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Ladies and Gents

New to the forum, I have been following the threads for a while though. I have now decided to let my 20mm RCW collection go and re invest in 28mm Figures. As I get older I find it easier to paint this scale. I have played a few games using Chri Peers rules, Which to be honest left me cold, used the GW Great War rules last week and I am not sure about these either (maybe the Eastern Front supplement will improve my acceptance).

I have a few questions for you 28mm gamers, that is are the Copplestone figures compatible with Pulp, Brigade figures, Renegade etc?

Where can I get Brigade figures from in the Uk for this period?

The train sets mentioned in earlier threads, I am looking to make an armoured train sometime, any clues as to where I can get one here? I am well impressed with the ones produced on this site.

Anyone gaming this stuff in the Shrewsbury area? I am near Baschurch.

Thanks for your assistance.

Paul Ireland

Lt. Hazel:
The Copplestones are bigger than Brigade and Renegade, not sure with Pulp figures. I built my RCW/BoB Force with CC minis, they“re good casts and easy to paint.
A ruleset for this period I recomend is Triumph&Tragedy. Have a look here:
And welcome to the forum!

I mix Copplestone and Brigade and although the Brigade are slimmer I find they match OK , Pulp are a bit slimmer  still ,but I mix their Chinese bandits with Copplestone and you can't realy notice the difference. Think its down to personal perception . Brigade do a excellant mail order service to UK !


--- Quote from: Budyenny on August 03, 2008, 10:24:09 AM ---
Where can I get Brigade figures from in the Uk for this period?

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HERE  Postage free over £15.00

Thank you all for your help, sorry for the delay. I have ordered some of the Brigade games shock troops for part of my force, they look good enough for use as Czeck troops looking to find a way back home. 

I was not going to do BoB as I already have hordes of 20mm stuff for RCW. but the pictures posted on this forum inspired me.

The suggestion to use T&T is a little late as I have used the Great War rules and they worked fine, I have used these for 20mm too using one base of three figures as one. This gave me several big battalions and several cavalry regiments. Despite my fellow gamers misgivings the rules worked really well, I look forward to the supplements on the Eastern Front.

Still looking for my train set.

Paul  :)


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