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Author Topic: A bit of threadomancer....some old SOTR battle reports I put on another site (1)  (Read 658 times)

Offline Glenn

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This is one of several older reports on SOTR battles which I'd originally posted on the SOTR forums on westwinds site...hope its ok to put them up here as well?

Set up: 45 point aside British Paras vs German mech grenadiers

Terrain :wooded ruined hamlet with a captured "untertoten" experiment in the centre and two recording devices as objectives.

British objective: capture as many of the three objectives as possible in 6 turns having one free turn to advance and set up prior to the arrival of German forces

German objective: stop the British taking the objectives after arriving on turn 2.

Complications: After the RAF bombed the area heavily  only the undead "survive", two packs of ten zombies roam the centre of the battlefield, both will move towards the British as the approaching Germans have pinger technology.


The Kapitan angrily looked through his binoculars  over the battlefield his men where  about to enter to head off the British troops intent on looting the Sonderkommando creature and its monitoring devices. He knew these Tommies of old, he'd fought paratroopers at Arnhem as well as on the northern hook of the Ardennes and in the killing fields of Normandie. He knew he'd have to rely on his own troops aggression but also on the use of both a scout mech and the vicious wolf runners attached to his command.

The Sonderkommando creature lay in the bombed ruins of a small hamlet, the only movement in the area he'd seen so far was that of the undead but through the lens of his binoculars he could now make out the red berets and oiled and darkened weapons of the paratroopers. He'd do all he could to stop them in their tracks, as bloodily as possible.

He began to move his own starting line as quickly as he could whilst watching the developments as the paratroopers began to advance forward  cutting down most of the first zombie pack almost as soon as they saw them.

The paratroopers began to form a wedge on the left hand of their advance.

As the paratroopers moved forward securing the ruins nearest to them and threatening to capture the first monitoring unit for the creature the first fire fights began, the sheer firepower of the British cut several of his scouts down and slaughtered his heavy machine gun before they could even set up to defend their start line. Other fire fights went better for the newly advancing mech grenadiers as their scout mech shot up a section of the heavily armoured British steel soldiers and a set up light machine gun cut into an exposed section of British paratroopers. Along the line, men in uniform, British and German were fighting and dying.

In the centre of the battlefield the remaining zombies forced some of the British to take the defensive which gave the Mech Grenadiers and  their wolf runners time to prepare an extended flanking move behind the shambling undead.

As the British shot down the zombies the extended flanking move was done at a rush, with exchanges of short range assault rifle and sub machine fire, grenades and even some hand to hand combat. The wolf runners shot a paratrooper section to pieces and pounced on a sniper who'd thought himself hidden whilst the Aufklarer sections accurate fire destroyed the paratroopers dug in heavy machine gun.

The British paratroopers refused to fall back though, and whilst their attempt to over run the mech grenadier sections and command unit on the left flank failed in a mass of bloody hand to hand combat they finally cut down both the Aufklarer and wolf runner attacks and threw in two desperate attempts to reach the Sonderkommando creature. The first failed bloodily in the face of the by now damaged scout mechs machine gun and the accurate rifle fire of the withdrawing mech grenadiers in the centre of their start line but the second saw three paratroopers race into the central ruin at about the same time as the Kapitan decided his own troops had shed enough blood to protect this strange unknowable thing that the scientists held out so much hope for.

With the paratroopers having taken two of their three objectives and losses for each side running at about two thirds killed, wounded or scattered a point had been reached where neither side wished or was able to fire on and with heavy heart the Kapitan gave the order to withdraw even as he saw the now much smaller group of paratroopers begin to retreat with their newly acquired trophies.

A day of desperate measures and bloodshed had come to an end.


A proper vicious little firefight this one with the British eventually taking two out of the three objectives at the end of the final turn. The use of a 4 foot by 4 foot table meant there was very little time when each side didn't have lines of fire and as such casaulties were high on each side. The fatc theres only six photos is due to the fact it was a really intense but fun game and to be honest I forgot to take many photos of the game as it was constantly shifting one way or the other. The Germans used a scout mech and both wolf runners and an Aufklarer section to good effect but eventually the mech was damaged by the British heavy machine gun and both of the other support teams were killed during the last turns swirling hand to hand and short range fire fights. Similarly the British support troops, a section of British steel, a pair of snipers and a heavy machine gun were all either killed in the ranged firefights or slaughtered and eaten by the wolf runners. A particularly large and rolling melee took place on one flank that saw a mech grenadier section and a paratroop section cut each other to pieces. In the final round the British threw two reduced sections at the central objective only to see the first one killed. The second however held the objective as no remaining German units could see or fire at them, the game ended with Marks paras having got two objectives and each side down to roughly a third of their starting force, desperate measures....and vicious as hell.

I bloody love this game :)
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