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Author Topic: Star Wars MB (WEG miniatures)  (Read 22106 times)

Offline orc

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Re: Star Wars MB (WEG miniatures)
« Reply #180 on: June 19, 2018, 02:41:11 PM »
Does this guy produce these vehicles commercially or just for you (need jealous emoji ;D). I suspect getting them from Argentina would be far too expensive, but it would be tempting.

Yes he can produce the vehicles to some one  else...already some more people from this forum place orders to him.  8)
After produce the vehicles to some one...already has the cutting layouts...so is more easy...you can feel free to ask to him Directly his name Guillermo (from Argentina): gdcdreams<[email protected]>
 ...the prices in my opinion ...are not too expensive...but right now...has other companies who they start to produce some vehicles and the prices are similars...so you decide... for example you can get the Imperial occupier tank ,here: https://imperialterrain.com/collections/sci-fi-rpg-tabletop-terrain/products/tx225-legion

If you have any idea for other vehicle, ships, scenery...ask to him...because he is a good scratch builder!!  :D

Great vehicle pool and here’s a second for the question of obtaining them  :D

already answer you James!! ;)

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Re: Star Wars MB (WEG miniatures)
« Reply #181 on: June 19, 2018, 03:24:47 PM »
I hadn't seen that Imperial Terrain site, there's a lot of tempting stuff on there  o_o

I may try some of the stl files first, as the usual customs nonsense will make the tank very expensive to get to the UK  :( My 3d printer has quite a small build plate, but some of the pieces should fit

Offline Tauntaun Scout

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Re: Star Wars MB (WEG miniatures)
« Reply #182 on: June 24, 2018, 12:09:16 PM »
Some quick WIP pics from the cell phone, will try and get good pics later. 12 bases of vegetation are done and a house and vaparotor. Still need to touch up the edges of some bases though now that everything is finally dry. Next up is 7 bases of tall terran trees to make the forest a lot bigger and to block LOS and to provide more versatile scenery.

Offline orc

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Re: Star Wars MB (WEG miniatures)
« Reply #183 on: June 25, 2018, 01:30:06 AM »
Great to see more progress on your Project Tauntatun Scout!! ;) Did you the Tatooine building by yourself also?

Offline Tauntaun Scout

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Re: Star Wars MB (WEG miniatures)
« Reply #184 on: June 25, 2018, 01:21:39 PM »
Yes, the Tatooine house is styrofoam, glue, toothpicks, and spackle. Then painted after a long drying time. The vaporator is made from a spark plug and hardware store oddities, then spray painted with several coats of white, then weathered with grey and brown, followed by brush on white to finish it up.

The plants are the usual tree materials plus some floral supplies, recombined in odd ways and attached to bases cut from plasticard.Can't get the old Geo Hex bases anymore so I made my own similar sized/shaped ones.

I have begun to put a dent in the Terran trees, I'll make 7 bases of those which, combined with the few bases of Terran bushes I made should be enough for non-Science Fiction games. My Bretonnians need a forest to hunt in after all.

When those are done I will try my hand at making the weird giant flower trees from the cover of the book! I'll make about 7 bases of those as well and that will complete the terrain system I believe. The Geo Hex I setup on a big blue felt cloth. Thus anytime I pop out panels, I have instant water features. 
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Offline Tauntaun Scout

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Re: Star Wars MB (WEG miniatures)
« Reply #185 on: June 26, 2018, 10:05:33 PM »
 Thanks, here's more pics, better late than never.

3 bases of crazy red trees that are presumably dangerous terrain, or some other type of special effect if I need them to be.

As for normal trees, I couldn't find the type of Terran trees I wanted so I had to use these ones instead. I have 3 more bases of slightly bigger Terran trees in the works right now. These plants are on a pizza box, fresh from the outdoors where they got two coats of spray varnish to reduce shedding. I did go and trim some of the tufts of tall grass after I took these pics, they weren't meant to be that tall. But it's easier to place too-big grasses, wait for the glue to dry, then trim them. My rebel fleet troopers need some shading and highlighting too... dug these guys out of storage. Umpteen years ago when I painted them I was in a hurry so besides black shading for the grey pants, and grey drybrushing on the black vests, I skipped the shading/highlighting and never got back them. A couple years back I realized that if I never painted certain 40k armies, no amount of miniatures would ever be enough, so I started painting those "I always meant to, and thought I would have by now..." armies. Once i checked them off, I felt a huge pressure lifted regarding painting. Then last week or so I realized the same was true of certain scenery. If I don't make the scenery from some beloved old books, I'll never feel like my scenery collection is done.  So here we go. For the last 20-odd years everytime I see styrofoam balls I think "I could make a Star Wars house from that" so hopefully that goes away now. Ditto sparkplugs and vaporators. Everytime I see spark plugs in the store, I think "I really want to build a vaporator".  So there we go. I have endless topographical features from my GeoHex setup, plus a moisture farm, and 15 bases of vegetation. 4 more bases in the works. Probably finish the vegetation collection somewhere between 20 and 30 bases. I assemble my GeoHex terrain on a blue felt cloth, so I can pop out hexes to create ponds, streams, or shorelines, so I am also all set on water for my games.

It's amazing how adding a few weird orb fruit things, and lots of fall colors, makes ordinary bushes look "alien". I plan on having about half the finished collection be Terran trees and bushes though, so I can have a forest in any 25mm or bigger game setting. I guess some of the trees and plants would work for 15mm but not all of them.

I'll also make a couple more Tatooine buildings to turn my moisture farm into the suggestion of a town.

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Offline orc

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Re: Star Wars MB (WEG miniatures)
« Reply #186 on: June 27, 2018, 02:12:33 PM »
Simple and effective terrain!! Tauntaun Scout, well done, waiting to see more progress on your new buildings, thanks for sharing ;)

I want to finish some pending miniatures...I have a full Stormtroopers platoon waiting me to be painted on my table for a while...so....I will be back soon....
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Offline orc

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Re: Star Wars MB (WEG miniatures)
« Reply #187 on: July 13, 2018, 01:28:12 AM »
It took me more time that I tought but finally here they are....my stormtroopers platoon and the Princess with her Wookiees escort :D


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