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Author Topic: [AI v1] Bombers over Baron's Rest  (Read 127 times)

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[AI v1] Bombers over Baron's Rest
« on: January 20, 2020, 03:17:59 PM »
I played V1 Aeronautica Imperialis....

As part of Operation: Hemlock Ork forces had migrated out of the Green Zone and started to infest and take-over the island of Baron's Rest. Thankfully, the Ork efforts were disorganized and ad hoc with warbands racing around fighting humans, gathering slaves, racing each other, and infighting for dominance. This gave PDF forces from TaskForce: Sword time to secure and reinforce the militia of Camp Hope(Less) to drive off the Ork raiders.

Most of the Ork forces have been building makeshift camps near and around Look-Out Pointe on the South side of Baron's Rest. These camps are rival Ork warbosses and their boys. Taskforce: Thorn and their Syndicate allies have managed to keep the flow of new Orks to Baron's Rest bottled up.

Taskforce: Chalice was having less success securing the airspace. In addition, rifts were forming between the PDF air crews and their Imperial Navy counterparts. Despite these growing difficulties, Taskforce: Chalice was determined to assist their fellows on Baron's Rest. General Kurtz determined that a long range bomber campaign from the Air PDF would be helpful. Every Ork killed in camp would make Taskforce: Sword's job easier.

Heavy, 4-engine Peacemaker bombers were scrambled from North Ammoriss. They took a long flight across Greater Ammoriss to Da' Deff Islands. Once in Da' Deff Island air space, PDF sentry aircraft greeted them to escort them to Baron's Rest. From there, they set course for the target zone.

Meanwhile, Grot spotterz on Look-Out Pointe observed the incoming bombers. They quickly called it into Boomgobz headquarters in the Green Zone. Quickly, Ork aircraft that were sitting on the tarmac were scrambled to intercept.


Ammoriss Air PDF
2 Peacemaker Bombers
2 Sentry Fighters w/Weapon Load
1 Sentry Eyes

Snaz Boomgobz Air Boyz
2 Dakkajets
3 Ork Fightas
3 Grot Buzzaz

This will be a bombardment mission. There are several small Ork buildings scattered across the desert. Each building is between 1 to 4 hits depending on ow many parts it is. The PDF are trying to destroy the Ork habitations.

The Ork settlements are placed 24 inches in from a short edge and in 12 from the long edge. The Imperials are coming in on the short edge at high-altitudes and full speed, which is not very fast for heavy, 4-engine bombers. The Orks on the other side were at various heights and speeds.

Read the outcome on my blog......

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