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Author Topic: Some miniatures for Song of Blades and Heroes (Happy Halloween!)  (Read 211995 times)

Offline Hobgoblin

  • scatterbrained genius
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    • Hobgoblinry

Here's a speed-painted sci-fi companion to the red goblins. He's not quite finished, but he - and his pallid companion - were very quick to do (recipe here).

Offline Vladimir Raukov

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Nice work indeed! The pale fella looks like a sci-fi vampire spawn, no question.
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Offline Ockman

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Lovely orcs, great to see them in something else than green!

Offline Hobgoblin

  • scatterbrained genius
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    • Hobgoblinry

Here's a Great Scaly Orc:

Offline Ethelred the Almost Ready

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Nice!  The white Orc looks rather creepy.

Offline Hobgoblin

  • scatterbrained genius
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    • Hobgoblinry
Re: Some miniatures for Song of Blades and Heroes (now with a Great Scaly Orc)
« Reply #1820 on: April 28, 2019, 07:44:57 PM »
Thanks! I pinched the look from someone else (shoebox?) who had painted some orks in the style of Mad Max: Fury Road.

Here's another Great Scaly Orc. Gallingly, I dropped the chieftain after the group shot, slightly flattening his face. But I've added some extra highlights and lining, and I don't think it'll be noticed.

Offline Hobgoblin

  • scatterbrained genius
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    • Hobgoblinry
And some Rafm giant newts - painted as giant axlotly things.

Offline pixelgeek

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    • Zac's Gaming Blog
Love the eyes on those three.

Offline Hobgoblin

  • scatterbrained genius
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    • Hobgoblinry
Thanks! I cheerfully plagiarised the three points of light from Ana/Blasphemia, who did an amazing newt here.

Offline Ockman

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Amazing newts! WOW!!  :o :o :o

Offline von Lucky

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    • Donner und Blitzen Wargaming
Lovely execution nonetheless.
- Karsten

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Offline Sir Barnaby Hammond-Rye

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Did somebody say newts? Those are a blast from the past. Well done!  :-*

Offline Hobgoblin

  • scatterbrained genius
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    • Hobgoblinry
Glad you all like 'em! Here's another shot:

I've been trying to sort out the various boxes of miniatures and bits lying around. I realised yesterday that although I'd only a few unassembled Frostgrave gnolls kicking around, I'd only painted one up as an actual gnoll; the others have become mutants and ghouls and so on.

I was a little disatisfied with the previous gnoll, who I'd painted like a striped hyena. With some old Rieder gnolls I've been painting, I've just followed the Monster Manual rather than real hyena markings - so gray-green with yellowy or reddish mane.

I'm pretty sure that the MM description is just a Gygaxian attempt to describe hyena colouring, but it makes for a simpler template and makes them more distinctive (their forms don't get broken up by the spots or stripes on the table!).

So here's a little warband of three Frostgrave gnolls and a Reaper matriarch to lead them:

Offline Elk101

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They look very decent. I've got a very similar line up ready to be primed, including the Reaper one, which you've made a very nice job of.

Offline Cubs

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  • "I simply cannot survive without beauty ..."
I'm stealing that eye effect with some black-eye nasties I have lined up. I hope it works though, because their eyes are a lot smaller.
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