out there on the web, so you'll easily find a place to hang out for those needs. It may take some time until we have all settled in, but we trust that we will come to an understanding.

A selection of active wargaming-related threads has been transferred to the new board. All other topics will remain visible in the Open Talk Archive, which you may still access (but without any posting rights).

That's it so far. I trust that this decision will ultimately lead to a better experience and less friction for both users and the moderating team.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact via PM the "General Wargames and Hobby Discussion" moderator (Westfalia Chris).


the Prof.
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