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December 11, 2018, 05:12:32 PM

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Author Topic: Under St.Christopher's banners: Cilician armenians of the Crusading Age (1.4.18)  (Read 10980 times)

Offline Father Primus

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Finally, despite the lack of information and useful images, I decided to start Cilician armenians. Perhaps, they will become my second army for Saga (after I'll decide what battleboard to use...).

These guys represent city garrison of Korycos, local militia and nobility.

First, paron Christophe de Bagramyan, leader of the armed force. Supported by his loyal retainer and city standard-bearer.

Group of 4 armenian knights. In fact, there are only two knights - others are squires of the wealthiest one.

Additional images:

Wandering knight George:

To be continued...
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Offline Engel

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WOW  :-*

This is just great.
Love the kitbashing, the unusual army choice and the paintjobb.

Offline Stevo

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Really nice work. I love that you are going for such a niche!

Offline Prof.Witchheimer

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Awesome start! I like your painting style, unusual and very distinctive.

Offline rumacara

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Lovelly paintwork. :-* :-*
More please. :)

Offline Father Primus

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Many thanks, gentlemen  :)  Medieval Cilician armies in 28mm are not a common sight )) I already have little arabian army and wanted to create some unusual adversary. Initial idea was to make some marauding St.Lasarus knights, but after I'd read about cilicians, I changed my mind.

Currently working on some infantry. Footmen won't be so bright - finally, they are mere peasants. On the other hand, medieval images I saw, show armenians in a colorful dress.

Offline tomrommel1

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very nice start indeed
In hoc signo vinces

Have a look at www.wargamesgazette.com

Offline Anderson Collection

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Fantastic looking figures love them :-* :-* :-*

Offline Michi

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That is a most impressive paintjob! Ive not seen anything like it so far. Very artistic and powerful - great work!

Offline Captain Blood

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Very nice conversions of the Fireforge models, and a very bold painting style. Great colour combinations too. Well done :)

Offline rampantlion

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Wow, that is fantastic work.  The way you paint really brings the figures to life.  Nice job!


Offline janner

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Very striking

Offline Hu Rhu

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Nice painting style. 

Offline Father Primus

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In fact, the idea of using bright striking colors in historical miniatures visited me after I'd seen images of Captain Blood's WotR Yorkists in Extra Impetus III  :)

Offline Goliad

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Fantastic technique! Sign me up for a "how to" video on the conversions and painting!


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